Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I just vomited in my mouth

Austin Croshere - 95 med

The best mid-range shooter since Larry Bird? Is that why he has a non-guaranteed contract with the team he spent nearly his entire career?


I did it again

Mickael Gelabale - 88 med

Shoot yourselves 2k


Anonymous said...

ha,ha,ha !!! ... but wait, maybe they are right ... they are both white and both had been in Indiana ...

Sorry if it sounds racist.

Anonymous said...

Tayshaun Prince, 56 blocking?

It wasn't so much vomit, but an ashamed stare.

Rashidi said...

Prince isn't really a great shot blocker. He gets them in key playoff situations but he doesn't swat too many considering how many minutes he is playing every year.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Ike Diogu's 94 close shot and his 96 OREB.

[Earlier Tayshaun Person] :P said...

I understand this, but it's not based on numerics. It's based on blocking ability right?

Obviously, I know that the statistics have to be taken into account somewhere.

However, 56 blocking is abysmal. I know it's not one of the HUGE imbalances, but it's definitely wrong. :]

I'd say, maybe high 60s.

Rashidi said...

The thing is, they lowered blocks for EVERYBODY. There are teams that don't even have a player with an 80 block rating.

Avg Starter's Block Rating
PG: 52
SG: 54
SF: 54
PF: 67
C: 74

A 56 makes Prince above average for a SF. Prince only blocked 33 shots in 2694 mins (82 gms). Marko Jaric by comparison, blocked 32 in 2189 mins (75 gms). Last year was Prince's worst shot blocking season. He was more of a shot blocker in his first three years but now stays at home on defense.

Nurfreud [Previously 'earlier Tayshaun person] said...

I hope this is seen as more of a debate than an argument. :)

I don't do my 'homework' like yourself, so I apologize. It does seem silly to have them so low.

I've yet to see how blocking attributes correlate, although it'll be of interest.

I noticed something on the 76ers though, and I'm sure you'll have an answer.

Kareem Rush currently sits on 92 at 3-point shooting, considering not many other teams have been edited thus far; are your intentions to give 'better' 3-point shooters near 99 3-point ratings?

I was just wondering. :]

Postscript: I've lowered him to 87 myself. ;D

Nurfreud said...

A forgotten something.

"A 56 makes Prince above average for a SF."

This is all well and good, but when it comes to the game itself, do you think the outcomes will be realistic? :]

Rashidi said...

It will be realistic in the sense that that Tayshaun doesn't block that many shots anymore. There is a clear change between his first three years and his last three years.

Rush hit 2.4 threes per 36 mins which is where that 92 is coming from.

And don't worry, I don't get offended by people asking about why players are rated what they are.

Nurfreud said...

It's good to have the players play like their real-life counterparts. The point I was raising was more about statistics. i.e. How will Tayshaun Prince' (just an example player) block rating affect the statistics through simulation.

Gameplay realism is of course, much more important. :]

bobday said...


Anonymous said...

Jason richardson 97 3pt rating. Among others

tyrthomas said...

What I don't like about the low block ratings is that it translates into almost anyone scoring easily on the inside.