Friday, October 10, 2008

Simulated stats, Part II

I'm pretty sure I have the solution to the scoring issue.

Let's take a closer look at the ppg of the top 10 from my simmed season.

Lebron 29.4
Kevin Martin 28.6
Iverson 27.6
Joe Johnson 27.4
Kobe 27.1
Wade 26.9
Gay 26.8
McGrady 26.2
Durant 26.0
Melo 25.6
Dirk 25.2

Ratings for those 10
Close, Med, 3pt

L. James: 96, 83, 80 (from 96, 85, 82)
K. Martin: 86, 80, 90
A. Iverson: 91, 84, 83
J. Johnson: 86, 85, 88
K. Bryant: 95, 87, 89 (from 93, 87, 89)
R. Gay: 89, 84, 89
T. McGrady: 85, 90, 80 (from 92, 78, 80)
K. Durant: 92, 85, 77
C. Anthony: 97, 90, 82
D. Nowitzki: 93, 88, 86

There are obviously a load of factors that go into ppg - shooting tendencies and teammates are the obvious ones (Melo and Iverson would both score much more ppg if not for each other). There doesn't seem to be very much seperating some of these guys as scorers though. Totaling all three up...

K. Bryant: 271 (from 269)
C. Anthony: 269
D. Nowitzki: 267
R. Gay: 262
L. James: 259 (from 263)
J. Johnson: 259
K. Martin: 256
T. McGrady: 255 (from 250)
K. Durant: 254
A. Iverson: 248

Rudy Gay is a nice young player. But he only averaged 20 ppg for a terrible Grizzlies team. To say he is close to his SF contemporaries LeBron and Melo (or significantly better than Allen Iverson) as a scorer is laughable at best. Hopefully it's the ratings that are the problem - only three of these players were edited by me when I simmed the season. I guess I need to edit them all first and then post the results.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rashidi,
Are you going to edit contracts so not that not every good player has a no trade clause with the exception of Kobe?

Rashidi said...

That's something I'm likely going to do in the future depending on the player.

If I take off LeBron's no-trade clause and he gets traded, that pretty much kills the chances of it happening though.