Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breaking down 2K Sports' opening night roster

Here's a nifty little review of 2K's opening night roster. You guys know how much I love the rosters this company has been putting out the last decade.


Derrick Rose
87 Overall (+2)
81 OBD (+1)
95 OffAwr (+3)
76 DefAwr (+6)
99 Stamina (+2)
Analysis: The overrated get more overrated... were people really complaining that Rose wasn't rated higher than an all-star PF?

Andre Iguodala
Position: SG (from SF)
86 Overall (+1)
Analysis: No rating changes, just a position switch. Anyone else find it comical that Iggy doesn't average 20 ppg, can't make an all-star team, can't lead a team to the playoffs, but annually gets ratings on par with Brandon Roy?

Russell Westbrook
85 Overall (+4)
86 Inside (+1)
76 Medium (+1)
78 FT (-2)
56 OffReb (+6)
41 DefReb (+2)
70 Consistency (+45)
99 Stamina (+4)
96 Speed (+3)
98 Quick (+2)
Analysis: Westbrook's consistency obviously needed a big boost. I'm not so sure about the speed/quickness, but I suppose if you're going to overrate Derrick Rose and John Wall in those categories, Russell Westbrook better be right there with them.

Kevin Love
76 Overall (+2)
43 Pass (+12)
75 OffAwr (+8)
65 DefAwr (+10)
Analysis: A start, but let's get real, he is far from a finished rating product. He is less athletic than 38 year old Shaq.

Thaddeus Young
Position: SF (from PF)
+5 Overall (+5)
Analysis: This is why we don't weigh overall too heavily around here, especially for players caught between positions. It's worth noting that the 2K Insider did NOT lower Young's Mid-range rating from it's incredulously high 86. I know for a fact that this was brought to 2K's attention NUMEROUS times over the last month. Apparently the fans AND stats lie.

Nicolas Batum
75 Overall (+6)
87 Inside (+3)
77 Medium (+6)
83 3pt (-2)
70 SOD (+2) - For a spot-up player? 2K does watch the games, right?
70 Handle (+6)
64 Off-Hand (+6)
54 Security (+3)
44 Pass (+4)
67 Block (+15) - Completely unwarranted, he ain't Kirilenko.
71 Steal (+3)
72 Hands (+11)
82 OBD (+2)
45 OffReb (-17)
56 DefReb (+10)
53 PostOff (+12)
66 PostDef (+3)
60 OffAwr (+2)
79 DefAwr (+9) - I had 78.
40 DefClutch (+15) - This is where I had it.
50 Consistency (+25) - This is where I had it.
88 Stamina (+3)
78 Speed (+9) - I had 79.
76 Quick (+4)
78 Potential (+6)
Analysis: Nice to see a very comprehensive edit, but some of these values are out of left field, and surely designed to boost him to his currently lofty overall.

Kevin Martin got a new jumper... you'll never guess whose... KENYON Martin's. 2K Sports, hard at work, 11 years running.
Stephen Curry gets former teammate Kelenna Azubuike's jumper

62 - Darington Hobson (SF) - Bucks
59 - Omer Asik (C) - Bulls
58 - Luke Harangody - Celtics
50 - Dexter Pittman (C) - Heat
64 - Landry Fields (SF/SG) - Knicks
66 - Devin Ebanks (SF) - Lakers
63 - Derrick Caracter (PF) - Lakers
66 - Terrico White (SG) - Pistons
64 - Armon Johnson (PG) - Blazers
62 - Jeremy Lin (GSW) - Warriors

Sherron Collins (PG) - Bobcats
Christian Eyenga (SG/SF) - Cavaliers
Manny Harris (SG/SF) - Cavaliers
Samardo Samuels (PF/C) - Cavaliers
Semih Erden (C) - Celtics
Willie Warren (SG) - Clippers
Eugene Jeter (PG) - Kings
Ben Uzoh (PG) - Nets
Gary Forbes (SF) - Nuggets
Lance Stephenson (SG) - Pacers
Solomon Alabi (C) - Raptors
Ishmael Smith (PG) - Rockets
Gary Neal (SG) - Spurs
Matt Janning (SG) - Suns
Gani Lawal (PF) - Suns
Garret Siler (C) - Suns
Jeff Adrien (PF) - Warriors
Hamady N'Diaye (C) - Wizards

Sundiata Gaines still on Jazz
Ronald Dupree still on Raptors
Dwayne Jones still on Suns
Coby Karl still on Nuggets (he only signed in Spain A MONTH AGO...)
Melvin Ely still missing from Nuggets roster (thousand bucks says they don't even know he's in the FA pool)
Lester Hudson still missing from Wizards roster
Maurice Ager is still mising from the Wolves roster
Royal Ivey is still missing from Thunder roster... even though he signed a guaranteed contract with the team over the summer. 2K Insider my ass.

Allen Iverson (SG/PG)
Sergio Rodriguez (PG) - Actually, he didn't even make it into the 2K10 defaults.

Stephon Marbury, who left for China LAST SEASON, and just signed a THREE YEAR CONTRACT to stay in China for the rest of his professional career, remains in the game.

Brevin Knight and Malik Rose, who retired last season to call Bobcats and Knick games, also remain in the game.

Lindsey Hunter, who retired in the middle of last season to become an assistant coach, he's still here too.

Mark Madsen is a D-League coach, and retired almost 2 years ago now. He's still in the game.

Jerome James... nevermind, it still hurts to talk about it.

The last court Kirk Snyder stepped foot into sentenced him to prison. He's still in the game. Who wants to place bets that he's removed from prison before he's removed from 2K's rosters?

Lynn Greer and Vassilis Spanoulis, who played one season each in the NBA back in 2007 before returning to Europe, they too remain in the game.

Ha-Seung Jin hasn't played in the NBA since 2006. It's been 5 years. He's still in the game.

Jared Jordan, Devon Hardin, and Brandon Wallace have NEVER played a single NBA game in their lives. They're still in the game.

But the second Allen Iverson (a five-time 2K coverboy) signs in Turkey? Gone the next day.

My favorite part of the night, reserved for my least favorite part about 2K's rosters (and I'm far from alone in this regard). Time to laugh at the injuries that us common users cannot remove.

YELLOW - Still playable, and still trying to figure out why this is given to players who are NOT playing through their injuries. Give it to guys like Iguodala.
(CHA) Dominic McGuire: Shin Splints (4-6 weeks)
(MIL) Darington Hobson: Bruised Hip (12-14 months) - Um, why isn't he red?
(CHI) Carlos Boozer: Broken Finger (6-8 weeks)
(SAC) Samuel Dalember: Bruised Hip (4-6 weeks)
(NYK) Eddy Curry: Strained Hamstring (6-8 months) - I can't help but laugh at the unintentional accuracy of this one. In reality though, Curry should be healthy in November.
(ORL) Daniel Orton: Sore Knee (8-10 weeks)
(MIN) Jonny Flynn: Bruised Hip (4-6 months) - He sounds like he'll be back in two weeks.
(GSW) Louis Amundson: Broken Finger (4-6 weeks)

RED - Not playable. Oh, and you also can't release them. POINTLESS RESTRICTIONS FTW
(MIL) Michael Redd: Torn ACL (12-14 months) - He's working towards a March return.
(BOS) Kendrick Perkins: Torn MCL (8-10 months) - He'll be back in February, if not January.
(BOS) Delonte West: Suspended (2-4 weeks)
(MIA) Mike Miller: Torn Hand Ligament (1-2 months) - Apparently January is 6 weeks from now.
(UTA) Mehmet Okur: Torn Achilles (8-10 months) - He'll be back in December.
(NYK) Kelenna Azubuike: Torn Patellar Tendon (12-14 months)
(LAL) Andrew Bynum: Arthoscopic Surgery (4-6 Months) - December is a long time from now. I still have half a year to go christmas shopping.
(DAL) Rodrigue Beaubois: Broken Foot (2-4 months) - He'll be back in November.
(DEN) Kenyon Martin: Arthoscopic Surgery (6-8 months) - Shooting for January 1st.
(DEN) Chris Andersen: Torn Patellar Tendon (4-6 months) - Shooting for December 1st.
(IND) Kareem Rush: Suspended (1-2 weeks)
(DET) Terrico White: Broken Foot (8-10 weeks) - OH MY GOD! A RETURN DATE THAT'S FINALLY ACCURATE!
(DET) Jonas Jerebko: Torn Achilles (4-6 months) - SEE ABOVE!
(TOR) Ed Davis: Arthoscopic Surgery (8-10 weeks)
(POR) Greg Oden: Broken Patella (12-14 months) - Fortune telling at it's finest.
(POR) Joel Przybilla: Torn Patellar Tendon (10-12 months) - He is already practicing with the team.
(GSW) Ekpe Udoh: Broken Wrist (6-8 months) - Coming back in January.
(WAS) Josh Howard: Torn ACL (10-12 months) - Coming back in December, if not November.
(FA) Jeff Pendergraph: Torn ACL (10-12 months)

(PHI) Andre Iguodala
(CHA) Kwame Brown: Should be out at least another 2 weeks.
(MIL) Chris Douglas-Roberts: Eye surgery announced date of roster release. 2K gets a break.
(MEM) Marc Gasol
(SAS) Tiago Splitter

I'm sure there's a few others.

The more I see these 2K rosters, the more I am convinced that the 2K Insider is a techie/suit that simply doesn't watch the NBA.


Anonymous said...

are you using the opening night roster as a base?

didnt like the last update myself,this update at least edited touches.

Anonymous said...

when will your opening day roster be out?

Rashidi said...

Absolutely not. I will never work with an injury roster as my base. Injured players cannot be restored from injury, and cannot be released or traded. That obviously poses a HUGE problem.

That means I will be stuck with CAP faces instead of portraits for the added players.

Want to know something sad? The players with the portraits were already in the game. Most of them had guaranteed contracts - why weren't they in the initial roster?

I can understand a guy like Derrick Caracter whose contract wasn't guaranteed, but Luke Harangody's contract was guaranteed the moment he signed it. He should have been there from the beginning.

I am jotting down all the new players' 2K tendency info (sigs, hotspots, etc) and will port it to my roster.

Rashidi said...

I'll probably submit a roster tomorrow (the true opening day). I'll have all day to work on it.

Anonymous said...

For PS3 ?

2k insider sucks, you're the real insider rashidi !

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear there is a chance for a real opening night roster from you Rashidi. I was about to start an association today but I can wait one more day!

Rashidi said...

For both systems. FFAACC is working on the PS3 file and actually has the more updated file at the moment.

Lunatic Wolf said...

REDitor, roster editor for PC, can turn the injury flag on and off, so you won't have that issue for the PC. :)

It seems like the 2k Insider just randomly ups and downs ratings to get the overall he wants. Completely wrong way to go about it. Overall doesn't matter. If you edit Deron Williams ratings to play like he should and average what he should, and his rating drops below Rondo and Billups, WHO CARES. It is 10x more important that they play like they should.

Anonymous said...

i just say time and time again


great read once again, i knew 2k gets a lot of things wrong in their roster but that it's that badly i would have never guessed, thanks rashidi

Crossover1 said...

2K pissed me off with that AI thing. They seem very biased with everything. If they are applying something, apply for ALL!

Anonymous said...

The injury thing, again, is the biggest killer. Ridiculous. I expect the stupidity from the roster moves--but to make the injured players unusable in offline play is absurd.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% on everything you just wrote! Thank you sir

iTofu said...

I've been thinking about the CAP faces.

Couldn't you do this:
1. Load the new 2K roster.
2. Create a custom team filled with the portraits of players that were not visible in previous rosters.
3. Upload that team to the 2K share.
4. Load the rosters you are working from.
5. Download the team off of the 2K share.
6. Go into the manage rosters and release from the custom team

I'm at work right now, so I cannot test it, but I think it would work, maybe...

OKC FAN said...

Please, can u not adjust Kevin Durant & Rudy Gay's weight in your next roster update

When you changed their weight to their new listed weight (230) the player models look WAYYY TOO BIG & they look like they're on steroids.

I tried adjusting the weight back & the models do not shrink unless u make it under 220 & make the player 6'10

I think its best to just leave their weight at the default

Anonymous said...

I agree with the injury concern with starting a roster with that kind of base. i have been posting on 2k's site about releasing 2 rosters they say it cant be reset till the end of season but thats b.s. they can put all players in release that roster then release an injury one a day or two later...keep up the well deserved 2k insider bashing

Anonymous said...

Rashidi in what way is the PS3 roster more up to date then the one that will be released tomorrow?

onyx said...

did anyone notice that gameplay changed ???
after 2 days without playing and starting it an hour ago, got a roster update, and suddenly the jumpshots are faster, rebound bounces seem to be diffrent, contact seemed different etc.

am i seeing an illusion ? ^^

Anonymous said...

What about for us PC users?

Anonymous said...

You've mentioned that you're working on a slider set. Will you be posting that eventually? Are there any changes to the default slider set that you'd recommend at this point?

Rody said...

Rashidi in your rosters other than ratings what do you update?

ie: What tendencies, touches and that sort of stuff

and accesories, shoes, sigs and caps are not included right?

Shelb said...

Rashidi, what you think of the Knicks and Raptors in tonight's opener?

I think the Raptors looked a lot better than they have been getting credit for (especially Bargs who actually looked like a star, although not looked to in the middle Qs). I thought their hustle and team work that Colangelo talked about FOREVER actually finally happened (after like 3 years of crap).

I thought the Knicks were also more of a TEAM than I thought they'd be with Amar''''e. He was quiet until the 4th, when he took over and was pretty clutch. Never seen Amar'e take over a game in the 4th by himself like that, but he did. Knicks got lucky towards the end when the Raptors started taking some bad, quick shots to try to tie it up.

Great game overall and I think both teams will be better than expected this year (although with the Knicks it's all about who you ask.... don't ask Barkley).

Rashidi said...

Anonymous said...
You've mentioned that you're working on a slider set. Will you be posting that eventually? Are there any changes to the default slider set that you'd recommend at this point?

Not really working on a set, just making adjustments here and there as needed.

Reducing Contact Shot success seems like an absolute must though.

Rashidi said...

Rody said...
Rashidi in your rosters other than ratings what do you update?
ie: What tendencies, touches and that sort of stuff
and accesories, shoes, sigs and caps are not included right?

I am currently editing EVERYTHING except for the following.

1. Shoes

2. Non-dunk/layup signatures (some jumper exceptions, mostly those adjusted by 2K Sports, such as Kevin Martin and Stephen Curry)

3. Hotspots

4. "Move" related tendencies except in extreme cases.

Everything else is being comprehensively edited like never before. Everything above is window dressing.

I'm doing accessories this year because they are pretty straight forward, and I can tell most players haven't been updated in two years. NEVER EVER in my 8 years of playing NBA 2K have I noticed a players shoes during a game.

Rashidi said...

Shelb said...
Rashidi, what you think of the Knicks and Raptors in tonight's opener?

I tweeted earlier in the night about Reggie Evans. He is one of the league's most underrated players, and there's a reason why he's starting. He's probably the closest thing to Dennis Rodman this league has right now. Raptors sorely need that, and had he been healthy to start the year, would have at least prevented the team from being the absolute worst defensive team in the league.

Evans forced Amare into 9 turnovers, and while Amare took over late to save the day, limiting him to 19 points has to be considered a huge victory considering most expected him to explode for 30-40 points.

Bargnani looked good early, but it's also because he had Gallinari on him most of the first half. Mozgov wasn't the greatest matchup for him either. Once Chandler was guarding him he couldn't get an open look.

Jarrett Jack embodies Triano's hustle (along with Evans, obviously). He lead the break often, and Calderon definitely belongs on the bench. At this point I'm not so sure I'd even take Calderon over Steve Blake.

The biggest difference between this year and last year's Knick team is the improved defense. That's what happens when you go from Al Harrington and David Lee to Ronny Turiaf and Amare Stoudemire.

I also think Wilson Chandler makes a ton more sense as a 6th man rather than a starter. He is versatile enough to play 2-4, and he provided some needed bench scoring. Chandler isn't the most efficient scorer in the world (2 FTA to 18 FGA) and playing against 2nd units instead of 1st units will only help him get going.

Anonymous said...

How do I update your ps3 roster? I'm ready start my assosiation, just can't do that with 2k's horrid roster, plz let me know

Anonymous said...

thats B.S. about Iverson. Willyour rosters still have him in? CAP versions of him just don;t look quite right...