Sunday, November 2, 2008

NBA RECAP 11/2/08


Ramon Sessions (MIL)
Sessions has shown in just two games that he should easily be starting over Luke Ridnour. He had 18/7/8 with 3 steals, and blew by Chris Duhon numerous times during the game. He is averaging 15 points and 8.5 assists in his two starts, compared to 4.5 and 4.5 for Ridnour.

Luc Mbah a Moute (MIL)
A double double off the bench is always nice. 14 and 10 for Fresh Prince and it looks like the Bucks got a steal in round two. Considering RJ was also acquired on draft night, Joe Alexander is looking more and more like a wasted pick.

Quentin Richardson (NYK)
Q-Rich is slowly building his trade value, putting up 28 points and 9 rebounds. He hit 5 of 11 threes tonight and looks completely healthy for the first time in three years.

Jamal Crawford (NYK)
1 point on 0-6 shooting as Jamal looked lost in this one. One has to hope he doesn't have repeat performances


Russell Westbrook (OKC)
Westbrook scored 14 points off the bench en route to the first "Thunderous" win in franchise history. WB also played good defense on his opponent, on a night where Earl Watson didn't do much on either end. He could find himself starting if Watson continues to struggle.

On an unrelated note, the Thunder were 1-3 from 3pt range after going 0-4 last night. They could record the least threes made and attempted in a season in the last 20 years.

Randy Foye (MIN)
Foye went 0-10 and is now 3-24 over his last two games. He also committed 5 turnovers, and should consider himself very fortunate Sebastian Telfair was suspended to start the year. Telfair will be back next game and Foye's job will officially be in jeopardy.


Antonio said...

Man i'm workin on the "thing" i sent you via email.. I'll let you know when it's finished...

Work is killing me..

Anonymous said...

1. I was used to the old look, but this new look is ok.
2. I was checking the OS site and this is what Nogster replyed (I really think that you are still the best):

Re: The Outsiders vs. Rashidi
Well, I guess the only way to know is to compare them.

which is exactly what ive done..
now no disrespect to rashidi...what he has done for the nba2k community cannot be undermined..he spent hours and hours of his time every year posting better ratings and rosters for those who dont do it themselves. so they may have a better gaming experience.

i personally have never used them, well, because ive always done it myself. and in my humble opinion, he rates too high a scale generally. and seems a bit rigid when it comes to the "stats" and how they translate to the game, but thats just me.

anyways..i just downloaded his latest roster...checked them out,, simmed a couple of seasons, etc..
1st of all...the ratings are pretty similar to mine in many ways..
again, because well, we both know our stuff lol.... he generally has a slightly higher scale than mine. and some headscratchers to me, [ford 86] [hinrich 84][ mo williams 85] [kaman 88!] to name a few.. hence the "stat" rigidity, as even though for instance, kaman statistically LAST season produced stats maybe deserving of a high 80s player, he certainly isnt a high 80's valued player. i mean, he is rated one point lower than big AL jefferson [89]. that means if u were to do a trade straight up between these 2 C's, the trade is even value wise?? the reason for kamans bloated stats last season is simply, no elton brand.. he was the sole big on that team and took full advantage.

here are some results with a simmed season.
most stats were on point, well as on point as the game engine allows. however, rashidi obviously hasnt looked into coach profiles as teams are still scoring way to high averages.
EVERY team averaged over 100ppg, lakers led at 117.8ppg. clippers last at 100.6.
team rebound averages were pretty good however. so props on that. [player reb leaders still too low, but thats a global game issue, not a rating issue.]
jamal crawford avg 27ppg?
outlaw 2nd on the blazers in scoring at 16.1ppg, poor aldridge!
stoyakovic 2nd on hornets in scoring at 19.7ppg. poor west! [having stoyas tendencies that high is a game killer when playing the cpu controlled hornets. he will hog it all game long! same with peterson, these 2 will end up taking the most shots in games.]
nash avg 19.2 ppg...not good if playing the cpu controlled suns...nash will be playing like arenas because his shot tendencies are too high.
mike miller led the wolves in scoring at 17.3ppg! poor big al, and a game against a cpu controlled wolves team. it will be miller hog time.
kidds tendencies are waay too high! he avg 15.3ppg in the season and if u play the mavs, he will be looking to score too much. there are some big differences between our tendencies...thats for sure. rashidi has a very high scale.

generally the stats are pretty on point..but the main issue i see is in the single player game. rashidi has his tendencies too high for certain players [good shooting swingmen] that dont need em high as they will shoot anyways... the reason being. its built into the always has been this way..if a pg, sg or sf is a good outside shooter, and his tendencies are even slightly above avg, he will launch. and launch and launch..
and this is where i think our philosophies are different..
i tend to ignore the "shot charts" and deep shooting stats like per 48min shot attempts, etc that sites like record. as they simply dont translate well to the game engine. i only play single player games, so i really put my efforts into getting the gameplay and simmed stats right. its what ive done for years.. and years....

look. i dont really care what anyone uses....i have always done my own rosters.... i do them for myself... to enhance the experience as i play the guts out of nba games right up until the newest installment is released. but this year, i am able to share them easily thanks to i figured i may as well... it was the easy way out for me, as i wouldnt have to take the hours of time it take to post the tendencies... thats where i have considerable respect for rashidi..cause man.. the work he posted, year in year out. that would take a DAMN long time.

so play whatever rosters u want to use...
this post was to give u some idea on the differences between our rosters in regards to gameplay etc...
i got portlandblazer doing the bells and whistles of the roster and we all know what a king he is at that stuff, so that side of things is well sorted.

rashidis rosters craps on 2ks...we all know this...and the O.S outsiders rosters will have no chance in matching his for popularity. but for substance and the sim experience. it does actually exceed it.

Anonymous said...

Nogster does make a good point about shooting tendencies. Nash,Peja, etc does jack up tons of shot. Playing against the Hornets, when the CPU runs that SF BackDoor play, Mo-Pete comes up to the high post and pass to Peja on the wing, Peje shoots that EVERYTIME!Seriously,EVERYTIME. Rashidi, your work is GREAT with Perfection inches away. LET'S GET IT

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say.....Site looks nice