Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Real NBA 2K11 - Opening Night

FILE NAME: The Real NBA 2K11 - Opening Night!
SYSTEM: Xbox360
GAMERTAG: Real 2K Insider

This is an in-progress rebuild of my previous roster (re-started because 2K "patched" gameplay features into their previous roster).

Most stars have been fully edited (ratings & tendencies), as well as some entire teams. Off the top of my head the completed teams are the Sixers, Bobcats, Celtics, Heat, Knicks, and Lakers. The players on those teams also have 100% accurate accessories, contracts, and layup/dunk signature edits.

Coach profiles were adjusted across the league.

Rotations and player roles are 100% accurate in conjunction with my previous post.

Ratings are still nowhere near where they were in the previous update where I had 300+ players edited. The next update should be much more comprehensive.

Finally, I do not know the ETA on a PS3 roster file. I sent the data over to my PS3 collaborator and he has the ok to post when the data is implemented. The PS3 file should be ahead of where I'm at as he had more time to edit this week than I did. (I do not know his PSN tag it will be uploaded under, forgot to ask).

Enjoy the rosters. They are far from a finished product, so please bring to my attention anything that needs to be addressed.


Rody said...

Will get this tomorrow, so playbooks changes have gone in this too?

Thank you Rashidi

Shelb said...

I was worried about some of the ratings for a second there.

Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

By dunk edits, do you mean by DC's dunk edits or your own? Either one, I hope that means Rondo and Dragic can't dunk every game.

Looking forward to your new roster.

Anonymous said...

Please fix the salaries of some of the CAP's.
One makes 10m+.
Other than that, they are the best rosters.
Keep up the good work Rashidi!

iTofu said...

Thank you for your work as always.

re-started because 2K "patched" gameplay features into their previous roster
Could you elaborate on this? What did they do and how does it affect the rosters?

Rashidi said...

My dunk ratings are my own.

Some of DC's sigs are used, some aren't. We generally see eye to eye about which players deserve which packages.

Rashidi said...

If anyone wants to start association mode, give the rookies w/ bad contracts the following contract.

2011: 473K
2012: 488K (Team Option)

That's what it is for most of them, with a few exceptions (Lance Stephenson has a 4 year deal IIRC)

OKC FAN said...

great ratings as usual...




when u change the weight of certain players such as Durant, Bosh & Gay they end up looking ROIDED UP.

these wiry players might weight 230-235, but should still look WIRY!!!

by changing their weight the only thing accurate you are doing is changing the number value, but it makes the player body model INACCURATE.

Ofcourse this doesn't directly affect gameplay, but its bothersome to see these players as popular as they are look like Karl Malone


Lunatic Wolf said...


I have messed around with the weights of the players you are talking about, and honestly, they don't look that much different when you add the 10-15 lbs.

OKC FAN said...

Lunatic Wolf

when u play the actual games the players are bulky compared to the original model size.

Once the weight is changed the original model size cant be achieved unless you make the player taller & the weight lesser.

For Durant to achieve his original model size I had to make him 6'10 and his weight under 220 lbs.

when you're adjusting the weight under player edits you cannot tell until u go back and look at the player.

Do this, take a slim player (ie Josh Childress) increase his weight & then put it back to the original weight. Finish the edit, exit & then go select the player again & look at it... Rotate the player, there is a significant amount of change in the players arms & shoulders.

When I first got the game I was editting all the weights & heights & found this out only after I started playing games with all the teams, I found that the ones I changed the weight to were bulkier.

What happens in 2k11 is that they dont show you the player model that you will be playing with in the edit menu after the weights been changed until u finished the edit & go look at the editted player's screen again.

OKC FAN said...

Lunatic Wolf

make sure you are using the Original rosters or official ones & not Rashidi's roster when you are messing around with the weights, you'll see what I'm talking about.

iTofu said...

I've noticed that 2K doesn't adjust for the sizes right.

Do you really want Rashidi going through all the player models to make sure they look right in game? Seems like it would be better if he made them correctly verse (or whatever source he uses) then you adjust what is upsetting to you when you download the roster.

The player models still change when you change height/weight after download, correct?

Anonymous said...

its not a big deal but matt barnes second year contract should be rounded up imo. not gonna change much though.

Anonymous said...

oh and theo ratliff's contract is off.

OKC FAN said...


the player sizes do not go back to the slimmer size...

unless you make the player 6'10+ and weight under 220. as I did with Durant i have him listed at 6'10 (which is closer to his real height anyway) 215lbs. but what about Rudy Gay? I dont wanna have a 6'10 Rudy Gay. Thats the only way

u can the players bigger, but not smaller.

I wish 2k would let us edit player model size also,

OKC FAN said...


I would just prefer the players' weights at default

Anonymous said...

i'm so drunk right now and enjoying miamis offensive improvements in short time while playing very nice defense that i decided to post a comment :P

hoping to see rashidis rosters soon on pc, keep it up guys and have fun wahtching nba

james 4 mvp :D

Anonymous said...

Please fix Devin Ebanks- Lakers,
2k gave him a pic.

Lee Harrison said...

Hy from Italy Rashidi....
This the third year that use your roster but two things i think are overrated C.Bosh and his Low Post offense are too elevated,Bosh is phenomenal in the High post but not in low post,second defensive awareness and post also are too overrated this guys has never defended in his life....
I'm a fan of Nuggets too and i think that Nene pass is too low,i think 59 is perfect.
Nene for the big is one of the best passers.
And Carmello too pass is low,is a ball-hog but in that years i saw his make a lot of difficulty pass...69 i think is good....
Lust but not least i decrease your Offenive and defensive rebounds for the big a bit(5-6 points)...
Thank for your work and tell me what you think of my assertion...
PS Sorry for my english...

onyx said...

bosh has never defended in his life?
he is definitly underrated in this regard, only because he played in a crappy team like toronto that couldn't defend if their life depends on it. we shouldn't punish bosh for team reputation.

amare i.e. is highly overrated rebounder but somehow i never see that in discussion

kobe is overrated defender,too. while wade is being pictured like a 2nd class defender.

onyx said...

oh yeah i forgot -

now bosh plays in what seems like a team that could break defensive records so i'm betting my ass off that after this season no one will question bosh's defense :)
so many ppl criticise player skills while looking at team results

Anonymous said...

Hey. Great rosters as usual.

When will Dwight Howard get a boost in his mid-range tendency and rating? He has been taking and making about 50% of his jumpshots out side of the paint.

Anonymous said...

man, im having a problem with your roster getting over-written by 2k living roster.
how to do you turn off autosave on 2kshare?
i did it one but dont recall how.

Anonymous said...

well the main question everone shou;d be asking is obviously

"can you give us a timetable on when your next roster update will come out"?

def been reading you posts and see all the workyou put in...did you every apply for 2k? Anyways im curiouson your testingwith the touch tendacis vs the realism of actual gameplay... I wonder if you factor them including the tendacies of plays called for each player vs how often they shoot vs how often the team even calls plays lolol

anyways keep up the good work its much def cant wait to start my assciation, so im patiently ( kinda) waiting for you to give the ok lol


john said...

just found your site and of course u do your work on 360, i got a ps3 so no point of staying around, off to find a ps3 person that do what you do

j son236 said...

^ his work is on ps3, READ

seen your tweet reguarding the latest official update.
do you think this will be in the patch because 2k changes gameplay in the living rosters, and if the end justifies the means and the 1/2 patch combines with the real patch to make the gameplay they were aiming for... then what?

Lee Harrison said...

x Onyx maybe i have bee too hard with bosh but i think tha 90 for defensive post and for defensive awareness are too high....
or not?

Rashidi said...

how to do you turn off autosave on 2kshare?
i did it one but dont recall how.

> Load/Save Options
>> Autosave = Off

onyx said...

@Lee Harrison

thats true, 90 is to high, it should be max 83

Shane said...

Great work on the rosters!

Have you done any height/weight changes for the roster on the Bulls, because James Johnson is 235 when he should be in the 215-220 range.

Also, his position should change from SF/PF to SF/SG.

Kaanyr Vhok said...

Maybe all of the Trail Blazers. Oh and no headband for Armon Johnson