Saturday, October 11, 2008


I woke up and the download count was at 1250. I promised the rosters at 1100. Sorry I'm late.

Shawne Williams traded from Indiana to Dallas for two second rounders. James Augustine has the only non-guaranteed contract so he's cut. There are rumblings about Eddie Jones being bought out due to his injury, and while I think that's going to happen, I don't really see Augustin sticking with the team anyway.

On the draft pick note, 2K really needs to add a feature where you have the option of starting association with the real draft pick allocations, or the option to keep it balanced (all teams with a first/second per year). That would add much more depth to association as some teams have multiple draft picks to deal away in certain years. Hopefully that'll make it in next year.

Justin Williams was a Warriors training camp cut. Don Nelson is tough to read but he claims to have no problems opening with four PGs (not including the injured Ellis). Dan Dickau and DeMarcus Nelson are the camp invites. If both were taken it would be at the expense of Anthony Morrow who I've been reluctant to add thus far.

DOWNLOADED DNA (Created Players)
This time I downloaded from Vyaras, another very reputable member of the sports gaming community. I didn't get much of a chance to check them out, because I want to run another association test before release.
Sun Yue
Bobby Brown
Louis Amundson
Will Bynum
Nathan Jawai
Ian Mahinmi

None this time, not a priority at the moment with the major association issues.

Okay, I started going through some of these contracts and it's pretty clear that 2K is using the wrong source. I don't want to name their source because I generally like them. But for the most part there are some inconsistencies although with most players it's only a couple thousand dollars. I have been fixing the player roles/options/trade clauses also. Again, I'm going to hold off announcing who I fixed until I see if the "competition" is actually gonna correct anything in their next update.

In the real world, Jeff Foster signed a two year extension for a currently undisclosed amount. I'm gonna wait for a dollar value to come before I decide exactly what to do.

PLAYER EDITS (old rating in parenthasize)
Dwyane Wade 97 (97)
Carmelo Anthony 94 (94)
Allen Iverson 93 (94) - Hasn't been elite defensive player in years
Dwight Howard 92 (93) - His post abilites are wayyyy overrated
Amare Stoudemire 92 (94) - See above
Joe Johnson 89 (89)
Kevin Martin 86 (86)
Rudy Gay 85 (85)
Hedo Turkoglu 85 (85)
LaMarcus Aldridge 84 (84)
Andrew Bogut 83 (79) - 68 PostDef, 67 DefAwr, 73 OffAwr at default. Uh, no.
Alonzo Mourning 82 (82)
J.R. Smith 80 (80)
Kenyon Martin 79 (76)
Francisco Garcia 79 (75) - And I had to make him a SF. Do they watch the games?
Nene 77 (78)
Reggie Evans 74 (73)
Dahntay Jones 74 (72)
Chris Andersen 72 (68) - Birdman had a 60 block rating.
Corliss Williamson 71 (72) - Retired in real life though. Last year, in fact.
Jackie Butler 70 (69) - Dunno why he doesn't have a job but David Harrison does.

In addition I also applied tendency edits to all the Sixers which seems to have their association stats a bit more realistic (refer to the blog posts below for the research and data).


LunaticWolf said...

Good to see you doing what you do, Can't wait till the end of the month when your PS3 arrives! I agree with mostly everything you have changed so far!

Vladan said...

You are a big help.

I think you should look at Kyle Lowry on the Grizz, maybe tweak him a bit.

all in all, a very good update!

A Tasty Burgerr said...

Great job man, good to see that Bogut gets some repect

Rob said...

Ronny Turiaf needs to go down a 78, r u,
Monta Ellis is the best player on the warriors squad, if u want to keep jackson at 85 thats fine but Ellis is the best player(85,86,87) but not 83. T-mac is to high maybe a 92 at highest. (three point is too high)
put sasha Vujacic down an 80, c'mon if R.Lewis and posey are not 80's there is noo ways in hell Vujacic is, this is my biggest gripe, lower his rating please!!!

otherwise great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was the one asking for the rating scheme and formulas ... you can call me FFAACC ...

So, if i get it right:
You go a player at a time and look onto his 2k default attributes individual ratings and compare those with the best player at each attribute and assign one.

ex 1: you consider Kapono as the game best 3pts shooter. You take his default rating as the highest and compare each other player, dispite of his position, and assign them a rating.

ex 2: you look onto the best 3pts shooter for each position and take their default ratings as the highest and assign every player a rating according to his possition.

In both cases being the overall rating whatever results from doing that.

So, when you say that Bryant has an 84 3pt rating and that Lebron has a 78, you must have had a reference to part with. Whats your reference ?

The list to sort players by atributtes, at least the best 20 for each attribute will be a good help to understand your logic and 2k as well (if any).

My english is not that good so excuse any grammar errors or misspellings.

I cant believe they banned you because of some in your face truths. But maybe a subtle approach may have help ... naaah!

Anonymous said...

i just want to see some of the missing players in the game more than anything. Samb, Bynum, Pruitt, etc.

i do agree with your ratings though. keep it up. I do wish u wouldnt put a download minimum before u release the next version.

Anonymous said...

sorry if this has been asked/answered but can PS3 users download this?

Just wanna say way to go, doing amazing work

Rashidi said...


Overall rating is not the most effective tool for reasons I've detailed in a previous post. If you have any issues with a player's rating, i need to know a specific attribute that you have problems with so I can address it effectively.

In the case of Turiaf, he's an underrated player who has played behind Odom, Gasol, and Bynum. In addition to being a good rebounder and defensive player, he has a great mid-range shooter. He reminds me of a younger Kurt Thomas, a bit stronger and more athletic though (Kurt's 2nd year knee injury took that away from him), which should make him more apt to play center. Truth be told I think he rates higher as a center than a PF though I'm not at home to double check that.

I agree about Sasha, I've come up with his ratings but haven't gotten to applying it in the file yet. He should come in around 78 or so which is fine considering Brent Barry has that rating.

Regarding Ellis, if his overall bothers you switch him back to SG where he is rated higher, about 85 or 86 which is what you want. I went over this in a post about Rashard Lewis. Lewis if you switch him to PF will drop from an 84 to a 79 without even touching his ratings, but if you don't switch his position he will come off the bench behind Turkoglu in an association. Ellis is a good player but he's not much of a point guard, which is why he won't rate as high at the position.

Rashidi said...

In the case of 3pt, 2k used to do it by a simple percentage formula

35 = 80
40 = 85
45 = 90

They changed it up a bit and are now factoring in the rate a player makes threes.

You can find 2k's ratings at and sort from there to see what their thinking was. I won't be able to compile a list for myself until I've completed my ratings.

Rashidi said...

Will Bynum is in my roster. The others will be added eventually. I'll probably make Pruitt myself rather than wait for another editor. I like the symbolic meaning in that. I giveth what the Insider taketh away.

Rashidi said...

Also, I won't have a PS3 for about a month.

I think when I do get a PS3 I will release updates but not as frequently as I do for 360.

Anonymous said...

Do you see yourself working with Nogster in the near future to get coaching and player tend. down to a T? And I agree with some of the other posters about the shoes and accessories it would be a nice touch in your great roster. Let me know if you need help. XRob

Anonymous said...

Version 1.2 has Sun Yue listed as Yue Sun which is backwards.

rob said...

thanks for answering my questions, your doing a great job. I just wanted to point out Josh Howard's Height is 6'5" in the game when he is really 6'7", and i would like to comment that Posey is better than a 79, 80 would do fine(minimum).

~ Rob