Friday, October 16, 2009

Downloading Player DNA

These CAPs are high quality and I will be downloading them for my roster until 2K gets around to actually adding the players. Please rate them 5 stars to ensure they appear on 2K's DL list (at least until they all get added to the official roster).

Neon1 2k10 - Carlos Arroyo
And1pr0duct - Rodrigue Beaubois, Marcus Haislip, Lester Hudson, Wesley Matthews, Serge Ibaka, Dante Cunningham, Trey Gilder, Deron Washington, Brian Cook, Goran Suton

Player, Rating, Position, and Team
Cunningham: 65 (PF/SF) Add to Portland
Matthews: 65 (SG) Add to Utah
Hudson: 64 (PG/SG) Add to Boston
Haislip: 64 (PF/SF) Add to San Antonio
Ibaka: 63 (PF) Add to Oklahoma City
Arroyo: 61 (PG) Add to Miami
Gilder: 61 (SF/PF) Kept in FA (not guaranteed to make roster)
Beaubois: 60 (PG) Add to Dallas, release Shawne Williams
Washington: 59 Kept in FA (not guaranteed to make roster)
Suton: 58 (PF/C) Kept in FA (not guaranteed to make roster)
Cook: 58 (PF) - Add to Houston, release Brent Barry

Very annoyingly, 2K took out the feature where you could surf their database for specific content, which makes it all the more important that these get highly rated (On that note... *coughs in general direction of my roster file*) I was looking through "Top Rated" and couldn't find some of them until I gave poor ratings to a few other files. It shouldn't have to be like that, but this is the slapjob we've been given.

This is a terrible oversight by 2K as we are getting bombared with an oversaturation of crappy Michael Jordan CAPs and are finding few add players we actually want to see in the game.


Rashidi said...

For the record, these CAPs aren't perfect by any means. Don't worry though, as I went through and adjusted each player as each one had something a bit off (Brian Cook for instance, was three years too young, and all players needed their contracts adjusted).

They're nice templates to work with for something that should (hopefully) only be a temporary fix.

jonathon said...

rashidi, not sure if this is what you meant but if you press y it will give you the option to search by material or gamertag, apparently a lot of players are confused as 2k didn't bother to make an effort and point it out.

Anonymous said...

Ay Rashidi would u recommend adding Marcus Williams or Marcus Haislip to the Spurs' roster?? I created both players

Anonymous said...

ya if you search And1Pr0duct as a gamertag he has a few more... Bornstar Yellz also has a few good ones. are these caps going to be in your next update with your own custom ratings by any chance?

Rashidi said...

Thanks Jonathan I'll try that out.

Rashidi said...

I've added Haislip since he signed a guaranteed contract. Williams I haven't bothered with yet because he's not guaranteed as the final spot will likely be between he and Hairston. I think the Spurs like Hairston more since they've given him better contracts.

Rashidi said...

And finally, yeah I edited the ratings of most of the caps.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi can you share your Cuttino Mobley CAP??? I'm a PS3 user wishing I could download your roster!!!