Monday, October 13, 2008



DOWNLOADED DNA (Created Players)
All my downloads were CAPS by Vyaras.
Eddie Gill (NJN)
Anthony Roberson (NYK)
Sonny Weems (DEN)
Anthony Morrow (GSW)
Stephen Graham (IND)
Alex Acker (DET)
Thomas Gardner (ATL)
Patrick Ewing Jr. (NYK)
Anthony Tolliver (SAS)
Mike Harris (HOU)
Darnell Jackson (CLE)
Chris Richard (MIN)
Othello Hunter (ATL)
Cheikh Samb (DET)

Every player I edited had their contract reviewed. Most of the Bulls were accurate.

I should note that some of the contracts in Vyaras' CAPS weren't adjusted by him and were given large contracts by the AI. Roberson for example was making 8 million over 3 years instead of about 2 yrs 1.5m.

PLAYER EDITS (old overall rating in parenthasize)

Luol Deng 84 (84)
Ben Gordon 84 (82)
Kirk Hinrich 84 (85)
Andres Nocioni 82 (80)
Derrick Rose 80 (81)
Larry Hughes 79 (79)
Drew Gooden 78 (76)
Tyrus Thomas 77 (73)
Thabo Sefolosha 75 (73)
Michael Ruffin 67 (67)
Cedric Simmons 66 (66)

Darnell Jackson 67 (67)

Glen Davis 72 (66)
Patrick O'Bryant 72 (64)

Othello Hunter 67 (68)

Sasha Vujacic 79 (80)

Zach Randolph 84 (83)
Anthony Roberson 73 (70)

Antonio McDyess 81 (78)
Arron Afflalo 72 (70)

Jamario Moon 76 (72)

I got about as much done as I expected to between the updates, it's just a day late. As you might have guessed, verion 1.4 will be released when 1.3 hits 1300 downloads.


Merforga said...

Sweet, thanks for the dedicated updates!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great work

Anonymous said...

do some memphis edits. Kyle Lowry is better than a 71 and Crittenton is not a 68.

Anonymous said...

yo ddue i'm reading your stuff and you know your shit. I just downloaded 1.3 and maybe i can drop some knowledge (as if you need it) in the future.

Anonymous said...

Your doing a good job. But, are you using any sliders with you Rosters? I've tried them with very little settings changes, and I found they work very very well.

Things I noticed. .

To many deflected passes, and far too many blocks. Both games I played the CPU averaged over 10 blocks per game against me.

Anonymous said...


I don't think you can mix sliders and rosters in one package.

Which brings me to my own question. Did you tweak the tendencies? I see the coaching profiles are changed but the tendencies are pretty cool. I like to play against the nets because with default settings they piss me the fuck off jamming the ball down my throat with VC.

First game with your shit and they are working the ball around, You got simmons in who hangs around the three point line which quite frankly is frightening as hell (he should shoot more often btw), and i don't want to say they take smarter shots but they at least look now instead of getting VC open and letting him ram it in there.

Also, go alter the situational for the cavs. It now has that rookie SG guy whatever his name planted in the paint in a few settings. Also it should probably put Delonte under the defense situational. He's far stronger than pavvy in the D department.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any DNA online from Vyaras when I look for his gamertag. I tried looking for Gill too, and there wasn't one up made by him. I'm using 360, what's up with this?

Anonymous said...

Follow up to the last post, is it possible his gamertag is "Oracylum"?

Anonymous said...

Hey Rashidi, if you edited the coach profiles does that mean that I should the default sliders or what especially for the take close shot etc and close shot success 3pt success and all that?

Rashidi said...

Vyaras = Oracylum

Rashidi said...

Also, I didn't touch coach profiles. Now I'm getting scared. Which team changed? I'm pretty sure I have all the defaults.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rashidi.

Rashidi said...

And ugh, I always forget about the situationals because I never use them.

Also there are two Nathan Jawai's in the roster, one is on the Raptors, one is in FA pool but can't see him for some reason. Go to create player and press Y to delete him (should be top of list)

Anonymous said...

for some reason after using ur rosters. the AI seem to keep throwing alot more alley oops almost all the time now. pretty unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

Will you consider to edit team slider and all those related stuff of the roster file? Nogster did a good job on that and I think you can do better than him.

Rashidi said...

I haven't really noticed an alley-oop difference yet.

I'm getting to team sliders eventually. Right now everything is kinda gradual because I'm editing each player completely now instead of just their ratings. Each one is now getting Accessory edits as well as Contract edits.

It's easier to do everything all at once, however it's likely going to mean fewer total edits between updates. And since the stuff I'm editing isn't readily visible (honestly, how many are going to notice the contract edits?) it might seem like I'm getting lazy... quite the contrary.

Anonymous said...
please look up brandon Bass and fix his mid range shot


Anonymous said...

Overall these are great. Best rosters I downloaded by far!! The one thing that does concern me a bit is that nearly all of the larger player rating changes are raising the rating. There are plenty of players who have lost a point or gained a point, but it seems like an awful lot of lower rated players (60's and low 70's) are getting big bumps while nobody seems to be overrated by more than one point.

I know I'm just looking at it from a broad sense while you're looking at each player individually and adjusting specific stats, but it struck me from the start. I know you posted a large explanation for why Rashard Lewis' number went down; it made me think that maybe you get a lot of angry people if you lower players' scores too much.

Anyway, again, I love what you're doing. So far you do truly feel like the real 2k Insider!

Sean said...

I downloaded this, then went to load and loaded the roster but when I checked the bulls to confirm that loaded properly, all the players still have their previous rating. Example: B. Gordon is still 84 and not 82

Sean said...

Ignore my comment, realized that old rating is in ()

Rabbott said...

so how are you deciding what players to update right now? I feel like I have no idea who has been done and who hasnt what teams are completed?

Rashidi said...

100% Completed teams: Sixers, Bulls, Knicks

Anonymous said...

When you are editing accessories will you changes their shoes to not be generic? Are you using the OS thread that has all the teams up now?

Anonymous said...

Just to be sure ... you change a players:
Profiles (height, wheight, number)

And no coach profiles and teams offensive and defensive sets changed, so far. Also, no sliders.

Anonymous said...

Hey is FFAACC ...

Just to be sure ... you currently change a player´s:
Profile (height, wheight, number)

And no coach profiles and teams offensive and defensive sets changed, so far. Also, no sliders.

On the other hand, have you tested the already completed teams on association ? If so, how were the stats ?

davz666 said...

can someone post rashidi's rosters, tendencies version 1.3 on to the ps3?? please!.. thanks