Monday, November 3, 2008

REAL 2K INSIDER version 2.1 - Allen Iverson edition

Real 2K Insider celebrates the first major trade of the NBA season with a roster update only hours after it went through.

In case you've been living under a rock, Allen Iverson was traded to Detroit for Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess, and Cheikh Samb. Juwan Howard was waived to make room for McDyess.

Later on tonight I'll post a breakdown of the trade for both teams, as well as the Biggest Movers in 2.1.

PLEASE NOTE: I am leaving Antonio McDyess on Detroit and Juwan Howard on Denver for the following reason.

McDyess is going to be bought out by Denver and he will likely re-sign with Detroit when that happens. I think by league rules he might have to wait 30 days to re-sign with Detroit but odds are he is going back. Denver waived Howard to make room for McDyess and they are expected to re-sign Howard once his roster spot is free again.

I just know I am going to have some crackpot download the roster, visit the blog, not read this post, and just go straight to telling me what an idiot I am for getting the trade details "wrong".


Crackpot said...

Nuh-UH! You're getting these details ALL wrong!

Okay, I jest', but I would like to know your stance on this; being a roster 'guru' and all. How do you think this'll affect each team?

The Crackpot. . .

Anonymous said...

Great job, you're on top of this. I checked online, guess you haven't put it up yet. When will it be available?

Rashidi said...

File was submitted

DaboyRichie said...

Aye Shidi , I don't know if you need anymore sites for information but I've got one. I'm going to use this to re-create the 1996-1997 playoffs(doing all the teams would just be ridiculous) this site is..... hopes it's informational for you like it is for me peace yo.

TJ said...

hey rashidi, next time you update the rosters i have a few suggestions: 1. Thaddeus Young from the sixers is on fire from 3 point range, if you can up his 3 point rating that would be greatly appreciated. 2. Lebron James is way too good from beyond the arc, could you lower his 3 point rating?

Anonymous said...

just wondering why u put stackhouse starting sg when its wright whos starting at sg

Anonymous said...

Rashidi, great work as usual. What sliders do you recommend using with your file?

loonyadam said...

dude rashidi you know ais new number

Phil in AZ said...


Did you create Rob Kurz for Golden State??.... He was signed today--was the last cut for them. G.S. said they put Ellis on the suspended list and signed Kurz.

pragpro said...

Denver + Detrot Rotations Guesstimate

JR Smith
Howard (after 30 days


McDyess 30 days
Kwame Brown

Michael said...

McDyess is staying with the Nuggets, you shouldve just done the whole trade.

Rashidi said...


You'll be happy to know Young is part of my Biggest Movers and I specifically covered his 3pt shooting.


Stackhouse got the start at SG in the last game and Wright didn't get off the bench. I speculated in the last applicable NBA Recap that Gerald Green may have taken Wright's rotation spot.


I recommend whatever sliders you prefer. Maybe you want your players to dunk more, or maybe you want your players to dunk less (slider issues) but I think we can both agree that LeBron James should have a higher dunk rating than say, Tayshaun Prince. That's the main difference between ratings and sliders - sliders are personal preference and ultimately someone's opinion of how the game should play, ratings (at least ones that attempt realism) have more of a factual foundation which is what makes them compatible with any slider set.

Iverson's # has not yet been decided. Stuckey has #3 and it's his # to give up. Iverson has only worn #3 so it remains to be seen what he'd take (or what Stuckey takes) until likely tomorrow.


Kurz is in the FAs list, I didn't add him to GS since you can only have 15 players.


McDyess has also indicated he'd rather retire than report, so Chapman is just posturing. It's worth noting that he has to act like he wants McDyess in order for Detroit to re-sign him after the buyout - if you remember last year, Dallas tried the same thing with Stackhouse in the Kidd trade but then he opened his mouth and they had to take him out because Stern was going to prevent him from re-signing.

Michael said...

True, guess we'll wait and see. Still, FA would've been most up to date since he wouldn't be back for a month. You're doing updates often enough to have that.

CB said...

Hi Rashidi, any chance of an ETA of your roster on PS3?
If you are not going to PS3, can you let us know which PS3 rosters you would recommend?

Rashidi said...

Well, thing is in the FAs any team could sign him.

Better to just keep him inactive on DET until more news arrives. I can always just submit another update if necessary.

Rashidi said...

No ETA on the PS3 and when I do get it, it's likely take me a week to make all the changes to the PS3 file. I'm thinking that I will probably wait for the insider to make a substantial update to the 2k rosters, like for instance he's rumored to finally be adding some players in his next update.

Anonymous said...

when is this comin out? i got the iverson trade but none of the players attributes changed

Anonymous said...

i am using XB306
every time after i loaded your roster, and then switch to rotation or quick game mode, it just got freeze every time when choosing another team
do u know why this happens?
plz help

Anonymous said...

"i am using XB306
every time after i loaded your roster, and then switch to rotation or quick game mode, it just got freeze every time when choosing another team
do u know why this happens?
plz help" Yes Rashidi im having the same problem as well as for the 2.0 update. i had an issue with the 1.5 update but deleted and re-downloaded and worked fine but that doesnt seem to work for the 2.0/2.1 update.