Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Knick trades we've all been waiting for.

Zach Randolph traded by the Knicks: The moment I've been waiting for since draft night 2007.

Tim Thomas returns to NY: A moment I've been dreading my entire life.

This pretty much sums up my feeling on the two trades the Knicks made today. Jamal Crawford is heading to Golden State for Al Harrington. Al already hated being forced into an Antoine Walker offensive role, so I can't imagine him liking Mike D'Antoni's system all that much better. Proximity to roots in Jersey as well as escape from Nellie the bitter coach will probably ease the burden. I'm sure D'Antoni has big things in store for Al, as he's been waiting for a PF with a legit deep stroke (sorry Zach, 29% 3pt shooting does not qualify) ever since he lost Tim Thomas. Who coinkydinkly is coming in from LALA land.

Crawford heads to Golden State where he could really thrive. If there's any team Crawford could succeed as a PG, it's this one. He might even remind some of B-Diddy with his handle, flashyness, and penchant for bombing away from long range. Just don't expect any AK47 jams. When Monta comes back this team is scary deep and could even be better than the 06 team (Maggette is much better right now than J-Rich was that year coming off knee surgery).

I've hated Randolph's game since Isiah foolishly traded for him. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the Knicks would have been infinitely better off keeping Channing Frye. Frye makes 3 million, and the Blazers paid Steve Francis to go away. Randolph was making 14 million per with 48 mil due to him over 4 years. Walsh dumped Randolph for Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas, two veterans who shouldn't be starting at this point and are only here so their contracts expire sooner (I suppose they are much better than the Darko/Marko package from the summer). Since Ariza was also traded for Francis, the Knicks essentially lost Ariza/Frye for absolutely nothing but 2010 cap room. Just another reason why Isiah is the worst GM we've seen in a long time.

While the Clippers are gambling picking up Randolph's huge deal, he is a major upgrade from Tim Thomas. The Clippers now have a legit front line with Randolph/Kaman up front and Camby backing up both off the bench. And Z-Bo should help take the pressure off Al Thornton (or at least take his shots away). They also dumped Cat Mobley which is addition by subtraction since he was just stealing minutes from rookie Eric Gordon. Maybe the deal gets Ricky D going too since he's the starter now.

In summary, the Clippers and Warriors made improvements that should be reflected in both real life and the video game world. As for the Knicks, Donnie Walsh must have gotten scared that the team was actually going to finish above .500. The pieces they picked up could excel in the system and make the fall a little softer, but at this point we're running out of reasons to actually use the Knicks in the VG world. Crawford was just replaced with a shorter Q-Rich and Harrington's 3pt shooting isn't going to replace Randolph's post ability. 2010 can't come soon enough for Knick fans.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rashidi, its ffaacc:

Will you post a roster update reflecting this changes and with the reviewed NY crew ?

How do you think the lineups (rotations) should end up ?

I am guessing:

Nate (unless they want to keep him as the bench spark)

Ellis (when healthy)
PG (forgot his name but actually starts)

PF (forgot his name)
Kaman (the big 3 with more than 30 min)

As you stated, 2010 cant come fast enough ... the next 2 years would be quite atrocious ... I am comparing the Knicks with the Thunders, in terms of no big names and in terms of unsuccess ... and, if they dont make a trade for either Curry or Jeffreies, they would be worse next year when Lee and Nate may depart.

Brent Nahmias said...

Right when I thought the Knicks were playoff bound 2k4tgjktvnk2jw4en BLAH

Rashidi said...

Hopefully this will give them enough flexibility to actually commit to Lee and Nate long term.

Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Jared Jeffries, and Eddy Curry are the only players under contract beyond 2010. LeBron ain't goin to a team with no players.

Anonymous said...

Its ffaacc:

Yes, but Lebron is not comming to a team with those guys either ... as he hasnt had enough with the Pavlovics, Snows, Sczerbiaks ...

That is why they need to move Curry and Jeffreis for ... whatever thay can find ... and resign Nate and Lee, who could very well be great complements to guys like Wade and Bosh ... or Lebron.

Anonymous said...

Noone gave a rats ass about the Knicks before or after this trade. Quit talking about them they are and always have been a useless laughingstock team. Shut up shut up shut up.

teekarow302 said...

Thanx for all your good work. But in your assesment of Z bo i think your are wrong. the man is a 20 and 10 guy who can create his own shot. He has range, but he does not rely on it like Harrington or
Frye. Zach is excellent in the post. His only knocks against him were that he takes the team out of the offense sometimes when he is relied heavely upon to score with his back to the basket moves,when he should pass it back out when doubled. He is slightly undersized and his off the court issues were the problem. Now he has not been into any trouble, so really there is not much to say that is negative about him. His percentages are not the best this year but when you are counted on score you cant be scared. In portland he was a beast. For the Knicks he was there best player on the floor. ..Yes his d is not the best, that is because of this size. .....
Now as far a Frye goes, he is the softest big man in the game. He waits for the long range j's all night and wont rebound. Isiah, took a gamble but relized this guy does not have the heart to be a big man. He was right.

Now with Isiah, he made some mistakes, like Eddy Cury, that was bad, as he probally could have used that draft pick for Aldrige. But Eddy had alot of potential. Isiah was not the best coach for this team but he drafted very well for this franchise and deserved to at least be givin alittle credit for it. Chandler, Nate, Lee and Balkmen were great picks. He drafted Mr. softy Frye as well. The trades that were made last week would have happened anyway with Zeke. They cut cost for 2010. If Isiah made these same deals you all would call him a fool. Bring in less talent for proven talent? Not a good look. I understand why but damn. What the Knicks are doing to Marbury(like he was the prob, yeah right!),and Curry (getting no run)needs to be addresed. I hope all these moves dont blow up in the Knicks face. Its fun to watch though.