Thursday, October 16, 2008

2K Insider: The Mystery!

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goillini413 wrote
on Oct 15 2008 12:15 PM
Are you going to give us any insight as to what your rating changes might be??? I don't think 2k is paying you to predict who will win the championship two weeks before tipoff... I thought your job was to make these rosters as realistic as possible. Some advice for your next entry: Lead some discussion about individual players, see what they should be rated and adjust as needed. Dare I say it but Rashidi is owning you right now.

Goillini raises a great point. Anybody could write a substanceless article on who the top teams are this year. We already know the Rockets are good, if you've played online 50% of your gmaes are against the Rockets... And dropping my name like that is equivlanet to stat padding your blowout victory you Ricky Davis showboating bastard. Play fair.

2K Insider wrote
on Oct 15 2008 12:21 PM
No doubt player ratings will be the main topic of discussion once the season starts. I don't think pre-season is enough to warrant signficant changes to the shipped ratings.

Translation: These ratings are not fundamentally flawed. You guys are obviously smoking something you got from the stranger on the corner with the orange colored blog.

daveeboy33 wrote
on Oct 16 2008 07:01 AM
What about the raptors??? Why have they consistently been rated garbage in 2K games???? can you please explain this to me... They are an offensive firepower...there defense does leave a lot to be desired but they were one of the best overall scoring teams were they not?

All valid points. To add to that - why don't they have a center?

2K Insider wrote
on Oct 16 2008 09:16 AM
I did mention the Raptors...look again. ;)

Translation: I'm a smug mother ****er. Let me quote the rating analysis in my article: "The dark horse in the East are the Raptors, with the addition of Jermaine O'Neal and Jose Calderon running point full-time." Did you like how I avoided your question WINK? ;) ;) ;)

2K Insider wrote
on Oct 16 2008 09:20 AM
The server issues are being addressed and have been since launch. We are fully aware that they are a problem and hope to fix them soon. That said, let's keep the discussion limited to player ratings and my blog comments.

Translation: If you thought I was going to take initiative, you've got another thing coming. Let's keep the discussion limited to player ratings even though this is my third post and I haven't mentioned a peep about them.

daveeboy33 wrote
on Oct 16 2008 09:22 AM
So instead of saying they might be the dark horse...lets get those ratings up a bit...they are definitely top 5 teams in the east...although your the expert so I will listen to what you have to say:) 2K you agree or not agree with the ratings the Raptors have currently in 2K9?

Drum roll.

2K Insider wrote
on Oct 16 2008 09:38 AM
I think the Toronto player ratings are fair and translate to gameplay. In fact, in a recent office tournament, I chose them as my squad and made it to the finals.

1. It took you 16 minutes to generate that detailed response.

2. It is nearly universally accepted that Jamario Moon is screwed up. He doesn't even meet your rating scheme by any standard. He is as bad as Joey Graham for chrissake.

3. You're a goddamn liar, because according to 2K Forum Admin Ron (then again, not the most reliable source of info), you've been going to NBA training camps across the country. You've been in the office for all of one day. This is essentially implying that rather than get to work on the ratings, the first thing you had to do upon your arrival was play your co-workers in a video game tournament. Guess how many people would have rather you got blown out in the first round so you could get to work already?

daveeboy33 wrote
on Oct 16 2008 09:46 AM
Fair enough. I rest my case. Man you got a good job:)

Yeah, I guess I'm jealous that I don't have office tournaments my first day back on the job.

2K Insider wrote
on Oct 16 2008 09:53 AM
I think the Toronto player ratings are fair and translate to gameplay. In fact, in a recent office tournament, I chose them as my squad and made it to the finals.

It took ANOTHER 15 minutes to make a DOUBLE POST? Seriously?

RyanP wrote
on Oct 16 2008 10:00 AM
Is adding faces and portraits for new players added to the roster possible with your updates or are all new players going to be caps? Also a quick note, Cheikh Samb, Will Bynum, and Alec Acker need to be added to the Pistons. They all have guaranteed contracts I do believe.

Great question Ryan. So far the selling point of the Living Rosters has been adding animations mid-season, so you'd think adding a player's face would be reasonable too, right?

2K Insider wrote
on Oct 16 2008 10:04 AM
Unfortunately, all new players to the roster will have generic heads. I hear you on the Pistons.

So much for that one. At least he acknowledged three of them are missing. Should we take bets on how many he adds?

Also if added players are getting generic faces, what exactly is there that seperates what the 2K Insider is doing from what dedicated users are doing on 2K Share?

That is the entirety of his communication with the public thus far. Three unique replies in one hour.

Number of replies that dealt with player ratings: Zero.

I've set the bar very low for this guy, and even then he is still disappointing me. He is doing exactly the bare minimum job I expected.

Yeah Rashidi, you're a hater, you're jealous, leave this guy alone he hasn't had a chance yet, blah blah blah. I'm just calling it like I'm seeing it. It would not surprise me one bit if George W. Bush were the 2K Insider. We keep getting told that this guy is ultra-qualified, he knows the NBA, he knows video game ratings... I think I speak for the NBA VG community when I say: WHEN IS HE GOING TO SHOW IT?


Anonymous said...

"Also if added players are getting generic faces, what exactly is there that seperates what the 2K Insider is doing from what dedicated users are doing on 2K Share?"

Importantly, what he is doing lousily. I've yet to see anything productive.

Does he really get paid for this?

Just maybe, his rosters will speak for themselves. . . right. . .

Rabbott said...

I called him out on the quote about not changing rosters based on preseason stats like the rosters are accurate now? and he deleted my post what a joke

Rashidi said...

*Delete's rabbott's post*

tyrthomas said...

It makes you wonder if there really even really is a "2K Insider", lol! As far as I'm concerned Rashidi is the real 2K Insider. I always play with your ratings only. A quick question though. If the "2K" Insider ever gets to the point of adding animations for players throughout the season, are you planning include those changes in your roster updates as well Rashidi?

Anonymous said...

stop complaining, and go buy live, you complainers are the joke. LOL Wait for the season to start

Rashidi said...

Why should we go buy Live? What facet of life has ever improved without people voicing their complaints?

Rashidi said...

And yeah if the 2k insider ever actually does someting substantial I'll probably reset my file and use his as my base for that reason.

Threatlockz said...

altohugh i'm sure Rashidi's rosters are better than 2K's, i kinda agree on the his point that the season hasn't started yet. i don't even have the game yet (lousy PAL release dates) and i'm sure most reading are bogus out of the box (seeing the breakdowns on this blog) but isn't it kinda logical that 2K isn't gonna fix their own roster before the season start. they'll prolly be under the impression that things are correct now, hopefully they'll make decent changes for the sake of online ranked games.

Anonymous said...

You were on point throughout most of that. Here's hoping the penny drops for the 2kInsider at some point during this season and LISTENS to what the community wants rather than essentially retorting with "You don't understand the ratings, everything's fine. You want what? I'm sorry, I don't see any need for that, and since it's all up to me you're screwed."

However, calling him out on wanting his blog about ratings to remain about ratings and not '2k9 Issue #264' seems off to me. My guess is the dude has nothing to do with the online problems at the moment - and fixes do take time, and from all reports the team is working on it.

Also, when referring to a recent office tournament he could have easily been referring to a tournament he took part in before he took this 'scouting trip'.

Anonymous said...

What would you do Rashidi, if the Insider stole your ratings and tendencies and represented them as his own?

layoneil said...

This guy is either going to be just like the guy that works on Madden 09 rosters or worse.

Besides reacting to most major happenings of the week, they're going to ignore all the problems that's existed since the default rosters (and legacy ratings from older versions of NBA 2k).

also the updates will revolve completely around online play, they're not going to test in anyway how it affects franchise/association mode.

Anonymous said...

I never expected the insider to change every player ratings to suit reality because as far as he's concerned the ratings are the way they should be. If they were correct, would you expect changes without a minute of regular season action? He will only make changes to breakout players and players who have seriously gotten worse along with hot n cold subtle changes for maybe the top 15-20 players in the league

Anonymous said...

Hi, it is FFAACC ...

We know what makes your updates different (real authenticity) than the ones of the 2k insider ("·%$!), but what is the difference between yours and nogster updates on operationsports ?

Besides opinion, can you state the specific differences within the rates and tendencies ?

bobday said...

I was expecting some more cooperation from the 2kinsider. Now I see a lot of players posting their opinion and asking questions. But I still don't see answers. Shouldn't this be working as they said it would, with 2k9players involved? Now there is a crappy update every few weeks with 2-3 changes.
I didn't read a damn thing from him yet what points forward. It's good they invented 2kshare. We won't need his bs ratings. They said he is making ratings for a lot of years. Ratings were bs for years too.
And now I read here they won't even include player faces. Awwww cripes fuck your bs bandwagon player animations. Who cares?
Disapointed already.

Rashidi said...

"Anonymous said...
What would you do Rashidi, if the Insider stole your ratings and tendencies and represented them as his own?"

I'd immediately cease my ratings work and he'd be screwed. That would pretty much be the nail in his coffin given the petition I held on 2k forums a month ago. It's too easy to trace stuff like that and it's a good way to give the company a bad name.

Rashidi said...


I have no idea what the differences are between my roster and Nogster's. I honestly never thought his player tendencies differed very much from mine. From what I know, he either DLed one of my rosters or used the defaults as a ratings base and is only editing tendencies at moment. He also updated coach profiles which I haven't touched yet.

Rashidi said...

Also, regarding the 2k Insider's lack of communication, leaping head first into the mob is tougher than you'd think... it's never been a problem for someone like me or other ppl in the Bball video game community. FYI, the new abbreviation for that is BBVGC.

Anonymous said...

I think nogster was going to use your ratings, but ended up using his own edits, Rashidi.

Rashidi said...

I guess I'll DL it now and find out for myself.

Anonymous said...

I have heard many very good things about his tendency edits. Now if only we could get his tendencies on your roster edits... what a day that would be. On a side note, do you also edit tendencies?

Rashidi said...

Yep, I edit tendencies.

Anonymous said...

I guess your new competition is nogster. Are you going to start calling yourself the "Real Nogster"?.

Haha jokes bro.

Rashidi said...

To be honest, I completely expected that. What I didn't expect is that the 2K Insider would be jockeying for 20th place. I at least expected maybe 10th.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rashidi... i really like you rosters and im using them too. but relax with this beef against the 2k Insider. Its just a waste of time...