Sunday, November 2, 2008

BIGGEST MOVERS (Version 2.0)

Welcome to the Real 2K Insider's first edition of "Biggest Movers". The purpose of this section is to acknowledge which players have improved and regressed over the course of the season.

Also, players I have yet to edit are not eligible for "Biggest Movers". Reggie Evans was only 70 overall at default and I gave him 74, There's not much point to talking about his +4 boost, because it'd be more about the 2K Insider not knowing who he is than it would be about how Evans improved as a player.


Wilson Chandler 75 (+3)

Chandler has averaged 14 points and 6.5 rebounds through the Knicks first two games. He is the 7th man in the rotation and is averaging as many minutes (24.0) as SF starter Quentin Richardson. He has actually logged more time at PF than SF though, as the Knicks have frequently gone small with Robinson-Duhon-Crawford-Chandler-Lee (this was their 4th quarter lineup in the Miami game).


David Lee 79 (-2)

Lee didn't actually get worse, I just switched his position to center where he is now the starter (which drops his overall by 2 points since he isn't much of a shot blocker). Most box scores have listed Randolph as the starter, but trust me, from watching games he is the starter, he takes the tipoff at the beginning of the game and has guarded the opposing team's center (Udonis Haslem and Samuel Dalembert).

Lee isn't as effective as a center since he clearly doesn't have ideal size for the position. He is averaging 14.5 ppg, 11.0 rpg, and 4.0 apg through the first two games and if he keeps that up, you can bet a return to the low 80s in his future. A block here and there would aid that cause. The Knicks have yet to even block a shot this year, which tells you just how much worse they are going to be defensively than D'Antoni's Suns who were running Amare, Marion, and even Diaw out there.

Bruce Bowen 76 (-2)

Bowen has yet to score this year and is averaging 2.0 rpg, and 0.5 apg. He has only logged 21.5 mpg despite the absence of Manu Ginobili, as the Spurs desperately need offense and Bowen just doesn't give that. This could be the year he loses his starting spot and becomes a backup.

There are a few more guys I edited between this week and last, but those are the only ones off the top of my head that changed by more than a point. As we get deeper into the season we'll have more to work with, as some teams hadn't even played two games when I had made my edits.


Anonymous said...

One I saw was bringing Diogu up to a 77. I don't see how he can be that highly rated.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Bowen has always been overrated, offensive AND defensively. Stepping under jumpshooters and being a dirty player who would get KTFO in a game that doesn't involve millionaires =/= good defender.

Rashidi said...

Diogu fits under the category I was talking about, players I hadn't previously edited.

His perephials are great, he just hasn't gotten PT. His skills didn't fit with Nellie ball, and after being part of Indiana's rotation the first 3 games he got derailed by an injury (and they also wanted to play uptempo and launch threes like the Warriors).

Diogu's career numbers
17.5 pp36m
8.9 rp36m
.497 FG%
.812 FT%

Compared to the guys ahead of him on the depth chart...

15.1 pp36m
8.4 rp36m
.461 FG%
.805 FT%

17.0 pp36m
7.9 rp36m
.487 FG%
.798 FT%

Even when you take into account that guys with less PT usually have better rate stats than guys with more PT, the guy has shown he is capable of contributing and there are a few teams out there he'd definitely be in the rotation of.

Anonymous said...

Alright, that's a good explanation. So, I'll shut up now. But, wasn't Diogu a 73 before this update? Did the "other" insider update him or something?

Rashidi said...

Yeah, Diogu was a 73 before the update, but I also hadn't edited him before that. Diogu didn't improve, he was just mis-rated at default in my view.

If I raised/lowered his rating in the next update, that's what would cause him to make the list.

pragpro said...

I agree about Ike, he arrived to the Blazers after Frye and Alridge, but Alridge seems to elevating his game, let's see if he can continue playing like he did against the Lakers. He's essentially the Blazers 2nd option, they're running plays for him after Roy and before Outlaw,and he was stroking treys when he needed to. Back to Ike, players with the capacity to start on different teams depending on the situation/system are all over the NBA. A lot of bad starters out there. More teams should play ten players, IMHO. It seems to work for rebuilders like the Raptors. I understand that if you have a three-man quality post rotation, a PG caddy, and the luxury of four wings you should play them, because it's good for morale and long-term endurance. The least deep position in the NBA is Center I can see why it's hard to have a four man post rotation, that's why that 5th wing, (SG/SF) should play.

pragpro said...

Bruce Bowen is being pushed by his heir Ima Udoka and evidently Desmond Farmer, (Yes, I've memorized every NBA depth chart, ten deep). Bowen will likely get token minutes to shut down token opposition go-to men and shoot the rock from the corner when he's forgotten about, but that's a two-man wing stopper platoon now.

pragpro said...

correction, Alridge went off against the Spurs, and he was shooting from just inside the trey line. Beg you pardon. He did put up 22 shots. That's what the match=up provided against Bonner or who ever was guarding him

Anonymous said...

Long time reader, just chiming in to say I appreciate the Paul Simon reference. :D

Definitely enjoying the blog, keep up your great work!