Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breaking news: Two Rockets missing from 2K10

Originally I had thought only James White was missing from 2K10 due to the Rockets having too many contracts. It's just occurred to me that Brian Cook is also missing from 2K10, despite having a guaranteed contract worth 3 million dollars, and having been in the league (and the game) for SIX YEARS.

Last year Gabe Pruitt was removed from the game due to the Darius Miles signing, which was SEMI-excusable on paper because he was a fringe player on a deep championship team.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Jermaine Taylor, and Chase Budinger are all working off non-guaranteed contracts. Why put them on the roster over Cook? Why not just put one of them in the free agent pool? What the hell is so difficult about that???

Hell, David Andersen hasn't even played an NBA game yet, what is he doing in the game instead of Cook? While I'm not complaining about his addition, 2K did not feel the need to add Marcus Haislip to the Spurs roster... so why add a player that is going to cost an established veteran his roster (and apparently game) spot?


Anonymous said...

Does 2K add in players who they missed during the first patch/update? I always thought they did... oh well.

Anyway, some of these player ratings are completely insane. While, it's great there aren't as many players in the 90s, it seems guys like Kobe and LeBron either can never miss or are just plain super human. LeBron still has to work on his three point game, his rating his "only" 80 yet he seems to hit every shot because of other ratings (ratings that give you streaks, etc). Not to mention alot of criminally underrated players (top half of the Raptors roster for one) and a ton of overrated players.

But no matter how good you are in this game, if you aren't Kobe or LeBron, it's like you're playing high school ball.

Anonymous said...

Also, not to mention the insane three point ratings of most of the Cavs. If they played like this in real life they'd win 82 games a season. Shaq apparently found the cure for aging, LeBron can teleport and the rest of the roster shoot threes with their eyes closed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and another change you might want to look into in terms of player position is Anthony Parker. I don't know who at 2K thought he's a SG/PG but... I really doubt the Cavs will have him defending players that fast. More of a SG/SF than anything, although he can be used in a playmaking role.

Rashidi said...

Parker actually ran some point last year when Calderon got hurt. He stands little chance of running point on a deeper team like the Cavs though (particularly since LeBron handles the ball anyway).

Anonymous said...

It's asinine that both White and Cook are missing, especially when guys like Jared Jordan and Daniel Ewing are wasting space in the free agent pool. Btw, White is on the Nuggets now.

Anonymous said...

And James White's picture is on Justin Williams's profile. Nice.