Friday, November 7, 2008

What in the world happened to

They used to have up to date statistics and now they are just completely out of date with everything.

Sessions has played 3 games already. They still have him at zero.

They have his stats on the team's main page, but I wanted his game log.
It's not just him - it's a league-wide problem, they aren't updating player profiles. They are literally a week behind.

Also, their hotspots page (which I heavily base my tendencies on) is screwed up. Most of the team's no longer have data available, and the teams that do, like the Celtics, have each player listed multiple times.

Who is asleep at the wheel in the NBA? Did half their staff quit in favor of more profitable employers like ESPN? Right now they are unable to maintain their website quality and that is simply unacceptable for a billion dollar company with millions of fans.

Yahoo is up to date. ESPN is up to date. Basketball-Reference is up to date. What's the deal with the NBA? All of the above sites list advanced statistics for their players, the NBA is still stuck with basic statistics (which is another fault entirely).

I almost feel like 2K Sports took over mangement when they signed the agreement to get " in 2k9", because right now, the VG is more informative than the real one, which is embarrassing and problematic to say the least.


Pragpro said...

They probably contracted the job out to the lowest bidder. Some guy in a rural village in India receives dispatches via elephant ferry twice monthly. Sorry the NBA doesn't have your fancy access to the internet. I like yahoo, everything at espn has a price tag. Yahoo is efficient, textual and up to date. I like the new template on the blog. Very readable. Helvectia is the Adult Swim font, well the font AS uses, very readable on lighted screens consider it.

BTW will we ever see the rosters in text? I'm kind enjoying making my own edits, but you're rosters are my base. I'm sure nobody but me is still playing last gen, but the PS2/x-Box version of the game is really, really the best playing, baring graphics 2K version, over 2K5 and 2K7. The consolidation of the College Hoops team with the NBA team shows. I didn't play 2K8, but I just love the way the engine feels. I've played it on PS3 and wow, that's a great but different game. The PS2 is more arcady, but less so if you adjust the settings.

Look at Brandon Wright beat my expectations! Wait till you see Randolph, but it will take a lot of injuries to get to him. Nelly sure likes to make rooks earn PT., also due to the SF excess in the NBA in general.

Rashidi said...

Considering the Warriors are 2-3 without Monta Ellis, plus Al Harrington demanding a trade, it's tough to argue with anything Nellie does as a coach.

I think the plan is to eventually post all my edits to the blog. I won't do that until I've edited every player on every team though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rashidi, its FFAACC:

When can we expect your next update ? If you dont put a deadline you wont advance too much, even do you might not deliver on time.

Since you have done almost all the important players of each team, are you considering doing a team at a time instead of doing specific players ? ... In the meantime it would be good to hear from you the ingame problems you are facing and how you are dealing with them ... like (example):

1. It appears that the default defensive tendencies of "guarding the lanes" and "on ball defense" are part of the problem of the low simmed rebounds average that you get, since the players are focused on that instead on positioning for rbds.

Salty said...

Hey Rashidi, I know you're planning to get a PS3 in the future, but for the time being will we be expecting a text document of your roster data on GameFAQs or on here as you've always done? Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how serious your questioning what happened to, but I'm 99% positive that when the NBA cut 9% of it's staff the tech people were involved.

Stats are one example, another is their poor fantasy sports service. I've run a keeper league on for 2 seasons and they never came through with their promise of results/standings "coming soon"

Rashidi said...

That would make sense. But even then, I struggle to see how that's possible. Take a look at, their database is updated within hours and they are much more comprehensive. Something like player stats should take a much higher priority, I mean, 3rd world European teams are updating their backwood websites faster than this.

simplified said...

Agreed....... that website has been broken for a while now not only are they behind their spelling is poor