Saturday, October 25, 2008

NBA 2K9 Roster 10/20/08 (aka 2K Insider's hard work)

The roster was finally released after weeks of clamoring for it. Here are the changes the 2K Insider made.

I'm LMAO right now, the Insider's 3pt changes in the default roster were so hated that they have seemingly reverted back to the previous scale. From my pre-2k9 research I realized that most players were getting a +2 or +3 boost to their 3pt rating even if they didn't edit the rest of their ratings. Why they did this, I have no idea, but it backfired hardcore and they seem to have abandoned it.

After I and many others criticized 2k's decision to remove Pruitt and others from the default roster, the Insider was forced to bring them back. Not only is Pruitt back, but so is Eric Snow (should be on Cleveland taking up cap space as he's still on the roster), Jason Williams, and Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

Well, at least I know who one of my readers is. Croshere took a 10 point hit in mid-range shooting. Mickael Gelbale remains an 88. Just wanted to remind you that Kobe Bryant is an 87.


Aldridge: 81 block (from 68)
Przybilla: 79 block
Oden: 86 block

If you recall my note on Al Horford where the Insider raised his block rating for no discernable reason in his previous roster "update", the Insider did the same thing to Aldridge here. He has a higher block rating than Joel Przybilla, and if you're a Blazers fan, you know that is just plain stupid.


Everything else.

I'm dead ass. This joke update was two weeks in the making and did not include a single missing player. The only thing they did was fix all the ****ing mistakes they made between 2k8 and now (deleting players instead of releasing to FA pool, and the 3pt ratings). There were literally only two players who had a non-3pt attribute changed, and only one of them actually deserved it. Everything else is exactly the same save for a shoddy job on player movement. Dwayne Jones for example, is still on the Cavs, meanwhile the guy was cut by Orlando two days ago. I expect this **** out of a third grader making rosters, not a supposedly paid professional.

These are EXACTLY the same suck ass online roster updates that 2K has been giving since it's inception, except they are hyping the **** out of them solely for the purpose of competing with NBA Live, which actually has a "Living Roster".

There are 168 hours in a week, 336 in two.
Hours 2K spent on this the last two weeks: 6

Don't stand for 2K pulling the wool over your eyes. Boycott this garbage and download another roster from 2k Share, be it mine, OS Outsiders, Vyaras, WHOEVER. There are numerous people out there who put out more time of their own will and yet 2K continually refuses to take advantage of it's willing supporters. It is shameful that they are using this as a selling point for the game. Once again, I will use the back of my box as a reference.

Living Rosters - You'll never be late on a trade again. Constant updates from the NBA 2K Insider guaranteee you're playing with the most current roster and the hottest starters.

Sorry, I don't see it. And it's not because I'm a cynical prick.

EDIT: Caught wind of another Insider edit.

Samuel Dalembert: 73 post off (from 68)



aNt1 - Aelle said...

Man... You'r damn right... 2k Insider updates suck...

Probably cuz the season ain't started yet.. But.. I don't know... All this contracts errors and missing trades... I love to play association mode like it's real NBA, i force trades and stuff like that to keep teams real..

What you are doing is great!

I really can't wait to download your next update on opening night!

See ya

bobday said...

Uh... I think the game wasn't scheduled for release on NBA opening night, but a few weeks ago... so why not support it? Nearly 3 weeks now. No patch, no trade or roster update.

eko718 said...

Hey Rashidi, do you plan on making updates for the PC Version by any chance? We could use your help on that version.

Anonymous said...

Well the update fixed things that absolutely needed to be fixed, there still is a desire for more. I believe that once the season starts will see more and better updates, bit know one is going to be 100% satisfied. 2K has given the community and Rashidi and all the others a chance to share their own rosters through 2k share, so i disagree with the statements you made about that. But we shall see, but don't expect hairstyle changes in the roster updates, that probably not going to happen. I mean the season hasn't started and well we still need to wait. It was no surprised that he didn't add any players in this update because he explained, along with why it took so long to come out on his blog.
But improvement is necessary and much needed.

RapboY said...

lol.. nice post rashidi.. i think that I'm putting even more hours editing rosters than "2K Insider".. what a joke.. i'm still waiting for your ps3 rosters though.. good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ok I officially give up on NBA 2ks horrible fake roster updates that add or change nothing. Living roster updates means there should be a update every day or two at most, and not every couple weeks like it has been.

Anyway your last update is out of date or I would probly use it right now but it seems solid except for a few things.

I noticed you changed Michael Redds 3pt rating which is too low. Im one of the rare big sad Bucks fans and I hate Michael Redd but you gave him a 84 when Redd is the best or one of the best pure shooters in the NBA. I think 2k got it right with a 86 but it should not be any lower then that.

Also I think you should take a close look at Jason Kidd since he is the most inaccurate overrated player in the game this year. Kidd can still pass with the best of them but his speed and defense needs to be way down. He is a average defender nowdays at his age.