Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Latest News 2.1


Allen Iverson (DET)
Iverson was traded to the Detroit Pistons Monday afternoon.

9 years after Matt Geiger vetoed the original deal, the Pistons finally get their man. Expect Iverson to take over starting PG duties in Detroit. His position was changed accordingly.

Rip Hamilton (DET)
Rip is expected to sign a three year extension in the near future.

It was reported as a done deal but his agent claims details are still being ironed out. Sounds like it's just a matter of time.

Chauncey Billups (DEN)
Billups was traded to the Denver Nuggets.
This is Billups second stint in Denver and he immediately replaces Anthony Carter in the starting lineup.

Antonio McDyess (DEN)
McDyess was traded to the Dnever Nuggets.

This is Dyess' 3rd sting in Denver and it should be his shortest, as he seeks a buyout to return to the Pistons. Rex Chapman has stated he expects McDyess to report but that is likely posturing on his part. Still, they could use his help if he does stick around and he'd have a prominent bench role if that happened.

J.R. Smith (DEN)
Smith is likely to become the new starting SG in Denver.

Iverson was limiting Smith's minutes, so this is huge news for him. On a cynical note, George Karl will probably go with Anthony Carter as the new starter.

Anthony Carter (DEN)
Carter lost his starting job to Chauncey Billups.


Cheikh Samb (DEN)
Samb was traded to the Denver Nuggets.

Like you care. He's waiting for the D-League to start.

Juwan Howard (FA)
Howard was waived by the Nuggets to make room for Antonio McDyess.
He had the only non-guaranteed contract on the roster. He'll be back if McDyess is bought out. If Dyess sticks around, the Fab Five's run will be officially over.

John Lucas III (FA)
Lucas was waived by the Thunder after three games.

He didn't see any court time in his stint. He could hang around in the D-League waiting for a callup or take a European offer (my money's on the D-League).

Fabricio Oberto (SA)
Oberto has been cleared to return to action.

He had a heartbeat scare and could resume his starting job within the week.

Marcus Camby (LAC)
Camby made his season debut Monday night.

He'd been battling a heel injury and played 27 minutes off the bench.

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