Monday, October 27, 2008

Banned again at 2K Sports

You have been banned for the following reason:
Flaming the Real 2K insider will not be allowed... you ignored my PM... this is Ron btw.

Date the ban will be lifted: November 17th, 2008, 05:00 PM

Ron seems to be confused. Telling the truth about a shit service =/= flaming.

What's funny is I've restricted all talk about the 2K Insider to this blog. So not only am I banned for telling the truth, I am banned for things I did not even say on the forum.



Anonymous said...

I guess Big Brother is watching...Plz keep doing your thing tho as it is obvious you care more than the goons at 2k do.

Merforga said...

Lmao, Ron is a total d*****bag. Let that retard do what he wants, we all appreciate your work. They're paying some guy who works 6 hours a week maybe 50k a year, and you work 6 days a week for nothing, just helping others. Thanks for the dedication Rashidi!

thechessboardcyberdunk said...


Rashidi stop getting banned, if you want to have that roster job you've gotta play within yourself. I want you to be the main guy at 2k sports next year.

tyrthomas said...

Don't worry Rashidi. Hopefully in the long run 2K Sports which will really catch what your saying do the job they are supposed to concerning rosters. If you ask me like you said I think this "Living Rosters" thing is a total sham. Its a cover for the fact that they didn't expect NBA Live to come out with real DNA and whipped up this Living Rosters crap to try and compete. Hopefully your hard work and comments will push them to work harder.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

All the long hours and hard work you have put in will never be recognized besides by lip service from the internet community. All that time spent will eventually mean NOTHING. Youve burned too many bridges man. You are waaaaay better at this then the Insider...and I will admit that, but if you dont stop this arrogance crap..your going to sink eventually. Your attitude makes me not want to download your roster...and thats very sad.

Pragpro said...

2K is totally retarded for not accepting free quality control analysis. Ron needs a job redacting Freedom of Information Act requests at the department of incompetence.

Anonymous said...

I've been updating rosters on my games ever since NBA Live 96 on the snes. It's not difficult, I usuually go to and go through each teams' roster. I also watch box scores to see if a bench player or signee is starting or posting decent numbers. Also after awhile you kinda get a sense how ratings compare to stat averages. So whoever their Insider is..he's not very good. I was looking forward to Living rosters but I have the PC version, but like Rashidi said it's no different from what they've been doing since I've had 2k on the PS2. What I find in these games is that swingmen and tweeners often have bloated ratings. I got smoked by Dunleavy in my last game..DUNLEAVY!

krome said...

I dont understand why 2k would get mad at u rashidi, u are only doing what they hired someone else to do. They should get mad at the guy they hired who is not doing his job. I mena come on dude, I down loaded 2k insiders roster and it looks like the default roster. no detail nothing.

Rashidi I can tell u took ur time, what I saw on TV with the NBA tip off I saw on your download, THE DETAIL, shoes pads all acessories that the players are weraing. I can tell u have been watching the game.

I love 2k's game and I own a business where we get 200 clients a week and I have convinced them to drop NBA live and buy 2k, they could at least take care of their consumers.

Hey Ron why dont you blem the guy u hired, then Rashidi would not have this blog.

just smthin to think about

Phil in AZ said...


As I said in another post. 2K needs YOU to be the "2K insider" we should get a petition going and send it to there corporate headquarters. You have many many supporters and the guy 2K hired is not doing the job. You absolutely should be paid for your work. You are doing a phenomenal job. There has GOT to be a way for you to get on board with 2K Basketball. Post something on your blog and let us know how we can help you acheive this. You have definitely proven yourself and your knowledge. Let's make this happen for 2K10!!!!