Thursday, October 16, 2008


Eddie Jones agreed to mutual buyout with Indiana.
Donell Taylor cut by Bobcats


Brandon Roy 89 (88)

Kevin Garnett 99 (99)
Ray Allen 86 (89)
Gabe Pruitt 72 (73) - Rashidi giveth what the Insider taketh away
Bill Walker 72 (70)

Brian Skinner 73 (69)
Paul Davis 66 (63)
DeAndre Jordan 64 (64)

Michael Conley 77 (77)
Kyle Lowry 77 (71)
Javaris Crittenton 73 (68)

Al Horford 82 (84) - The 2K Insider raised Horford to an 84 in his only update so far. I don't undertand it at all though. The only thing he did was raise his block to a 79 from 65. The thing is all the other players' block ratings are done to scale and Horford was exactly where he should have been at 65. Shot blocking was not one of his specialties coming into the league. Bogut is tops on the Bucks with 75, Hilton Armstrong is tops on the Hornets with 73, so you know they aren't giving it out like they used to. So why did he break the trend with Horford of all people? Who knows.
Maurice Evans 77 (72)
Flip Murray 77 (74)
Zaza Pachulia 73 (71)
Thomas Gardner 69 (67)
Mario West 67 (67)
Solomon Jones 66 (66)

Mark Blount 75 (71)

Brevin Knight 79 (77)

Dirk Nowitzki 92 (91)

Austin Croshere 72 (73) - In FA pool due to non-guarantee contract and full roster.

There are probably a couple I'm leaving out.


Nurfreud said...

Favouritism, maybe?

Rashidi said...

For Horford? Edits like that just don't have me trusting this guy. If you wanna go back to the old scale, fine, do it for everyone at the same time, not ONE player.

BTW, have you guys played online lately? They put it back on Superstar difficulty thank god. I was actually missing shots in the post with Dwight Howard.

Anonymous said...

how come patrick ewing jr not on the knicks even though it says he was on 1.3 update?

Nurfreud said...

Well, when the online actually works (which is becoming more frequent - hurray!), I did notice small differences. Especially so at the perimeter.

I've been thinking about 'scales' more and more recently.

What exactly do the numbers mean?

This somehow relates to the earlier point I was raising about the block attribute, although this falls across the board.

Now I've only played since NBA 2K8; I'm not so sure on how they have scaled in the past and whether the necessary research has been put in to work them out (although it may well have). . . adding to that is the spontaneity of Basketball itself.

A noticeable change in ratings I saw (since 2K8) was definitely in the 3PT area. They rose dramatically it seems, whereas Close ratings seem to have took an overall dive.

I'm not sure whether this says more for gameplay realism balancing(/imbalancing) or realistic player ratings.

Anonymous said...

Great that you inform us about your edits in each update. So we can check the changes and adjust it manually during an already running association.

Hope you'll continue doing that.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi, I noticed that Mike Dunleavey has an 80 overall rating, yet Danny Granger has an 85 overall. Do you think that Dunleavy should be bumped up since his stats across the board are just about the same Granger's? Dunleavy is an underrated player who has carried the Pacers at times last season. Just my opinion. What do you think? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

As a die hard Jazz fan I must inform you that Brevin Knight is a third string point guard. Ronnie Price will still be coming off the bench to relieve D-Will. Knight will be lucky to see much if any playing time barring an injury. I feel that your ratings should reflect that, Ronnie Price has been far more solid then Knight in previous years.

Rashidi said...

Ewing Jr is in the Free Agents, Knicks have a full roster and he doesn't have a guaranteed contract.

Rashidi said...


The following ratings are essentially calculated from rate statistics

Pass (Assists)
Block (Blocks)
Steal (Steals)
OffReb (Offensive Rebounds)
DefReb (Defensive Rebounds)

FT% is the only shot category calculated by straight percentage, which should be obvious why.

Last year 2k rated 3pt by straight percentage and a lot of people complained because Ray Allen and Peja Stojakovic had low 3pt ratings (85) considering their reps, while some players who didn't even average a three per game had a high 3pt rating because they shot a high percentage in their limited attempts. (Glaring example: Steve Francis.)

So they needed to start doing it like this, which makes sense since they already do it for Close and Mid-range shot, those ratings were never based off straight percentage either.

The thing I don't like is they lowered mid-range shots so only Nash is a 91, while numerous players have 90s 3pt ratings. That doesn't make a bundle of sense to me. It is tough enough to have a good mid-range game in NBA 2K due to the poor court spacing. Higher 3pt ratings only kill it even more because the shots are going to be even more successful due to the higher ratings not to mention the nature of ease they come by (anytime the defense collapses you've got an open 3pt shooter somewhere).

Anonymous said...

Good work. Just to let you know, Blazers are close to putting Nicolas Batum at the SF until Martwell Webster comes back. It's not official, but it really does seem like it. He's been practicing with the first unit the last 3 practices. Anyways, just a heads up. Keep up the good work.

Rashidi said...

Dunleavy I still have to get to, he is probably underrated, I wouldn't quite put him at Granger's level though.

Rashidi said...

Die hard Jazz fan,

How often have you seen Knight play? This is his first year with the team and he's been hurt in preseason. Knight is a better passer than Price and there is no question who is better at running a team, pretty big factors in PG overall rating. Neither player is going to get much burn behind one of the league's elite PGs. They would get the same PT behind Deron if they were 75 ovr or 80.

Rabbott said...

rashidi quick Question how are you doing your ratings for close med and especially 3pt and how has that translated into simed stats?

Rashidi said...

Answer: I pick a number out of a hat.

I haven't been able to run any sim tests lately, suppose I could run another one now.

Rabbott said...


not giving up your secret? J/K

just wondering if your 3pt on average go down when editing Players, I wont really be able to play or do anything with this game tell monday or tuesday no rush but if your spreed sheet was done by then id owe you one cause I would love to start an association around that time =)

Nurfreud said...

What I still don't understand, Rashidi, is how they calculate them with the addition of defence.

Have they released the formula to which translates into a shot percentage in game?

Also, how does this come into play when shooting from the dribble and in traffic?

The variables bemuse me..

Thanks for your time. :]

Anonymous said...

are u gonna raise bobby Browns ratings or beno Udrih? Beno REALLyy needs to get edited but to what? He is a 76 right now but in my opinion, he should be around a 79-81 type of guy

Rashidi said...

nurf, I have a general understanding of how the ratings work but not exact calculations.

Close/Med/3pt is the player's set shot rating, which is then modified (reduced) by SoD, SiT, and the level of defensive pressure applied in the situation (none, light, moderate, heavy). And then after all that has been calculated and assuming the shot was not blocked, you still have a shot release to worry about to lower your chances even more.

In general I've been lowering 3pt ratings, haven't found instances where I raised them EXCEPT when the player is rated absurdly low (like Andre Miller, for example). Since 2k didn't take career #s into account, only 2008 #s, its usually only players with small sample sizes who are getting a little underrated.

Nurfreud said...

Their calculations seem to show a lack of consistency.

Using 2K8 as an example source. I remember often I'd shoot an open three and miss. I know that it's a possibility to miss, but this is with players like 'Billups.

More to the point of botched calculations, is that I'd often hit a three with a man 'in my face'.

I know it wasn't my timing either, I'd check my 'VIP' every now and then and I had about 90% perfect shot timing. :[

My time spent actually playing 2K9 thus far hasn't been of much insight, so I'm not sure how they differ (if at all).

Once again, thanks for your time. ;D

Anonymous said...

whoa dude, nice catch on horford lol. Cold bloooodeeed.