Monday, October 4, 2010

The Real 2K Insider has NBA 2K11

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The game throws you into Bulls vs Lakers in the 91 Finals, 5 minute quarters, I don't know what difficulty. Jordan was Player of the Game in a losing effort. Didn't get a chance to check the box after the game, but I believe I scored 32 points on 13-20 FG.

CPU defense is definitely cheesy in the passing lanes, but perhaps the most concerning thing is the lack of off-ball movement for non-Jordan players. Pippen and Grant will literally just stand around unless you are calling plays. The game feels stiff and unresponsive at times, and there were definitely a few WTF moments.

Most alarming is the ease I had dunking with Jordan. Of my 13 FGs, all but two were dunks. Nothing a few ratings changes can't fix, but it really felt like if I wasn't dunking the shot was going to miss, as the CPU had some blocks from out of nowhere (including on some dunks that SHOULD have been open but weren't because of delayed animations).

I ended up losing the game because my team simply wouldn't grab a defensive board. On two separate occasions "immortals" Vlade Divac and Sam Perkins were able to grab a rebound over two Bulls players, go up for a reverse layup, and the foul.

Also, Magic Johnson didn't play like Magic Johnson (ironic, since they talked all game about the Jordan/Magic matchup). He barely looked for his shot and ONLY took bad shots with the clock running down. One has to hope that is a rating/tendency issue, because 2K supposedly added in ratings that were supposed to fix things like this.

Time to get to work.


Shelb said...

I played half the game thinking it was a Jordan Challenge game...

Rashidi said...

Played my first online game 53-31 (NY vs OKC) Anthony Randolph was player of the game with 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Knicks dominated the Thunder on the offensive glass. Randolph is a beast - so glad my fave two teams are Knicks and Warriors and that I've been using these guys for years. He is practically Amare-lite in this game.

I had 8 dunks against the Thunder.
Chandler: 1
Amare: 2
Randolph: 4
Turiaf: 1

That was 5 dunks from my centers, who are hardly legit offensive threats in real life.

The Thunder user on the other hand couldn't get a quality shot all game against me because 2K makes defense so easy now. Offensive players are so stiff and predictable, and against teams that don't have outside threats like OKC, I don't see how they can compete.

Granted, I couldn't buy a three to save my life (2-15), though I had PLENTY of shots go in when my foot was on the line (good job at NOT fixing my biggest pet peeve 2K).

Overall I shot 24-48 from the field, so that's 22-33 on 2pters. Forget what you're reading about this game being fixed - it's not. The same exploits exist, they're just tougher to implement because offensive freedom was nerfed. My opponent shot 15-40 from the field (1-11 3pt) so that's 14-29 on 2pters. Still a relatively high percentage even though my defense was good.

We both committed a ton of turnovers - 10 for me and 11 for him. Some of these were somewhat cheap, others were justified. It seems like ANY risky pass is going to get deflected this year - for better or worse.

Rashidi said...

Side note: I had an incredible transition block w/ Gallinari on a dunking Durant. A shame I didn't get a chance to upload it (which is a knock on 2K btw, we should be able to view more than made shots via game track).

Rashidi said...

Ha, I tried uploading some plays, and this is what happened.

They don't even upload the part of the replay that matters!

Anonymous said...

I really can't wait for your rosters, they are much more realistic, its the only way I can play offline..

Kaanyr Vhok said...

I'm disapointed in you. Not only did I beat the Lakers I bumped it up to Allstar and Superstar. You did better in your next game. Superstar is hard though.

Rashidi said...

I didn't spend much time with the demo and I was testing things out. Not to mention I spent the majority of the game on broadcast camera, which I can't stand.

Anonymous said...

I cant play this game with the ratings the way they are. The game is being handicapped by the sheer incompetence of 2k to get these right. I mean if you dont dunk theres no confidence in making any shot open or not. I mean lebron has a higher 3 point rating even if it is one point its bullshit kobe has the record for most 3's in a game but the best he can muster in a game is a 75 WTF, he may be on the downside of his career but hell I mean this doesn't look like he fell off much with a bum knee and finger.

Rashidi said...

Kobe shot 33% on threes last year. His season high was 5, which he accomplished only twice.

Threes made
Five: 2
Four: 5
Three: 4
Two: 16
One: 25
Zero: 21

In fact, Kobe didn't even hit 2 threes in over half his games.

Anonymous said...

so one online game one offline and off to edit huh?
try learning the moves before you knock the offense.
try running plays, do something NEGATIVE NANCY.
i guess your last request at getting hired by 2k fell on deaf ears so by god your going to point out every little flaw. its a VIDEOGAME. game has came a long way. btw what kind of an insider has to wait til launch day when us LAYMEN get it ?
blog about that, jackass

Rashidi said...

I played 6 online games, actually. I've also played enough 2K over the last 7 years to know their gameplay mechanics a bit better than Anonymous posters.

I was running plays btw, as I was actually excited about it since that was a hyped up feature. There are still some rating related kinks that need to be worked out regarding the plays, and I should improve them even more.

Still, theres not too much point to running plays when I can just dunk with Jordan at will.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you didn't put it up to a high enough difficulty setting.

Rashidi said...

I'm dunking quite a bit online, where the difficulty I presume is superstar.

Anonymous said...

They have got to get rid of the standing dunk. That should reduce a lot of the dunks.