Friday, October 29, 2010

Josh McRoberts: Another slap in the face from 2K Sports

Josh McRoberts is Indiana's starting power forward. That alone is fairly sound logic that he is a decent player and should have a higher rating than, oh, I don't know, Malik Allen, Derrick Caracter, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Eduardo Najera, TAYLOR GRIFFIN (I could go on and on, since McRoberts is ranked 96th among PF by 2K Sports)...

But then, this is 2K Sports. Their logic dictates that Melvin Ely should be in the free agent pool instead of Coby Karl. Two roster updates into the regular season, mind you.

Here's the list of McRoberts' rating boosts from 2K's latest update.

56 Overall (+2)
40 OffAwr (+10)
48 DefAwr (+5)

This is apparently all they could find wrong with him. Isn't that just grand?

McRoberts went 8-23 from 3pt range last season, and was 1-2 last night. 2K saw nothing wrong with his 3pt rating, a paltry 27.

McRoberts grabbed 6 rebounds in only 24 minutes yesterday. He had 18.2 defensive rebounding percentage last year, and is at 19.3 for his career. Yet this is only grounds for a 49 in the world of the 2K Insider, while Dirk and his 20.2 run around with an 86 rating.

Speaking of those 24 minutes, McRoberts only has 70 stamina despite being an athletic 23 year old. But then, with 45 speed and 48 quickness, he isn't exactly athletic.

Clearly, it's McRoberts' basketball IQ that is allowing him to get by - after all, those are the only ratings 2K bothered to upgrade (ones that "coincidentally" have the most significant effect on overall rating). That's why McRoberts (40 Off, 48 Def), a player that earned a starting role in the NBA, is on par with Sean Marks (40/48), a career 3rd stringer that is out of the NBA. TAYLOR GRIFFIN, a player whose career lasted 32 minutes (entirely due to his last name) has superior basketball intellect (41/65) that McRoberts can only dream of achieving. Pops Mensah-Bonsu, a career 10-day contract player who scrounged up 474 minutes across 4 seasons (compared to the 524 McRoberts played LAST season), apparently gained quite a bit of knowledge during his travels (58/49) because he too.

It is certainly not worth noting that McRoberts scored 11 points in his 24 minutes. I would never hold it against Pops that never broke 7 across his 20 games last season. Wait a second. What gives? I have a brain? Really? You don't say!

Here are MY ratings for McRoberts. I'm no genius. Just a guy with common sense and a work ethic strong enough that I can look at more than two ratings at a time and say "HMMM, SOMETHING MIGHT BE WRONG HERE".

Josh McRoberts
Overall 66 (up from 56) (54)
Inside 72 (up from 67)
Close 62 (down from 67)
Medium 62
3PT 72 (up from 27)
LowPost 63
FreeThrow 57 (down from 66)
Layup 52 (up from 37)
Dunk 60 (up from 55)
StandDunk 60
OffDribble 49 (up from 46)
InTraffic 58 (up from 42)
Handle 55 (up from 35)
OffHand 45 (up from 25)
Security 56 (down from 61)
Pass 51
Block 62 (up from 58)
Steal 62 (up from 52)
Hands 69
BallDef 70 (up from 40)
OffReb 71 (up from 58)
DefReb 71 (up from 49)
OffPost 61
DefPost 62 (up from 57)
OffAwr 60 (up from 40) (30)
DefAwr 53 (up from 48) (43)
OffClutch 25
DefClutch 25
Consistency 50 (down from 60)
Stamina 77 (up from 70)
Speed 58 (up from 45)
Quickness 65 (up from 48)
Strength 60
Vertical 63
Hustle 73
Durability 70
Potential 69 (up from 63)
Emotion 60 (up from 25)

McRoberts would rank 50th among PFs in 2K's rosters if he had those ratings, but then, he might actually be worth using. We don't want kids picking the Pacers over the Heat, Lakers, and Celtics now, do we?


Anonymous said...

He went 8-23 from 3pt land in ALL of last year and you raise him up to a 72?? Kind of questionable IMO if he only took 23 shots from there all year.

Anonymous said...

Please, let Taylor Griffin alone! Hahaha

Shelb said...

McRoberts played 42 games last year, which is why his 23 shots look like less than they are. Just because he's not a chucker doesn't mean the 72 rating isn't accurate.

Anonymous said...

A 60 rated dunk seems a little low. I haven't seen McRoberts play very often, but when I have seen him, he dunks with power. Dunk rating affects how often you miss dunks, right?

Anonymous said...

What's the ETA Rashidi?

James said...

He shot quite a few 3s in preseason or summer league - I believe one game saw him put up 10+.

Btw I use the Pacers a bit - beat my friend in Australia who took his team (Boston) though I had to use Hansborough as the starting 4 - the only bad thing about your article was mentioning Sean Marks in a bad light ;) I'm hoping he lands with another team as a solid practice player who doesn't complain - not to mention the fact he's a nice guy and hooked us up with some tickets when we lived stateside

Anonymous said...

Jonas Jerebko needs some editing. take a you tell me

Anonymous said...

did 2k release another roster update?

what's in it?

Anonymous said...

i dont know but OS is saying it fixes this and that,again.
i just hope if any of this is true,
its included in the mysterious patch.

also i think its funny last year 2k was on it with patches, and this year i know there are no framerate type issues but the urgency isnt there for 2k.
they seem satisfied completely with the game and any patch work is cosmetic which is absolutely false.

stick5kills said...

i played lal vs heat and while you can see your edits, the cpu still runs the same play over and over. ppl initially thought(@OS)the latest roster fixes this though further testing show it was the touch edits 2k made showin up.

rashidi i would ask, in your simulations have you ever played vs cpu w/your roster?

bc ive noticed you can play saggy on ball d and everyone is quick to shoot thus overriding the play or free-lancing they may do.
try it and see. user vs cpu..
guard the ballhandler living with the cpu's pull up game. this will not be noticed in cpu cpu sims.

Lunatic Wolf said...

Don't listen much to the people at OS. Pretty much all they are claiming is placebo.

Anonymous said...

when will you post your roster with edited ratings rashidi ?

Anonymous said...

not only josh mcroberts is rated too low, C.J. Miles is rated atleast 10 numbers too low. he's rated a 58 and this guy is a key jazz reserve. he figures to be the main scoring option on the jazz's 2nd unit. he needs a rating boost

Lunatic Wolf said...

Pretty sure Rashidi had his rating at a high 60s before he restarted, which is correct. I am a Jazz fan and honestly, all CJ does is score. You need to do more than score to break the 70 mark.

Anonymous said...

hey rashidi

what else was in 2k's latest update?

i know the josh mcroberts thing tingd you, but i always like to see your analyze the official updates.

thanks and keep up the hard work.

Anonymous said...

I've only seena handful of Indiana games this year, and I know he should be higher than a 60 dunk rating. He posterized 2-3 Sixers in one game a few nights ago.