Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2010 Association simulation

Honestly it seems like more of the same from 2K9 just with improved presentation, but let's run one anyway. I'll pick the Knicks and see if I can sign LeBron

MVP: Tim Duncan
ROY: James Harden
6TH: Ramon Sessions
DPY: Ben Wallace
MIP: Ben Wallace

COY: Gregg Popovich

Oy on the Ben Wallace part (at least I know whose ratings to butcher in my next update). And nice to see MVP going to someone not named LeBron/Kobe/Wade.

PG: Harris, Rondo, Deron
SG: Wade, Kobe, Roy
SF: LeBron, Granger, Durant
PF: Duncan, Bosh, Jefferson
C: Howard, Yao, Lopez

Rondo > Paul? As if this game could fail any harder.

PG: Kidd, Rondo
SG: Wade, Ginobili
SF: G. Wallace, LeBron
PF: B. Wallace, Jefferson
C: Howard, Horford

Yeah, when Big Ben is DPOY over Howard you've got a ratings problem.

PG: Flynn, Lawson
SG: Harden, T. Williams
SF: Clark, D. Brown
PF: Griffin, Hansbrough
C: Hill, Andersen

There are only like four rookie centers in the game so the list should be the same over and over (I changed Hill to a C btw)

Kobe 30.4
LeBron 30.4
Wade 29.5
Durant 27.4
Dirk 27.0
Bosh 26.7

The funny thing is this LOOKS accurate, but it's not. The "did not qualify" glitch still exists and most of the leaders didn't qualify. The "real" scoring leaders?

Kevin Martin 32.1
Kobe Bryant 30.4
LeBron James 30.4
Danny Granger 30.2
Devin Harris 30.2
Carmelo Anthony 29.6
Dwyane Wade 29.5
Kevin Durant 27.4
Dirk Nowitzki 27.0
Michael Redd 26.7

Five players with 30+ ppg? *Sigh*. Moving along...

Bosh 16.0
Duncan 13.3
Howard 13.3
Lee 11.9
Murphy 10.9
Gasol 10.2


Rondo 11.7 (predictable)
Kidd 10.0
Duhon 9.7
Nash 9.4
Billups 9.0
Parker 8.4

Paul finished 7th with 8.2. Kay.

Paul 3.3
Wade 2.9
Ariza 2.7
Wallace 2.5
Rondo 2.5
Kidd 2.4

Howard 3.4
Lopez 2.8
Duncan 2.6
Tyrus Thomas 2.4
Dalembert 2.4
Yao 2.2

Shaq .607
Howard .604
Amare .549
Bogut .543
Gasol .540
Okafor .539

Cook .545
Carney .534
Dooling .511
E. Gordon .496
Barnes .496
Bargnani .492

Granger 308 (all-time record I believe)
Martin 299
Redd 285
Harrington 270
Terry 266
Billups 230
Artest 224 (LOL)

Getting away from ridiculous statistics and getting to the ridiculous playoff brackets


1. Spurs (4)
8. Wolves (2)

4. Hornets (2)
5. Jazz (4)

3. Blazers (2)
6. Nuggets (4)

2. Lakers (1)
7. Warriors (4)

1. Celtics (1)
8. Nets (4)

4. Pistons (4)
5. Wiards (0)

3. Hawks (4)
6. Heat (0)

2. Magic (2)
7. Pacers (4)

Congratulations if you noticed the Cavaliers missed the playoffs! None of the leagues top four teams in 2009 advance beyond round 1. And this should really entice LeBron to leave the Cavs if he has championship aspirations!


1. Spurs (4)
5. Jazz (3)

6. Nuggets (4)
7. Warriors (1)

8. Nets (3)
4. Pistons (4)

3. Hawks (4)
7. Pacers (1)

1. Spurs (4)
6. Nuggets (2)

4. Pistons (1)
3. Hawks (4)

1. Spurs (4)
3. Hawks (2)

You could have predicted that after seeing Duncan and Popovich win their respective awards. Wonder if that'll be a trend.

Moving to the offseason....

Mike Dunleavy
Jerry Sloan
George Karl
Rick Adelman

Oh joy! Another year the game decides to retire these talented rich millionaires who aren't giving up their jobs for a long time! Well, at least the three not named Dunleavy.

Anyway lets cut to the chase and get to the much hyped 2010 free agent class.

86 Carlos Boozer
80 Shaquille O'Neal
79 David Lee
77 Rip Hamilton
76 Raymond Felton
76 Josh Howard
75 Jermaine O'Neal
74 Rafer Alston
73 Luis Scola
72 Steve Blake
72 Zydrunas Ilgauskas
71 Tyrus Thomas

That's right, LeBron missed the playoffs AND he doesn't even make it to free agency and instead re-signs for 6 years. I settle for Carlos Boozer snd re-signing David Lee. Meh I'm going to bed. Just as bad as 2K9 with stats too high instead of too low.


Katie said...

Rashidi..raising rebounding for guards is creating better parady in the league for rebounding...I actually raised just a few players on the Raptors and Bosh avg 9rpg.

Still can't figure out how to get team scoring up and bench scoring...Its going to take adjusting a lot of shot tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Controling all 30 teams is the way to go...Looking forward to your roster release and hope you can help 2k fix their stats.