Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Extremely concerning CPU sim results, part 2

Running another test, this time on default sliders. I will be giving play by play of the entire first quarter so that will include the missed shots.

Anthony Randolph isolates on Aldridge, drives for a sweeping hook and gets fouled.

Blazers are running a play. Roy receives a pass, Amare tries to intercept and misses, so Roy gives it to open Aldridge for a short jumper.

While Aldridge is shooting that shot, Amare starts cheating out, backpedaling instead of going for a rebound (CPU surely knows the shot was going in). He's at the 3pt line when Aldridge's shot goes in. Randolph picks it up to inbound. At this point Amare is at the half court line on the right side of the court while the closest person is Oden at the 3pt line. Aldridge, who is supposed to be guarding Amare, is now at the elbow on the left side of the court (approximately 35 feet away from each other). Felton takes a couple dribbles, and passes to the open Amare. At this point, Amare is at the 3pt line with nobody within 20 feet of him. Amare catches the ball at the inner circle. Aldridge is actually the closest player as he sprinted back to catch Amare, but its just to watch Amare thorw down the dunk. Had Oden sprinted back, he could have contested, but he was too busy back pedaling until half-court. The funny thing is Oden was actually pointing to his teammates about Amare ... while still continuing to back pedal from the 3pt line to the half court line... finally turning around to run after he passed the Knicks logo.

Aldridge posts up Amare. Hook goes in. Oh boy.

Randolph post fade on Oden. Contested, it misses.

Aldridge comes down and is calling for the ball in the post because Felton is on him. He gets it AND THE KNICKS ACTUALLY DOUBLE! Aldridge gives it back to Miller, and tries to re-post but the pass back to LMA is stolen by Felton.

Amare is trying to Iso on Aldridge but can't. He briefly posts on the left elbow, sees a double coming and gives back to Randolph, who drills an open 18 footer.

Miller isolates on Felton, gets some space and drills a turnaround jumper on the wing.

Gallo gives to Randolph, who fakes left and goes right for a wing jumper that may or may not have been contested by 3 defenders in the vicinity. It misses.

Roy comes off a screen to miss a shot that was mildly contested by Gallinari.

Amare and Randolph actually run a pick and roll (this is one of NY's plays) but it doesn't work. Felton gets the ball and drives by a flat footed Miller. Oden is too late to block and Felton scores.

Miller isolates and throws a risky pass to Aldridge on the block. Amare is out of position so Aldridge has an Inside shot coming, but Randolph rotates overand blocks the shot. OH MY GOD! ALDRIDGE MISSED A SHOT! (Let's see if he'll miss a non-blocked shot now)

Gallinari is being guarded by Aldridge on the 3pt elbow. Felton walks up to Aldridge and Gallinari cuts. Felton wraps a pass around Aldridge to Gallo who is now wide open from 20 feet. Rather than pull up, Gallo attacks the basket and is fouled.

Miller gives it to Batum on the elbow who pulls up for a three that misses.

Chandler isolates, drives on Roy, goes up for a dunk, but it's contested (or blocked) by Camby and it misses.

Aldridge posting up again. For some reason Randolph decides he should enter "Draw Charge" stance. Aldridge hooks it in like usual.

Felton brings it up, drives to the right elbow and takes an off balance drifter from 17 feet that ends up being contested by Batum because Felton practically drove into Gallinari on the shot. Randolph grabs the offensive board though, goes up underneath and gets fouled.

Roy is at top of arch and gives it to Aldridge about 20 feet from basket. He's essentially doubled though, and Chandler swipes at the ball, knocking it away.

Amare picks up the ball and leads the fast break himself (thanks to my nifty speed ratings). Amare drives to the hoop and Aldridge tries to contest the shot (really should have tried to draw the charge though since he had position), and picks up his second foul.

Roy basically dribbles around the court before hitting a mid-range turnaround on Chandler.

Amare drives into traffic but kicks out to Felton. Felton swings it to Randolph for a jumper at the top of the key.

Dante Cunningham catches the ball on the block. Yep, Blazers are still running the same post sets with Aldridge out of the game. He goes up with some contact on Amare and draws a foul.

Gallinari dribbles around before taking an off-balance shot. It misses. Randolph SKIES for one of the more impressive putback dunks I've ever seen. Kudos to Camby for not boxing out.

More of Roy dribbling around trying to make things happen. Keep in mind he runs Pick & Roll on about 33% of his possessions in real life. Felton starts doubling him as he's backpedaling away from the basket on a failed drive. Miller rotates to 3pt wing, Roy hits him, Miller drives with ease to the basket for a reverse layup.

New York calls timeout. Turiaf and Mozgov sub in for Amare and Randolph. What??? Theres 6 minutes to go in the quarter!

Chandler isolates, drives on Roy for a layup, draws a 2nd foul on Roy.

Still waiting for the Knicks to attempt a three, by the way.

Right on cue, Andre Miller takes an iso three on Felton. *Groan*

As if hearing my plea, Chandler comes off a screen and takes a three. Actually, scratch that. Chandler is just wide open. Blazers look like they're playing zone. Chandler kinda comes off a Mozgov screen but was really just wide open. Anyway, he misses the shot, because his name isn't Danilo Gallinari (the actual guy this play gets called for).

By the way, in case you couldn't tell, the Portland offense is extremely disjointed with Roy and Aldridge out of the game. Miller drives and is doubled, kicks it out to open Wes Matthews for a missed three.

Still waiting for either team to run a P/R. We saw one with Amare/Randolph. How about a PG take charge? These teams are both P/R heavy. But no, instead we see Turiaf posting up Batum for (what else?) a hook shot that goes in.

Miller and Matthews spend the entire shot clock playing catch. Matthews decides that with 4 seconds left we should give it to Batum for a contested wing jumper. Miller inexplicably skies over Ronny Turiaf (CAN WE GET A ****ING BOX OUT TENDENCY 2K!?) for an offensive rebound, goes up, and gets goaltending from Mozgov.

Gallinari comes off an unintentional Felton pick and misses a three. This time it's Mozgov's turn to sky over Camby for an offensive board. He takes a roll shot and draws a foul on Camby - his 2nd foul as well.

Honestly I didn't even pay attention on Portland's next possession. I was thinking about how I should just start doing this on Youtube to avoid carpal tunnel.

Gallinari catches ball on 3pt wing. Wide open. Doesn't go up for shot. Drives by Batum, who is rotating like ASS for someone who is supposed to be a defensive stopper. Anyway Gallo drove literally from the right 3pt wing to the left block, getting fouled on a layup attempt by Batum. And one.

Douglas, Walker, Amare sub in for Felton, Chandler, Mozgov. Knicks now have 13 FTA to Portland's 2, btw.

Wesley Matthews dribbling around now. Ends up kicking to Greg Oden for a mid-range jumper. Swish.

Another PF/C pick and roll with Amare. He pulls up for an elbow jumper off the glass.

Now Oden is getting the post treatment. He goes up for a hook that Turiaf contests.

Gallinari makes a dumb pass that Portland nearly intercepts. Douglas recovers, gives it to Walker who jacks up a three that misses. Amare grabs the offensive board and lays it in

Blazers actually run pick and roll with Matthews and Oden. Turiaf doubles Matthews while Oden cuts to basket. Matthews hits Batum who hits Oden for a dunk. Idiot defensive play but at least we finally saw something that resembled Portlands offense.

Gallinari pulls up off dribble for a three that misses. Turiaf grabs the offensive board (what a surprise, eh?) and puts in a shot.

Portland can't get anything going on offense. Matthews gives it to Oden for a contested 17 footer with the clock running down. If this shot went in I would have sent back my game.

Gallinari cuts to the 3pt line for an open look. He misses again. Amare grabs ANOTHER offensive board but this time isn't in position for an open layup. Knicks reset. Douglas tries to run some type of give and go with Turiaf. The pass is EASILY intercepted and should not have been attempted in the first place.

Toney Douglas gets caught on a screen, and Andre Miller swishes a three pointer. His 3rd attempt of the QUARTER by the way.

Final play of the quarter. Douglas just dribbles around before taking a contested mid-range shot that misses. Thank god it's over.

Pts: 29
FG: 10-21 (47%)
3PT: 0-4 (0%)
FT: 9-13 (69%)
Ast: 4
TO: 1
Fls: 1
Reb: 13 (6 Off)
Stl: 2
Blk: 1
PIP: 14
BP: 5
2C: 6
FB: 0 (Amare cherry picking doesn't count apparently).

Randolph: 9 pts, 2 OffReb, 3-5 FG, 3-4 FT, 7 mins
Amare: 7 pts, 2 OffReb, 3-3 FG, 1-2 FT, 10 mins
Turiaf: 4 pts, 1 OffReb, 2-2 FG
Gallinari: 4 pts, 1-5 FG, 0-2 3PT, 2-3 3PT
Chandler: 2 pts, 0-2 FG, 0-1 3PT, 2-2 FT
Felton: 2 pts, 2 ast, 1-2 FG
Mozgov: 1 pt, 1 OffReb, 1-2 FT
Walker: 0-1 FG, 0-1 3PT
Douglas: 0-1 FG

Pts: 23
FG: 10-19 (52%)
3PT: 1-4 (25%)
FT: 2-2 (100%)
Ast: 6
TO: 2
Fls: 7
Reb: 6 (1 Off)
Stl: 1
Blk: 0
PIP: 12
BP: 2
2C: 2
FB: 0

One of the league's top rebounding teams was just killed 5-6 on their defensive glass.

Miller: 9 pts, 1 ast, 4-5 FG, 1-2 3PT, 12 mins
Aldridge: 6 pts, 3-4 FG, 2 fouls, 5 mins
Oden: 4 pts, 2-4 FG, 8 mins
Roy: 2 pts, 2 ast, 1-2 FG, 2 fouls, 7 mins
Cunnningham: 2 pts (2-2 FT)
Batum: 0-2 FG, 0-1 3PT, 12 mins
Matthews: 0-2 FG, 0-1 3PT, 6 mins
Camby: 2 fouls, 5 mins

Small sample, but it's still more of the same. Amare/Randolph causing havoc while Aldridge can't be stopped until this duo puts him into foul trouble five minutes into the game (as it did last time). I would say the game is currently playing less realistically than 2K10, but the brightside is there is significantly more upside. Right off the bat it seems like the team tendencies need some major tweaking, or perhaps even their playbooks, because teams are just not running pick and roll nearly as much as they really do.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit.
2K left out Omer Asik.

StreakShooter McFloorburn said...

I hope your team and player tendencies will help this game. I played offline vs. the Raptors and they force-fed Bargnani all game no matter how many shots he missed. He finished 8 for 30 shooting on mostly tightly contested long range shots. This was my first game vs. the CPU so I played sim/all-star w/ 9 min qtrs.