Monday, October 25, 2010

Made my first slider edit.

I finally bit the bullet and adjusted some 2K sliders

-5 Dunk in Traffic
-5 Contact Shot Success

The funny thing is the #1 slider I'd want to change DOESN'T EVEN EXIST! There is not a single slider that affects the post game. Not Offense, not defense, not even LPS.

41-78 2PT
1-12 3PT
24-34 FT
21 Paint FG

Holiday: Fastbreak (w/Gerald Wallace trailing behind)
Iguodala: Double screen play, getting a step on Stephen Jackson
Hawes: And 1 after an offensive rebound (clear path).

AND 1's x7
Iguodala: Drive to lane, barely any contact to be honest.
Brand: Shot after an offensive rebound
Brand: Play that started with him posting Augustin. Is it too much to ask for 2K to get the PG to guard the PG? Mismatches happen after picks and screens, not made baskets and rebounds.
Hawes: Dunk after an offensive rebound.
Turner: Layup after an extremely successful play (CPU didn't even try to follow Turner coming off a screen), leading to desperation block attempt that failed.
Speights: Lowpost after an offensive rebound.
Nocioni: Layup after an offensive rebound.

Slider changes seemed to fix the excessive dunking, as only one could be termed "In Traffic" and it was by one of the league's best dunkers. If only there were something that could be done about the post game (like, improving post defense ten-fold), teams would post realistic FG%. It also reduced And 1's but could use another decrease. Four of the seven And 1's occurred after an offensive rebound, which is likely when the CPU is at it's most desperate (not exactly unrealistic). Still, it'd be nice to see more of these roll out.

40-71 2PT
2-11 3PT
25-35 FT
20 Paint FG

Jackson: Spin dunk on a fastbreak
Wallace: Putback dunk
Livingston: Fastbreak dunk
D.Brown: Standing dunk after an offensive rebound

AND 1'S x7
Jackson: Hopstep layup draws contact on Hawes who came over to try and block the shot
Jackson: Contested fastbreak shot
Wallace: Low-post on Kapono (what else needs to be said?)
Wallace: Fastbreak layup
Diaw: Fastbreak layup (dish from Augustin)
Diaw: Terrible defense by Brand leads to clear path for Diaw to swoop to hoop (Speights fouls trying for block). Brand is standing next to Diaw instead of blocking his path to the basket. Augustin walks up to Brand and wraps a pass around him to Diaw. Making things worse, Brand also goes for the steal, rather than shifting to block his man's easy path. The defensive AI in this game is STILL atrocious.
Thomas: Post-up on Kapono

The Bobcats didn't have any traffic dunks, and the only one I didn't really care for was Brown's (though I can simply reduce his standing dunk to fix that). Unlike the Sixers, the Bobcats got no fouls off rebounds, though they did draw three on the fastbreak.

Overall the FG% was much lower than previous games, so it's certainly a start. I'm happy with the amount of dunks there are, so continuing to lowering contact success further should help reduce it even further. I'm confident And 1's can be reduced to a suitable number, but am still very concerned about the post-game. With no sliders to affect the post game, the only thing we've got to work with are ratings. I'm hopeful that reducing contact shots will help, because it's just much too efficient. DeSagana Diop had a successful post jumper with the clock running down. That should work maybe one in seven times in real life. Posting up is one of the least efficient forms of scoring in real life (along with Isolating), because it's going 1-on-1 against a defender, yet 2K seems to think that the post is about erasing that defender from the picture.


Lunatic Wolf said...

I'd bump Contact shot success down to 42. I think that is where most people making sliders have it set.

Anonymous said...

Should expect a roster update for the start of the season soon? Thanks for the Work.

Anonymous said...

*edit* ^ I meant Should we expect...

Anonymous said...

when will you post a ps3 roster? i have been waiting seen the 09 season, please do as fast as possible thx

Anonymous said...

im ready too get this season rollin cant wait for the rosters homez

Rashidi said...

I bumped it down to 40 in another test, but stopped around half-time. Not because it was a problem, but mainly because there were other things I wanted to modify.

I might have to decrease Shot success too, because that seems to be the only way to limit the effectiveness of posting up. Esp since most of these shots don't draw any contact... despite that being the very freakin nature of the post...

Anonymous said...

if you dont like brand reachin in turn the cpu reach in tendency down. its 5 on sim.

and if you dont like the post contact up close range collision, not the one that effects drives.
the other one.

DaWiz said...

i hope your sliders are posted soon cuz 2k11 is unplayable and it just sucks! 2k tricked me bad with their advertisements and da truth is we got da same problems from last year!

Rashidi said...

It's not so much that Brand "reached". He was never blocking his man's path to the basket. The "reach" was more likely an animation attached to the wrap around pass that never would have happened had he been guarding his man like a real NBA player.

Rashidi said...

I'm toying with the idea of lowering "Pass Accuracy" or "Hands". There are too many paint points because players still get the ball at the rim too easily.

Rashidi said...

Not to mention there aren't enough non-steal turnovers.

Kaanyr Vhok said...

There is a post tendency slider. Its jacked up in the sim sliders. Lowering it works wonders. The pass accuracy and the hands sliders will increase non-steals. Pass accuracy should not go below 46 or guys will throw inbound passes like they are blind folded. The hands can go 42-45.

Rob said...

I'm not so sure it is just a post problem. Played a 12 minute quarter game against OKC last night and Kevin Durant shot 48 times. Almost all jump shots. Are you kidding me? I know something is wrong with this game but as a newbie I'm not sure how to fix it.

Lunatic Wolf said...

Rob, that is a touches problem.

onyx said...

hey guys,

i recognized aswell the AI is garbage in this game again, but do you think its possible to fix things like the 3point selection ?

i.e. i shut down anthony parker or vince carter with wade and they just jack up and 3pointer after another while i'm all over them. OMFG! its always the same. the cpu just throws possesions aways and then figues, oh well, i went 1 of 15 at 3pointers so now i cheat the user in offensive rebounds or jack even more shots up and play twice as fast as the warriors or suns so i get my 100ppg with 110-120 fga.

simulation ? ye right...

Lunatic Wolf said...

Onyx, I know your exaggerating, but changing the game speed from 50 to 45-47 brings the number of field goal attempts to realistic numbers. (75-85)

Also, if you are shutting down these players so easily, maybe it is time to step up the difficulty.

TO Rashidi: I would like to see you make as few slider edits as possible. Don't go overboard, try to keep your changes in the ratings if possible :)

onyx said...

@ wolf, ok, i admit i was exaggerating.

i play on all star and 12min quarters and its a challange. i dont want to go up on superstar or hof cuz i'm sick of the cheating cpu. it runs scripts u cant stop and has nothing to do with realism.

mostly its a challange cuz even if i'm starting to work on a blow out the cpu does a couple of serious runs after timeouts.
the point is it comes quite unnaturally given the circumstences that happend and mostly just because it takes shots that made no sense.
the 3point selection is for me atm an isolated incident but very annyoing.
the rest can be worked on via sliders and rosters i guess. thats why i come here reguallary ;)

keep it up guys, love your work.

btw the Reditor for PC has been announced - is there any planning for rashidis roster to be created for pc ?

Rashidi said...

I'm not so sure it is just a post problem. Played a 12 minute quarter game against OKC last night and Kevin Durant shot 48 times. Almost all jump shots. Are you kidding me? I know something is wrong with this game but as a newbie I'm not sure how to fix it.

It's the playbooks. Thunder are running only screen plays for Durant.

The sad thing is 2K Sports never seemed to think this was a problem.

Rashidi said...

My only changes will be those that ratings can't fix - i.e. and 1's going in far too frequently.

Others that would be necessary, would be those where I've used the entire 25-99 scale but am still not getting desired results. "Hands" would be a good example of this, if I'm trying to increase turnovers.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that the dunks in traffic slider only effects the success of dunks in traffic, it doesn't change the actual amount attempted

Anonymous said...

im not sure if players have a specific attempt dunk tendency you can edit, but if not you could try lowering the attempt dunk tendency in your slider set.

Anonymous said...

rashidi i am at most likely a newbie to the 2k simulation world..but as an nba fan and a gamer myself i would love to see that the way my 2k game has to play the same way i watch a real nba game..ive been reading your works and had been constantly checking up on the downloads menu of 2k11, but i cant find your roster..i want to try it out with my sliders so at least i can give a feedback..PSN id please

Anonymous said...

Rashidi for your slider set.
Close shot slider may be the best solution for Low Post Shot success.

and u mention not enough banging,turn up the close range collision detection slider/tendency. (not the drive to rim contact slider)

and what foul sliders you using?