Thursday, October 16, 2008

Newsworthy NBA 2k9 stuff

1. Due to a change in employment, I will likely have less editing time available. Good for me, bad for you.

2. Because I will be especially busy tomorrow, I opted not to set a 1500 DL count for the next roster (version 1.5). This time I will probably wait until 1800-2000 due to the lack of time that would give me between revisions. Next update will probably be some time Saturday.

3. Number Two made his debut here. I guess I'll need more cookie cutter analysis if I can ever hope to keep up.

4. One of the things on my to do list is to get a checklist going for who I've edited so users can easily check the file progress, and compare to the hired goon whose trying to put me out of business.

5. Not really newsworthy but I still suck at HTML and could use all the help I can get spiffying up the blog. It's a one-man operation right now which always has it's pros and cons. We're dealing with some of the cons right now but who said Roster Editing didn't have bumps?


Sam said...

how are you going to handle edits to rosters once the official 2k rosters have all of the missing players with their official pictures and player models? will you be going in and editing them or will you still be using CAPS?

Rashidi said...

Wait, 2k rosters are going to add all the missing players? That's a first.

Sam said...

ha true...well IF they are added? either way, your roster updates kick their POS rosters. austin croshere?!?!?!?!

Rabbott said...

Glad to hear your ganna give us a check list because I dont mind finishing some players on my own but I dont want to mess with your edits....

30 x 15 = about 450 players

are you editing mostly stars first ? about how many do you think you done with? really all i care about is rating and tend not woried about accesories

keep up the good work even if you have less time you still get more done then someone thats suppose to get paid for it

Pragpro said...

Rashidi, I've been using your ratings for years. For every 2K game, MLB 2005, etc. I wish you luck with your blog.

Demarcus Nelson is going to be the starter at PG for the Warriors. He's maybe a 70. I'm not too sure about his three point shooting, but his defense, off and def awareness set him above Marcus Williams and CJ Watson. He's a sleeper that I've been watching all pre-season. On the flipside, Brandon Wright is still behind Anthony Randolph by more then a little. His aggression is diluted by some lack of confidence compared to Randolph. Thanks for the Marbury CAP and all your good work all these years. It is appreciated by hardcore 2K players like myself.

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