Thursday, October 2, 2008

Top 25 Point Guards

Let me know whether or not my ratings are better or worse!

96 – Chris Paul
95 – Steve Nash
94 – Gilbert Arenas
93 – Deron Williams
92 – Chauncey Billups
91 – Baron Davis
91 – Jason Kidd
90 – Tony Parker
87 – Jose Calderon
86 – T.J. Ford
85 – Andre Miller
85 – Devin Harris
85 – Kirk Hinrich
85 – Maurice Williams
84 – Mike Bibby
83 – Raymond Felton
82 – Monta Ellis
82 – Jameer Nelson
82 – Rajon Rondo
81 – Rafer Alston
81 – Jamaal Tinsley
81 – Derrick Rose
80 – Stephon Marbury
80 – Brevin Knight
79 – Derek Fisher

99 – Chris Paul
95 – Steve Nash
95 – Gilbert Arenas
94 – Deron Williams
94 – Baron Davis
92 – Jason Kidd
90 – Chauncey Billups
89 – Monta Ellis
88 – Tony Parker
87 – Jose Calderon
85 – Mike Bibby
84 – T.J. Ford
84 – Kirk Hinrich
84 – Maurice Williams
83 – Devin Harris
83 – Rajon Rondo
82 – Jamaal Tinsley
81 – Andre Miller
81 – Raymond Felton
81 – Rafer Alston
80 – Derrick Rose
80 – Jameer Nelson
80 – Stephon Marbury
79 - Jerryd Bayless
79 - Louis Williams

Couple of notes...

My ratings were done on the 2k8 build. If anyone wants to let me know where to get the game early, let me know asap :)

I actually raised the ratings of Deron Williams, yet he has a worse overall than the listed 2k9 rating. This leads me to believe Deron has an offensive clutch rating of about 75 in 2k9. Clutch ratings are hidden and uneditable, even though we've only been calling for that to change for the last FIVE YEARS (Bravo 2k). Moving along...

Monta Ellis had some ridiculous ratings. He still rates an 85 as a shooting guard and is still an elite scorer, but his PG skills are nothing short of abominable until he shows otherwise. I love Monta but his averages are not that great considering he played for high octane Golden State. He is a top 10-15 SG in the league, but there is absolutely no question he not a top 10 PG.

The same players make up the top 23 in both lists. I'll say this about 2k - they aren't anywhere near as bad as they were 3-5 years ago.

Brevin Knight and Derek Fisher are both 78 default in 2k9, tied for 28th with 4 other PGs. Bayless and Lou Williams on the other hand I dropped a point each to 78, where they are currently tied with 7 PGs for 28th place.

Finally, it should be noted that no free agent point guards were included, as no free agent PG ratings were recorded by any sources. Delonte West and Sam Cassell could be in the 2k9 top 25 although I'm leaning against it.

Overall rating isn't everything, but for all intents and purposes it will suffice for now. To see the detailed attributes, to download my roster via 2k share on 10/7/08!


Joe said...

Rashidi, you put together great ratings. But, there is no way all 6 of those players are better than Tony Parker. He should definitely be in the top 5 with Paul, Williams, Nash and Arenas.

Rashidi said...

I think the problem is Parker is he's the only one at the top with a deficiency in 3pt shooting. Otherwise he'd be right up there.

Mike said...

Do you really think Gilbert Arenas is a better PG than Deron Williams? Maybe a scorer, but not as a point guard role. Your Tony Parker comment is dead on. He is deadly getting into the paint, and getting easy shots for his bigs when he penetrates, but needs a 3pt shot to be higher.

Paul L. said...

Kirk Hinrich had a big drop in production from 2007-2008 compared to 2006-2007, doesn't he deserve a little drop? Even his per 36 min. stats were pretty off.

Or did he just overachieve in 06-07? Interested in what you think.

Rashidi said...

I'd rather have Deron than Arenas because I prefer pass first PGs that defend well (not to mention stay healthy).

Rashidi said...

Regarding Hinrich, he's an interesting case. The only thing that really fell off was his shooting, which is tough to explain. He was still the same player, still taking the same shots in the same situations, it just seems he was mired in a season long slump as the Bulls struggled with chemistry issues. Consistency was his biggest enemy. I do think he stands to rebound a bit. It helps that he is a good defensive player. I think he'd be a great fit on the Knicks if the Bulls are interested in shedding salary.

dragonsrule said...

Do you think Brevin Knight is better than Derek Fisher?