Friday, October 22, 2010

These rosters suck, and hard fouls are meaningless

I ran a sim and the Knicks had 10 "And 1" plays. I got so pissed off I decided to raise every player's Hard Foul tendency to 100 and run another sim. The Knicks again had 10 "And 1" plays. It has zero effect, aside from both teams shooting about 10 more FTs that game.

10:48 - Wilson Chandler
A clearout for Chandler, who has Spencer Hawes on him. Teardrop and the foul.

8:24 - Amare Stoudemire
Elton Brand tries to draw a charge on an Amare dunk. Big mistake.

41.7 - Wilson Chandler
Chandler brings the ball up, but defense never picks him up until he's at the rim taking a layup (foul on Nocioni).

1:18 - Amare Stoudemire
Amare isolates on Spencer Hawes. You can figure out the rest.

Things are going kinda smoothly now, aren't they? Only 4 "And 1's" and two belong to Amare. That's livable, right?

7:58 - Timofey Mozgov
Amare lobs an inbound pass from mid-court to Mozgov deep in the post. He draws the foul on Speights who offered little post resistance.

3:50 - Ronny Turiaf
Turiaf drives on Brand, spins, and draws a bump from Thaddeus Young.

2:59 - Ronny Turiaf
Turiaf drives on Brand again, drawing a bump, and making a shot adjustment on his layup.

1:49 - Ronny Turiaf
Turiaf posting up on Young, draws the foul on Brand's help defense.

34.8 - Ronny Turiaf
Amare catches underneath, dishes to Turiaf, and draws a foul on Hawes who goes for the block.

4:38 - Toney Douglas
Douglas brings the ball up, the defense never really puts a body on him until he's at the rim taking a layup (foul on Turner).

The time on those shots matters just as much as the player who hit them. Turiaf had four straight "And 1" plays. That is ABSURD. Almost as abusrd as the Sixers having 12 of their own "And 1" plays, giving us a game total of 22. This is a last straw of sorts for me.

I restarted my roster because I'd heard the gameplay had improved with this "roster patch", but the truth is it has not. Yes, 3pt% has improved, and players no longer move like their feet are in the mud, but players get to the rim for layups and dunks far too easily now. Teams are shooting 60% from the field and half of their points are coming in the paint.

23 of PHI's 57 FGM were in the paint, and 12 were "And 1".
34 of NY's 52 FGM were in the paint, and 10 were "And 1".

This is NBA 2K10 with pretty jumpers and half-assed Jordan teams that didn't have to be downloaded off 2K Share. It seems like the deeper we go, the worse things become.

For the first time in eight years... I might have to make a slider set. This game is simply not playable from a simulation standpoint.


Anonymous said...

aww man, you listened to those people who said gameplay was "better" ???

Anonymous said...

how about decreasing the shooting in traffic rating scale ?

you can make a test altering that slider and if it works, you can either alter each individual rating or leave it as a permanent slider.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE rashidi, i bag you - give us your tremendous work for pc ! i love your work and blog, your words are the truth ! keep it up, u r my 2k hero :)

Anonymous said...

I believe some of these tendencies are there just for gimmick.

Anonymous said...

I think it has something to do with the strength tendencies. You would not expect Raul Lopez to be able to foul Shaq hard ey?

Anonymous said...

i would think speed,quicks,vertical and d awareness all come in to play
along with coach sliders

Anonymous said...

Why dont you just wait for the patch they put in at the start of the real NBA season before you go crazy changing everything up. Its a whole waste of time making changes when none of these players bounced a basketball yet this season. We see it time and time again...players doing good in preseason, then bending over in regular season. Also players sucking in the summer and preseason now are superstars all of a sudden. The best thing to do is wait....

Anonymous said...

your 2k11 for 2k10 roster was great, still needed lower dunk in traffic i used the value 25 (half of default.)

it may have something to do w/finishing with contact.
and this year we can lower contact shot success as well.

sim style has it@ 42 duno how much stock to put in this.

Kopy Kat said...

When are you going to finish this dam roster!!! So I can copy it and put it out as my own hard

Lunatic Wolf said...

What difficulty are you running your simulations on?

When I ran a CPUvCPU on HOF, the scores were ridiculous and each team shot 65%.

Anonymous said...

rashidi da man! u r the best.

pc rosters? i dig that!

Anonymous said...

i've just read through all your posts. i guess it's very frustrating to adjust so many tendencies but there is no other way to fix the AI.

With 2K's roster i see centers standing at the 3pt line on offense, wtf? keep it up, i belive in you, u r simply the best

Rashidi said...

I ran the last game on HoF but my other sims were on all-star. I haven't really noticed a difference. The main reason I upped it to HoF is I was hoping improved defense would limit the dunks (didn't happen).

onyx said...

hey rashidi,

do you think if u get those rosters fixed nba2k11 could be a game that can be played offline for several years ? i see a lot of potential in this regard if rosters are fixable.

whats your opinion ?

Lunatic Wolf said...

Rashidi, I'd rerun your hard foul test with Pro or Allstar, as with HOF the offense improves much more than the defense.

Anonymous said...

I think i know how imperial is keeping his file rated high.

he just dl's his file about ten times and then any file he wants to rate low a whole bunch of times.

then go to mydownloads, rate high and rate you low.

but you have to have plenty of hdd space. i dont know how to upload an existing file though.

Anonymous said...

really great job Rashidi!
you will be release a new roster before the opening the season?

Ugo Valenti said...

Just wanted to thank you for your work, I really look forward to your roster update.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi if you would like to fix the stats then sliders are your answer. Some reason this year player editing itself wont cut it. I use your roster but refuse to use any of 2k's sliders.

Anonymous said...

no one can download there own upload more than one time in any section. also you can only rate each download once. if a download is doing well its because people like it... the real problem is that if your saying on your website that the game sucks and is broken...and your saying that you fixing all these problems with the game. this is insulting to the staff members at 2k sports. the staff members run more than 150 deep that play the game plus family members... What do you think your rating and downloads are gonna be like compared to your small comunity of members.

Anonymous said...

to the above comment, if 2k actually PLAYED the game they would know it has a TON of gameplay issues. i realize a lot of their time was spent getting MJ to look perfect and all the intro bullshit that everyone watches once. these rosters cater to the REAL nba sim guys that want a realistic nba experience. the game IS broken, just look at his simulations or do it yourself, the game sucks out of the box, way too much hype.

Ray AP19 said...

The "roster patch" you spoke of was which file? I can't remember the date attached to that particular roster update.

Rashidi said...

Pretty sure it was the 3rd one, whichever date that was.

There's the August roster, the launch roster, and then the next one should be the "patch". It's the last one before injuries were added.