Tuesday, November 11, 2008

REAL 2K INSIDER ver 3.0 - Featuring Coach Profiles!

Real 2K Insider ver 3.0 has been uploaded to 2K Share for XBox 360!

Updated Coach Profiles (Team Sliders) for all 30 NBA teams!
Updated ratings for players featured in the Biggest Movers section of the blog!
Accurate rosters and rotations for all 30 NBA teams!
Every missing player on an NBA roster has been added to the game!
Accurate contracts for most NBA players!

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Let me know on the blog what needs to be changed for version 3.1!


Players who have changes in overall rating due to position changes will no longer be included. David Lee last week got a -2 when I switched him to C from PF, and really, it doesn't make sense to list him again now that I've yo-yoed on that (Randolph is officially the starting center as Lee backs up both spots off the bench). It doesn't make sense to list players who haven't actually improved/regressed (unless there is a substantial rating change attached to their position change, which shouldn't be too common).

Luc Mbah a Moute: PF/SF
Greg Buckner: SF/SG
Maurice Evans: SF/SG
Wilson Chandler: PF/SF
David Lee: PF/C
Zach Randolph: C/PF
Malik Rose: C/PF
Allen Iverson: PG/SG


Ramon Sessions (+1)

Even though Skiles is reluctant to start him, Sessions has shown he is the top PG in Milwaukee at that last year was no fluke. I watched him take Chris Duhon off the dribble consistently. His defense isn't great, but neither is Luke Ridnour's. I understand Sessions being part of the 2nd unit as they don't have anyone else who can create shots, but if Sessions continues to play at a high level there is no way Skiles is going to be able to keep him out of the lineup.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (+5)

Prince M&M has been a welcome surprise in Milwaukee, as he is outplaying lottery pick Joe Alexander despite being drafted in the second round. Scott Skiles loves his defense and effort, which has made him Charlie Villanueva's primary backup (instead of Malik Allen, thank god).

He doesn't have the greatest upside, but he should be able to stick in the league a long time as a role player.

Darrell Arthur (+3)

Arthur has been a rebound machine and is starting over Hakim Warrick. Arthur carries a 14.55 PER despite a .370 FG% - suggesting he'd be an average player if he experiences even a minor improvement in this area.

Marc Gasol (+6)

Gasol is the starting center in Memphis and there is absolutely no reason he should be rated lower than Darko Milicic. He is a much better rebounder and shot blocker than 2k gave him credit for.

Marvin Williams (+1)

Marvin is 4-7 from 3pt range this season after going 1-10 all of last year. It was reported he'd improved his stroke and this confirms it.


Elton Brand (-2)

Brand is not looking like the 20/10 player the Sixers were (perhaps naively) expecting when they traded away most of their assests and shelled out an 80 million dollar contract.

Brand is an undersized power forward, and because he plays further below the rim, his decline will begin earlier than a bigger player (like a Duncan or Garnett). He is also coming off a ruptured achilles injury that caused him to miss an entire season. Brand has never been a great athlete, and I don't think a serious foot injury right before your 30s is all that easy to ignore (but then, I'm not a desperate Philadelphia fan either).

Brand PER by season
2003: 21.09
2004: 23.32
2005: 22.51
2006: 26.67 (All-Star, All-NBA 2nd Team)
2007: 23.17
2008: 17.72 (8 games)
2009: 14.20 (6 games)

Brand was not quite himself after returning from injury last season, which natural to expect. However, he is struggling to even replicate his declined production now. His PER right now is 9 points worse than his last healthy season, and a whopping 12.5 points worse than his best season.

Brand has struggled offensively with the Sixers. This isn't entirely his fault. Orlando doubled Brand at the catch rather than letting him operate in the post. Brand was only able to get 8 shots in that game. Philadelphia is one of the worst shooting teams in the league and unless they can make substantial improvement teams will continue to employ this strategy with success against the Sixers. The part that is Brand's fault is his injury has robbed him of some quickness and explosiveness. He is struggling to finish shots down low are before he'd even catch the ball. He is shooting only 46% from the field despite being 50% for his career.

Another scary statistic is Brand's blocked shots. From 2003 to 2006 Brand was blocking over 2 shots per game, but so far this year he has only blocked 3 in 6 games. After blocking 4-5% of all shots through his prime, Brand is down to 1.4% right now, a rating that would net him around a 59-60 block - and is also traceable to his achilles injury robbing him of some lift.

The one thing Brand has done well is rebound. Brand's rebounds have declined every year since 2003, but he is currently boarding at a rate comparable to his Bulls days. However, this could be an early fluke as the Sixers haven't played the greatest rebounding teams so far. Still, at least there is one positive to take out of Brand's season so far, and it will be interesting to see if he can maintain it to offset his decline in the other areas.

Ricky Davis (-2)

Ricky has had a horrible start to the season. After getting a rep as a stat padder on bad teams, he was surprisingly quiet for the 15 win Heat last season, and wasn't even able to get off the bench much in Baron Davis' absense. We need to look at Ricky's past production to look for any outliers for what we can expect for the rest of the season.

Points per 36 mins
1999: 13.5
2000: 14.3
2001: 16.5
2002: 17.7
2003: 18.7
2004: 16.6 (15.2 CLE, 17.2 BOS)
2005: 17.5
2006: 17.0 (17.0 BOS, 17.0 MIN)
2007: 16.4
2008: 13.7
2009: 6.1

Ricky's first three years (age 19-21) he played sparingly as he was raw, traded twice, stuck behind vets on playoff teams, and injured.

He was traded to Cleveland where he got PT, developed into a competent sixth man, and became "the man" on a team that with Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Carlos Boozer, and Dajuan Wagner (one can only wonder how many they'd have actually won if Booze or Z got more touches). Cleveland drafted LeBron which spelled the end for Ricky and he was traded to Boston. He was the #2 option behind Pierce, and the team lost in the first round twice (Davis has a 10.2 PER in 11 playoff games). He was traded to Minnesota where he was the #2 guy behind Kevin Garnett and ultimately could not will the team to the playoffs.

At age 28 he returned to Miami where he was thought to be a 3rd cog for Shaq and Wade. He ultimately fizzled and had a career worst 12.0 PER. Not exactly the note he wanted to enter free agency on. He signed with the Clippers for a bargain contract but has been a bust so far. Ricky has an unthinkably bad 1.6 PER through six games.

Yes, you read that correctly, Ricky Davis has a 1.6 PER. The league average PER is 15.0.

Ricky is 29 years old, and has averaged 31 mpg through his career, an unusally high number for a player with a career 15.1 PER. As a player who relies so much on his athletic talents (and has logged so many minutes), Ricky isn't expected to age very well once he gets into his 30s. But for him to fall apart completely at age 29? I don't think there is anyone who could have predicted this.

The NBA is a league where veterans are consistent. It's not like baseball where a player can hit .314 with 44 home runs (an MVP caliber season), and then follow it up with .275 and 19 homers (a slightly above average season). (Shoutouts to whomever can name this player). Players don't go from MVP to average in one NBA season. Likewise, average players don't become D-Leaguers overnight. However I do think we have to consider that Davis' 2007 decline was real (or that he just doesn't care about basketball anymore).

Jason Hart (-1)

Hart has played terribly thus far and has actually fallen out of the rotation in favor of 2008 #55 draft pick Mike Taylor. He is shooting .308 from the field after shooting .322 last year. Last year I considered a fluke for Hart since he didn't get much PT, but if he doesn't get it turned around fast that won't be the case for long.

O.J. Mayo (-1)

Mayo is off to a good start in the league, and some fans are clamoring for his rating to go up. But make no mistake, he is a total hog. 71 pass rating is just a bit steep for a high usage guard averaging only 1.8 assists in 39 minutes per game. Scoringwise, 17 ppg is pretty good for a rookie, but then, most rookies don't average 39 minutes per game. Mayo's selfishness should remind us of last year's Rookie of the Year, Kevin Durant. Durant averaged 20 ppg last year, but he also did so in 5 fewer minutes per game than Mayo. Mayo was actually being touted as a combo guard, but it is clear that isn't the case... which makes him an undersized SG putting up worse scoring numbers than Ben Gordon. At 6'4", what exactly seperates him from a young Cuttino Mobley?


Josh Smith (ATL)

Smith will miss 2-4 weeks with an ankle sprain. Zaza Pachulia replaced him in the starting lineup, with Al Horford sliding over to cover Smith's PF.

Kirk Hinrich (CHI)

Captain Kirk will be out for approximately three months with "a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his thumb." Ouch. He will be missed. Ben Gordon has replaced him thus far, and Larry Hughes can be expected to pick up some minutes upon his return from injury.

Steven Hunter (DEN)

Hunter is having knee surgery that could potentially end his career. It goes without saying that his odds of getting on the court this season appear to be dim.

Steven Hill (OKC)

Size-starved Oklahoma brought in Hill as most of their centers are on the shelf. His signing should hopefully start a movement that leads to Memphis and Oklahoma swapping franchise names.

Tony Parker (SA)

Parker will miss 2-4 weeks with a sprained ankle that could be devastating to the Spurs' season. He was averaging 27.4 ppg and 5.8 apg to make up for Ginobiii's production. Rookie PG George Hill will start in Parker's absence.

Adrian Griffin (FA)

Griffin was named an assistant coach in Milwaukee (under his former Bulls coach Scott Skiles), effectively retiring him. He spent time as a defensive role player in Boston, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Seattle; he ends his career with averages of 4.0 ppg, 3.2 rpg, and 1.4 apg.

Antonio McDyess (FA)

As expected, Denver negotiated a buyout with McDyess and he remains likely to return to the Pistons after a 30-day mandatory waiting period.


Anonymous said...

Again my xbox still freezes when updating the rosters. 2.0/2.1/3.0 have all made my xbox freeze. 1.5 works fine. Anyone help please?

Rashidi said...

2.0 and all versions thereafter used one of the 2K Insider's rosters as a base. The 2nd one I think.

Anonymous said...

I've not yet downloaded 3.0, but insignificant changes that could be done (previous to 3.0) are/were:

Rasheed Wallace's Jersey #~ 36->30
Danny Granger accessory: Sleeve~

I have a question regarding created players. Do you intend to edit the 'Official living roster' when upon it is updated (if ever) with the currently missing players?

Postscript: I read Amir Johnson has grew two inches.

I'm aware that he is reported as 6'9" at NBA.com, but you know how unreliable that site has been. D:

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to edit the situational subs? This makes subs easy when playing the game and was curious if you did this. Thanks man!

Rashidi said...

I will always go by "official" NBA listed heights even if they are not accurate. Few of them actually are, but people will complain if they aren't the officials.

Besides, even if he grew 2 inches, you'd have to assume that his original height was accurate in the first place.

Rashidi said...

Also, I always forget to edit Situationals, I'll try to remember next time.

Anonymous said...

You've got Mayo and Arthur's pictures reversed. Just sayin'

Rashidi said...


Anonymous said...

Rashidi you are the man but when it comesto oj mayo we differ. The man is a scoring machine. I know the grizz ain't won with him scoring 30+ but come on don't drop him. ROY is in his sights and he's coming for it. Forget Beasley and Rose who I think is just hitting pubirty. Breakin ass voice. Thats my boy though. But #32 was the first rook to hit 30 and didit back to back. Take that Beasley. Show him some love.

Anonymous said...

first i wanna give you props for such an informing website. on to the questions.

do you create the players from scratch using the create a player thing? do you keep a complete log on the changes you made?

I havent been able to dl your living rosters which is now prooving to be such a pain coz I use a modded xbox (im not from the states). So thats why I'm asking if you keep a log so I can manually put that changes in the game

Rashidi said...

I didn't touch Mayo's scoring. I mentioned his passing and stealing as being overrated.

Rashidi said...

The CAPs are DLed from 2K Share, they are Vyaras' (ORACYLUM) design. I do edit them when I get to that player, and log my changes.

I am logging all my changes but it's too much work to post them until they are more complete/finalized.

Flight Risk said...

how about a hint on the baseball question? anyway, enjoying the site although i hate having to start new associations every time you update the rosters. couldn't you be slow and not change anything like the 2k insider? all kidding aside, could we begin a list of jumpshots that need to be changed? i'll start it off with the knicks. zach randolph's jumper needs to be changed to the same jumper thats used for Ewing jr. (something lean) and wilson chandler's jumper is more like kevin garnett's (closest to his i saw) also i change tim duncan's jumper to brand millers (once again the closest to his real one)

BadWolf said...

Any plans fopr ps3?

Anonymous said...

Travis Outlaw could be a 'biggest mover' down to his three point shooting. 'Course you'll have to see how he progresses but I'm very impressed thus far.

Also, did the biggest mover idea mayhaps come from the 2k Insider, or was it a intentional punt?

Anonymous said...

great! cant wait to try it now, but i am not at home yet :(
Thanks Rashidi anyway

Brad said...

Rashidi, have you done player tendencies yet? If not, either you could do that, or you could take the OS Outsiders' tendencies, if they don't mind, and add them to your player edits?

Flight Risk said...

guy who's xbox is freezing over the rosters. try saving them as a regular roster file, instead of leaving them as a 2k share roster file. in other words, load the roster, save it as roster 2 or whatever, then go back and delete the 2k share roster. you can tell which is which by the column on the right which says type at the top and says roster, settings, association etc...

Anonymous said...

sorry to be a bitch to bring this up. but u said tim lincecum wont win the cy young. well in your face. Santana wasn't even second. not even close. not even webb was close.

Rashidi said...

Baseball question hint: Player was a RF

And I never said Lincecum wouldn't win Cy Young, I said Johan deserved it if he pitched the Mets into the playoffs (which he nearly did single-handedly).

And sorry to be a bitch to bring this up but

Anonymous said... "Johan will not even finish in the top 3 as far as cy young is concerned"

Johan finished in 3rd. Now, which one of us was wrong?

Rashidi said...

And while I'm happy the voters were finally able to get over the playoff stigma (because none of the top pitchers made the playoffs), it only strengthens my belief about various players who were robbed through the years (like Randy Johnson in 2004, Pedro Martinez in 2002, Johan Santana in 2005, etc.)

Rashidi said...

Brad, I do my own tendencies, it's just that they aren't as noticable because you can't check an entire team via the manage rosters screen, you have to check each player individually. They're a work in progress, but most of the players I've edited have been updated in that regard.

Anonymous said...

hey rashidi u should write something about jermaine o neal on your biggest mover list. what happen

Anonymous said...

You need to do the players tendencies. Steve Nash still has a shot tend of 84.

Also the teams PPG averages are still too high. Why don't you use nogsters tendencies so you can focus on the ratings?

Rashidi said...

I should be clear about another thing. I've never put a hufe focus on simulation stats. The games you play are more important than the games you don't. The sim stats are a 2k Sports problem, they need to re-evaluate their formulas that lead to such high stats, because to get the stats that low you need to butcher tendencies and sliders to the point that it alters game performance.

I've acknowledged it as a problem, but I'm not looking for a quick fix. The changes I make have been slightly altering it in each update. It's a work in progress.

Anonymous said...

As a big Bucks fan it shocks me to see someone mention Sessions who I think could be a star PG in the NBA. Also very suprised you mentioned Luc Mbah a Moute who looks like he should of been drafted in Joe Alexanders place though I felt and still feel Alexander is gonna be th ebiggest lottery bust in this years draft.

I dont know if you did but Richard Jefferson is a solid defender, and Redd is one of the worst defenders in the NBA and yet they share similar ratings for defense and on ball defense.

Rashidi said...

RJ's defense was actualy below average last season as he focused almost primarily on his scoring numbers. I'm a fan of his, so I'm hoping Skiles has him turned around on that end.

Going by 82games.com it would appear he has, but it's early of course (the Grizzlies are coming off as an elite defensive team statistically)

Rashidi said...

Oh yeah, and Michael Redd is the absolute worst defensive SG in the league, and has been for half of the decade. People always wonder why I have him rated so low, and I tell them that's the first place to look. I guess he's "sneaky bad" defensively.

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that these rosters play perfectly ingame?

So I won't be seeing Nash playing like Arenas?

Rashidi said...

I'm not saying they play perfectly in game because I'm not done yet. It's more than the player tendencies though, it's also team tendencies.

Here are Suns' shot tendencies

Close: 17
Mid: 60
3PT: 96
Attack Basket: 5

Those tendencies obviously gear the team towards Nash rather than Amare/Shaq.

Anonymous said...

While you're playing, do you notice the CPU playing more of an mid/outside game instead of going inside or are points in the paint still a problem?

Rashidi said...

Okay, I played a 12 minute quarter Bulls vs Suns on Superstar (I was the Bulls). Here's what CPU Suns did

Score after 12 minutes: 62-38 Suns.

Nash: 21 points, 7 assists, 7-8 FG, 5-6 3PT, 2-2 FT

Barnes: 17 points, 7-10 FG, 1-2 3PT, 2-2 FT

Bell: 10 points, 4-5 FG, 0-1 3PT, 2-3 FT

Amare: 10 points, 4-4 FG, 2-2 FT

Shaq: 4 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 2-2 FG

I'll look into getting some different results. I think a main issue is 2k is silly, they have team sliders to dictate tempo, and yet they base shot tendencies directly on unadusted shot frequency - somethng directly affected by tempo. So fast teams are even faster than they should be because of this.

Rashidi said...

Oh yeah, breakdown of scoring from that quarter

Points from...
Paint: 28 (45%)
Three: 18 (29%)
Line: 8 (13%)
Mid: 8 (13%)

Anonymous said...

You do have Redds 3pt to low though. Redd is one of the best shooters/scorers in the NBA and he is not athletic so that says alot about his shooting since he has to earn every point and doesnt get alot of easy baskets. Redd plays his hardest and just will never be a good defender and thats no fault of his own. Jefferson should have atleast a B for permimeter D though. So far on the Bucks his D has been great in every game. Also Bogut should not be bumped up and 2k has him right on the money. Bogut with 2ks default rating gets atleast 14ppg and 9 rebounds and a couple blocks and Bogut will never put up better stats then 14-9. He is a bust but still a solid center.

Rashidi said...

Here's the shot rates of the Suns from last year to this year.

FGA per 36 mins (FTA per 36 mins)

Barbosa: 14.3 (4.1 FTA)
Amare: 11.7 (9.7 FTA)
Shaq: 11.6 (8.5 FTA)
Diaw: 11.6 (1.0 FTA)
Barnes: 11.4 (1.9 FTA)
Nash: 10.7 (4.5 FTA)
Bell: 9.3 (1.6 FTA)
Hill: 9.0 (2.9 FTA)

Amare: 16.3 (9.7 FTA)
Barbosa: 15.2 (3.2 FTA)
Nash: 12.5 (3.2 FTA)
Hill: 11.6 (3.2 FTA)
Shaq: 10.3 (7.2 FTA)
Bell: 10.2 (1.2 FTA)
Diaw: 10.1 (2.0 FTA)

There has obviously been a huge shift in philosophy. The perimeter players are all shooting less and FTAs are up across the board.

Nash has gone from 3rd in shot rate to 6th. Shaq is shooting just as frequently as Amare. Shaq is actually second on the team in scoring despite only getting 24 mpg. Amare is shooting significantly less and yet he is getting to the line just as frequently as last season.

This should be fun to tackle.

Rashidi said...

Redd isn't that great of a shooter, he doesn't put up a great percentage from deep, his mid-range game has fallen apart in recent years, and he's actually become more of a slasher now which isn't his rep but that's how he's been playing lately.

He has shot the ball very well in his 4 games this year (11-28 from three, good for .458) but last season he only hit 36%.

Anonymous said...

They scored 62 points in one quarter? Everyone knows Pro is the most realistic difficulty to play on.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you use your own system instead of 2k's, as everyone knows they're system is broken anyways.

Rashidi said...

Attack Basket default sliders
50 Sixers
50 Celtics
50 Heat
50 Jazz
50 Lakers
50 Mavericks
50 Raptors
49 Hornets
49 Spurs
48 Magic
48 Wizards
47 Nuggets
46 Bobcats
43 Cavaliers
42 Hawks
42 Thunder
42 Wolves
41 Warriors
41 Nets
40 Kings
39 Clippers
37 Grizzlies
37 Pacers
28 Rockets
20 Bucks
20 Bulls
18 Blazers
10 Pistons
5 Knicks
5 Suns

Apparently the "max" rating is 50. Seven teams are right there, with 6 more within 5 points of it.

2/3 of the NBA has an AB rating from 40-50. So when two teams have a paltry 5 AB rating, it really defies logic how they could have thought that was okay.

7 teams with 50
13 teams in 40s
3 teams in 30s
3 teams in 20s
2 teams in 10s
2 teams with 5

Why have so many teams peak at 50? Either set a higher cap, or lower a bunch of teams to create a balance, as I guarantee you 7 teams in the league do not attack the basket at exactly the same rate.

Rashidi said...

"Why don't you use your own system instead of 2k's, as everyone knows they're system is broken anyways."

The idea has always been compatability. The system ain't broken, it's the data being put forth into it. There are certain things you just have to live with in a VG. There are many calls in the NBA which aren't called in the video game. There are far more traveling violations and bad passes which lead to turnovers and help keep scores lower. The 2K sim engine does not account for that as turnovers have always been lower than they are in real life. That's why I don't get too upset about the sim stats, what matters more to me is whether Steve Nash is on pace to score 84 against me.

Brad said...

Oh, and Rashidi, I just wanted to say thank you for all that you've done.

One thing that maybe you could look at is Anderson Varejao. If you've watched any Cavs games this year, he's arguably been the third best player on the team, and his +/- differential is stellar.

I always manually have to adjust his ratings. I think his awareness should be higher, and some of his defensive stats, as well as hands. He's terrific on the pick and roll, yet 2k seems to have him like a blundering fool.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but saying Redd is not a top shooter just makes you and your ratings foolish to even listen too.

Redd is one of the best shooters in the NBA period. Redd makes shots on a daily bases that only a few players could ever make hes that great of a shooter. He might not be the best 3pt shooter in the NBA but when it comes to shooting with hands in his face or super hard shots he is one of the best.

Redd has become a great slasher so at least you relize that unlike alot of people and thats because teams dont let Redd open on the 3pt line that will affect a %. And Redd has develope a better game because of that.

86 is not that high for 3pt rating for one of the best shooters in the NBA. Redd was put on team USA because he is a deadly shooter.

I can name 20 players in your rosters that have a higher 3pt rating then Redd and can not shot half as good as him.

You can rip on Redds horrible D and your right but he is one of the best shooters in the NBA and there is not one player like Redd that is as good.

Anonymous said...

BTW last time I checked .458% for beyound the arc is very good and a 83 for rating is to low.

Redds 3pt% will stay at that now that Jefferson plays with Redd and you can't just focus on Redd now.

Anonymous said...

ow come for your rosters you can bump up Thaddeus Young's 3pt rating because hes shooting decent from range but then you just leave all the other players like Travis Outlaw, Ronnie Brewer, Trevor Ariza, Roger Mason alone?

That adds up to incomplete roster edits. Your doing the samething as the clown at 2K except your using 99% of his roster edits and editing 1% of them and calling them your own and caliming your better.

Rashidi said...

"Im sorry but saying Redd is not a top shooter just makes you and your ratings foolish to even listen too."

It always amuses me whenever someone disagrees with ONE of my ratings and dismisses the other 450.

"Redd is one of the best shooters in the NBA period."

Redd's mid-range stats from the last two years.

2008: 92-234 (.393)
2007: 68-188 (.361)
2 Yr Total: 160-422 (.379)

Compared to... (2008 #s)
J.Crawford: 167-362 (.461)
R. Hamilton: 177-384 (.460)
B.Roy: 157-355 (.442)
M.Ellis: 177-403 (.439)
B. Gordon: 155-355 (.436)
T.McGrady: 228-531 (.429)
A. Iverson: 149-359 (.415)
K.Durant: 180-434 (.414)
A. Iguodala: 167-403 (.414)

When I say Michael Redd has not been successful from mid-range, I mean it. Those numbers mean a hell of a lot more than Redd's 3pt% after THREE AND A HALF GAMES. I'd suggest erring on the side of caution before calling someone a fool.

"He might not be the best 3pt shooter in the NBA but when it comes to shooting with hands in his face or super hard shots he is one of the best."

Subjective opinion without any supporting evidence.

"86 is not that high for 3pt rating for one of the best shooters in the NBA."

Uh well considering an 82 is the average for a starting SG in my roster, that would make him above average, which is fine considering his 36% 3pt shooting was not far above average.

"Redd was put on team USA because he is a deadly shooter."

And how did he do? Oh right, shot a team worst .323 from the field including .278 on threes.

"and there is not one player like Redd that is as good."

Kevin Martin.

"BTW last time I checked .458% for beyound the arc is very good and a 83 for rating is to low."

He's an 84 rating, and last I checked, that's high for a player that shot 36% in his last full season (read: not 4 game season).

Even if you combine Redd's 08 and his 09 numbers, that's 141-382 (.369) as opposed to 130-358 (.363). Lighting up three lottery teams (Knicks, Thunder, Bulls) does not mean your shooting has improved when there are 78 games left in the season to show otherwise.

"Redds 3pt% will stay at that now that Jefferson plays with Redd"

Because Jefferson attracts double teams? Come on. Jefferson did not improve the 3pt% of anyone in Jersey, why would he start with Redd? The last time Redd had a 3pt% that high he was a 7th man on a team that had Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, and Glenn Robinson.

"and you can't just focus on Redd now."

Because that worked so well for Vince Carter and the New Jersey Nets...?

Rashidi said...

"That adds up to incomplete roster edits. Your doing the samething as the clown at 2K except your using 99% of his roster edits and editing 1% of them and calling them your own and caliming your better."

Except I've edited over half of the players in the game, unlike the 2K Insider whose gotten to 2% (and even then, only about 3 rating changes per player). I also made it relatively clear that I focused on coach profiles in this update, which the 2k Insider probably hasn't even heard of.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rashidi ! Its FFAACC:

This is exactly what I was talking about ... you putting this type of post ... discussing what you have made and what you have encounter within the game system ... even do, you will have to face - from time to time - with peopple who as real fannatics, just see and think with their hearts instead with their minds ... and maybe, just maybe ... that is what is happening to the 2k guy ... he is just adding, checking and updating the players his heart thinks ... only that he is not even an NBA fannatic !

darrhowee said...

Any solution on getting 3.0 to work, it causes my xbox 360 to freeze after I load it and try to play?

Nathan said...

Shouldn't Granger move up in Ratings, as well as TJ Ford?

Anonymous said...

"Any solution on getting 3.0 to work, it causes my xbox 360 to freeze after I load it and try to play?" I found a solution off a forum. First download 3.0. once downloaded load the 3.0 roster. after save the 3.0 roster over the file named "roster". Then Turn off auto update roster. restart your xbox and it should load the file named "roster" which would be the 3.0 update. in the forum the person said the game has some problem reading the 2k share file thus you saving the 3.0 over the roster file. hopefully that makes sense and helps.

Anonymous said...

I seen on i think it was Gamespot's Web Site a screen shot of an exact replica of Michael Jordan, posted for the PS3. Please tell me it's true and if so how can I unlock it.

Anonymous said...

Arent the Coach Profiles the same as the way the 2k Insider had them. Am I getting something wrong, because you said you updated them??

By the way Rashidi, great work on everything your doing.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can get the new uniforms for Cavs, Jazz, Timberwolves, Warriors also the courts to coinside with their new uniforms and logo also, is there a roster that has these in it and also the coaches updated for NBA 2k10, I would love to put these in my game. Anyone please help. Thanks. Damien. Also the updated schedule for 2010-11 season is needed if someone has made it.