Saturday, November 1, 2008

Updated Simulation Results

Here's the results from a season I simmed with R2KI 2.0 (no injuries, trades, etc)


Ok, I noticed something interesting before we even begin.

Duncan was the MVP. I go to Team Stats, go back to Awards, and now LeBron is the MVP. LOL 2K SPORTS.

Moving on...

MVP#1: Duncan (18/9/3, Spurs led league with 60 wins)
MVP#2: LeBron (30/7/7)
ROY: Mayo (19/4/6)
SMY: Duhon (13/3/8) (38mpg but Nate took over as starter apparently)
DPY: D. Howard (18/11/1, 1.0 spg, 2.7 bpg)
MIP: Duhon (averaged 6/2/4 year before)

ALL-NBA FIRST: Paul, Wade, James, Garnett, Howard
ALL-NBA SECOND: Kidd, Bryant, Anthony, Duncan, Ming
ALL-NBA THIRD: D. Williams, Iverson, Butler, Bosh, A. Jefferson

ALL-DEFENSE FIRST: Kidd, Iguodala, Marion, Duncan, Howard
ALL-DEFENSE SECOND: Paul, Bryant, J. Smith, Garnett, A. Jefferson

ALL-ROOKIE FIRST: Rose, Mayo, Gallinari, Beasley, Oden
ALL-ROOKIE SECOND: Chalmers, Fernandez, Randolph, Arthur, Gasol

COY: Maurice Cheeks (39-43 uh really?)
EOY: Danny Ainge (51-31 what determines this award again?)

Nov: Wade / Kobe
Dec: Wade / Paul
Jan: LeBron / Kidd
Feb: LeBron / Paul
Mar: LeBron / Paul
Apr: LeBron / Paul

13 LeBron
6 Wade
3 Garnett
1 Crawford
1 Bosh

8 Paul
3 Amare
3 Anthony
3 D. Williams
2 Kidd
2 Duncan
1 Kobe (Seriously?)
1 Nowitzki
1 Iverson

Scoring Leaders
29.7 James (CLE)
27.7 Bryant (LAL)
26.3 Wade (MIA)
26.2 Martin (SAC)
25.7 Crawford (NYK)
25.5 Iverson (DEN)
24.2 Gay (MEM)
23.8 Stoudemire (PHX)
23.6 Durant (OKC)
23.5 Anthony (DEN)
23.5 Nowitzki (DAL)
23.1 Jackson (GSW)
23.0 Carter (NJN)
22.6 Johnson (ATL)
22.5 Pierce (BOS)
22.4 Williams (UTA)
22.4 Bosh (TOR)
22.2 Arenas (WAS)
21.5 Redd (MIL)
21.2 Garnett (BOS)
21.0 Davis (LAC)
20.9 Jefferson (MIL)
20.8 Allen (BOS)
20.7 Lewis (ORL)
20.6 Stojakovic (NO)
20.6 Paul (NO)
20.2 Ginobili (SA)

Only 27 players averaged 20+ ppg. Only 6 players averaged 25+ ppg. This is pretty realistic. The thing they need to fix is injury frequency to make team stats more realistic.

EDIT NOTE: I forgot to lower Peja's 3pt tendency from 99. I lowered it to 84, ran the same simulation again, and he attempted about 80 fewer threes which not only dropped his scoring average (to 19.0) but boosted Paul (21.8) and David West (20.1 from 18.7).

Darius Songaila set the Season record for FT% with .966. What was so impressive about this feat was he did it in the 09-10 season which I didn't even sim yet. We're supposed to be in 08-09 2K Sports.

Peja Stojakovic set the all-time record for threes made with 275. He also did this in 09-10. Smooth 2K, smooth. (Note: With 3pt tend edit he hit only 235)

Marco Belinelli holds the career 3pt% mark with .486.

Also, are they seriously not allowed to use the names of Michael Jordan or John Stockton?


Anonymous said...

those look stats look amazing, i was wondering about the rebounding stats though, do you mind posting some stats.

Alan said...

Are you ever gonna turn options like injuries, fatigue, moral, etc and sim a season? I would like to see how it turns out that way.