Thursday, October 9, 2008

Version 1.2 post

Yes, version 1.1 hasn't even been out two hours yet, however this can't stop us from discussing what can be done between now and it's release.

Speaking of it's release...

Version 1.0 is the most downloaded roster on 2K Share (and 2nd most DLed on 2K Share) with 1069 DLs. I promised to release 1.1 when 1.0 hit the 1000 download mark, and it was uploaded within 30 minutes.

Verion 1.2 will be released when version 1.1 hits the 1100 download mark.. It has been downloaded 72 times in about 2 hours, so I'll guess the next update could be two days from now. Whether it's more or less time depends on you guys :)

EDIT: I do not have a PS3 yet. Check back at the end of the month.

157 downloads (10/9/08 9:20PM EST)


Anonymous said...

As a Cavs fan here is what the rotation will more than likely look like come opening night:

PG-Williams (34 min.)
SG-Szczerbiak (18)
SF-James (40)
PF-Wallace (28)
C-Z (32)
6-Varajeo (26)
7-West (24)
8-Gibson (23)
9-Pavlovic (9)
10-Hickson (6)
11-Wright (0)
12-Kinsey (0)

Anonymous said...

When are you going to have put your rosters up for ps3?

Rashidi said...

I've heard more about West starting at SG than I have Szczerbiak so far. It's more than likely where his PT is gonna be since Gibson is still gonna have a sizable role off the bench. Though it's only pre-season, Pavlovic started over Szczerbiak at SG and I think they'd probably prefer starting him if he's in shape and healthy. Szczerbiak is better suited to the second unit where he can provide some instant offense, while Pavlovic can run and is the better defensive player (not to mention younger and more likely to last the year on the team).

Anonymous said...

First, thanks for sharing your updates with us but even more, for having this discussions.

I know it is possible that you may have already adressed this in another topic but ...

1. have you added the players recently added by 2k ?
2. Do you just take the best player for each position and then compare with them every other player with the same position on the game and do a descending scale for their overall rates ?
3. or do you take the best player and compare with him each and everyone else in terms of dominance, and do (apart from their positions) a descending scale for their overall rates ?
4. or do you take the best player on each attribute and compare with them every other player on the game and do a descending scale for their specific and individual rates while trying to mantain some sort of logic for the overall rates ?
5. How would it be (if you already have one and if not please try to) the composition of your formula for the overall rating of a player ? Ex. 50% tendencies and stats of last year (or this year, when starts) + 35% tendencies and stats of previous 2 years (06 & 07) + 15% (potential and personal appreciation)

All these questions are for me to understand better your appreciation ... which happens to be pretty close to my own, but not quite close in some aspects ... and maybe, with this discussions we may end with an even better update.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to give you a tip about Wade on the accessory department.;

No elbow pads anymore. He has "Blk Wrist Band" side and "Black Pad" on each leg. The socks, I'm not so sure about, it looks like he might have his feet taped up which would be the white over some black socks. The shoes are also a bit of a wash, but I think the Jordan 2.5 Team on Red look fine.

Rashidi said...

1. If you mean George Hill and Malik Hairston, yes they're in.

2/3/4. No, every player is rated individually based on abilities/statistics. The scale/formula for each rating is based on what 2k uses. I don't invent my own rating system, I use what's in place and adjust accordingly.

5. I don't know exactly how overall is calculated for each position, I know which ratings influence each category more than others but I never sat down to figure out exactly how much each point of say, rebounding is worth to overall. I've never edited with the intention of getting a "specific" overall rating for a player, I just rate the player and whatever his rating is, so be it. Overall rating is not the greatest tool as there are many flaws with it but it's the only thing we have at the moment. I might start compiling a list of "Basic Ratings" when I'm done editing everyone, and sort by rank, that's the best we can do to avoid using overall rating as the ultimate evaluator of player ability.

Rashidi said...

Thanks for the tip about Wade, haven't gotten to him yet but I should get to him in 1.2.

Anonymous said...

You're the real deal man, thanks for taking the time to fix all of this.

How have you adjusted to the obscenely high fg%, 3pt% and ppg in Association this year? Seems like every team is averaging over 100 points, some even 120, and only a few bigman now averaging over 10 rebounds because of this.

Can't wait for you to bring this to PS3.

Rashidi said...

I only recently heard about that issue and am going to do some research and possibly a blog post about it later.

Misugi said...

I want sun yue on the Lakers, he has a 2 years contract with the Lakers, please add him.

so I am not able to dl your roster if I am a PS3 owner? that really sucks

Rashidi said...

Haha I'm starting to think I should set up a donation page for PS3 users to chip in for my PS3 since editing rosters is mainly what it's gonna be used for.

Anonymous said...

Would love to download your 2k9 roster but since I am a PS3 owner I cannot. I don't think that the 2k Insider should be pushed as a selling feature as he hasn't done much at all. Would it be possible for you to post the details of your created players? I would love to put them in... Also, where is Sonny Weems????


Anonymous said...

I like the rosters so far, the only things is i would like to see more created players because is till see some guys missing (Darnell Hackson, Sun Yue). I dunno how u delete players, i wish i could do it myself, but could u try to delete some of those guys who are playing overseas or just not making it back to the NBA from the Free agent pool?

Anonymous said...

I was the one asking for the rating scheme and formulas ... you can call me FFAACC ...

So, if i get it right:
You go a player at a time and look onto his 2k default attributes individual ratings and compare those with the best player at each attribute and assign one.

ex 1: you consider Kapono as the game best 3pts shooter. You take his default rating as the highest and compare each other player, dispite of his position, and assign them a rating.

ex 2: you look onto the best 3pts shooter for each position and take their default ratings as the highest and assign every player a rating according to his possition.

In both cases being the overall rating whatever results from doing that.

So, when you say that Bryant has an 84 3pt rating and that Lebron has a 78, you must have had a reference to part with. Whats your reference ?

The list to sort players by atributtes, at least the best 20 for each attribute will be a good help to understand your logic and 2k as well.

Thanks again for listen to me, addressing my concerns and for helping all of us.

My english is not that good so excuse any grammar errors or misspelling.

Anonymous said...

ps3 please, u r great!!!

Anonymous said...

Brother if you fix this rebounding SIM Engine bug I will be the first to donate to your PS3....The out of control fake simulated stats in 2k is really taking the enjoyment out of the Association....Ive messed with the formulas and came up with nothing...I have simmed 20 seasons and had leauge leaders in boards avg 10rpg...Ive had seasons where Dwight Howard avg 13ppg 8rpg....Greg Oden never avg more then 7rpg.......Scoring is out of control..Rebounds are spread out to much and FG% is ridiculous....I had one season where Andrew Bynum shot 44% but T-Mac and Iverson shot around 50%

Thanks for all your hard work..Your our best hope.

Anonymous said...

why do you wanna wait till 110 DLs?? just simple question and whats you with patrick ewing jr!!

Jazzman said...

First of all, thanks for the hard work. But I also have a question about your update:

I have downloaded version 1.1 but can't find Gabe Pruitt and I'm also missing created players or will they be included in the next update?

Do you know why this (Pruitt) can happen or what the reason for that could be?


Anonymous said...

u deleted Gabe Pruitt, but u didnt delete Corliss Williamson???

Anonymous said...

Can you upload Version 2.2\

And for your next upload, can you see if you can edit the generic shoes?

thanks for the hard work

BramVill said...

I appreciate what your doing. Is Othello Hunter from the Hawks in?

Anonymous said...

i want ricky rubio the spanish