Saturday, November 1, 2008


The #1 name in Roster Editing brings you...

version 2.0

Updated/Realistic ratings for over 250 NBA players!
Adjusted 3PT ratings for all NBA players!
Up to date rosters and rotations for all 30 NBA teams!
Every missing player on an NBA roster!
All retired players reduced to 50 in all attributes!
Updated NBA contracts for half of the NBA!

Enjoy the rosters, feedback is welcome! And spread the word to 2K Forum since I am banned there for speaking out about subpar service LOL


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thanks for your hard work. Go get some rest. Is there gonna be a post on this blog of what was changed? (concerning overall roster rating changes)?

Oh, yeah and I forgot to say...Damien Wilkins number is actually 21 not 12. Stupid 2K Sports!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rashidi, on 2K Share, there's someone uploading rosters with "The Real 2K Insider" as the name but "tpb" as his gamertag. I'm assuming that's a fake account, correct?

Rashidi said...

Yeah, I have no idea who TPB is or why he is plagiarizing my work. Just give it a low rating to limit the downloads.

I actually have Wilkins # in my list of changes but forgot to actually make it. It'll be in 2.l or 3.0 whichever comes first.

Anonymous said...

just wondering why u made lebron close 99?

and why is bosh only 90 when tmac 93? shouldent bosh be higher?

i also see u dropped peja 3's to 95
when it used to be 99 thats most realistic

Anonymous said...

just to make sure your download
is named the real 2k insider 2.0 is that correct?

Anonymous said...

eric snow retired why isent he 50 hes still 67?

Rashidi said...

Last year's Inside Points looked like this.

1. D.Howard 13.3
2. L.LeBron 11.7
3. A.Jefferson 10.7

Howard shot 66%, Jefferson shot 64%. LeBron shot 71%.

Howard was assisted 67% of the time on these shots, Jefferson 51%. LeBron only 37% The only player in the top 20 assisted less was Wade (31%).

LeBron doesn't even dunk it that much compared to Dwight Howard. LeBron shot 65% on non-dunks compared to 52% for Howard.

That should sum up why LeBron is a 99 close. There isn't anyone better.

Rashidi said...

Also, T-Mac is 85 close, not 93.

Rashidi said...

Snow is "Retired" but he's also on Cleveland's roster and is a candidate to have his contract traded during the year, as teams may want to cash in on the savings they'll get once his medical retirement can become official in February. For those purposes, it's best to leave him at his 65 overall rating rather than bring him down to 50, as it would make him impossible to trade.

For all intents and purposes, Cleveland has 3 PGs ahead of him and he's the worst rated player on the team, so it's not like he'll ever get moved to the active roster (much less a game situation).

Rashidi said...

Oh, and yeah, file name is Real 2K Insider ver 2.0.

Just search for it by my gamertag: Real 2K Insider

Or by content search for "Real 2K" and all versions (including the wannabes) will show up.

Anonymous said...

i mean why is tmac 93 overall and bosh only 90

fluff said...

Dude settle down. Don't just look at the stupid overall rating. One guy is a big man and one is a SG. Why are you comparing those 2 players?

Juice Malone said...

Why are retired players reduced to 50 overall?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I love your rosters bro. but me and my buddies do fantasy draft all nighters and it's fun sometimes to bring a retired guy onto your squad but now I would have to reedit all the retired players. Anyway you could come out with a 2.0 version that has retired players at what they would play at if they came back into the NBA?

Tobermin said...

Hey Rashidi,

When you upload new roster updates, would you consider releasing a B version that leaves injured players in rotation. I prefer to play against teams at full strength

Anonymous said...

I have PS3. Can I use these rosters?