Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NBA Recap 11/4/08

Lemme just note that I didn't watch any games today for the first time this season, for reasons that should be fairly obvious Fortunately the NBA has a shred of business sense and didn't schedule too many games today. I wonder if it were any coincidence that all three teams were

SUNS 114, NETS 86
The Nets lost the first three quarters by 5 points each before giving up in the 4th to get blown out by 28. The Nets shot 33% from the field to the Suns 63% so they should have lost by even more than that.

Raja Bell (PHX)
Suns big men easily dominated this game which probably gave Bell some wide open looks as he went 6-6 on threes.

Josh Boone (NJN)
2 points, 3 rebounds (0 defensive), 3 fouls. Looks like Shaq can still have his way with some players.

Possible Finals matchup here.

Ray Allen (BOS)
Allen apparently reads my blog as I had ripped him twice prior to his offensive explosion of 29 points (11-15 FG) along with 5 reb and 5 ast.

Tracy McGrady (HOU)
26 points after struggling in his first few games.

Luis Scola (HOU)
21 pts and 9 boards to quietly pace KG's 14 and 11.

Yao Ming (HOU)
4-14 shooting as Boston clamped down inside. Didn't attempt a FT, didn't block a shot (but had his sent back 3 times), and didn't log an assist (but committed two turnovers).


Jason Terry (DAL)
Terry was the 3rd starting SG for Dallas in four games and exploded for 29 poiints and 6 assists.

Jason Kidd (DAL)
9/8/10 and the team shot 53%

Bruce Bowen (SAS)
5 points in 12 mins isn't bad, but the fact that he only played 12 minutes is. He was not deemed quick enough to deal with Terry or Howard - he's showing his age.


Anonymous said...

Bowen has honestly been living off of reputation and dirty plays that would get most player Techs/flagrants/fines/punched in the face for 3-4 years now, sucks to be a Spurs fan all your life but hate one of your starters on multiple title teams with a passion.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi, I was looking for the following players on your rosters but couldn't find them. Are they missing or am I just looking in the wrong places:

Steven Hill (OKC)
Rob Kurz (GSW)

Flight Risk said...

first of all, OBAMA! secondly, i noticed that neither you or the "fake" 2k insider gave brandon bass any respect for his ability to shoot the 15-18 foot jumper. is there something i don't know here stat wise? or is this just something that you haven't gotten around too yet?

Rashidi said...

Kurz is in the FAs, theres not enough room for him on GSW roster.

Bass I don't know his MR off-hand but I thought his overall rating was sufficient enough to get to other players first. I gave him a 78 MR last year so I definitely know he's an underrated shooter.