Monday, October 5, 2009

The Real 2K Insider has NBA 2K10

Got it a day before release, after finding out that game stores in NYC have been selling it since Friday (wouldn't have mattered much since I worked all weekend).

Expect a roster by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Do you dislike it as much as your gameplay analysis implies?

futawe1 said...

Hey so how was it? Review?

Ion Dipole said...

How are you going to get the scaling and rating formula's in one day?

Rashidi said...

Ion Dipole,

I'm just that damn good. :)

Rashidi said...

I played one online game.

I was Knicks and other user was Magic. We went to OT and he dropped with me up 5 and 30 seconds to go... so I unfortunately don't have any stats to post.

Vince kinda got into the lane for dunks a bit too frequently for my taste, though part of this was due to the lag, another part due to NY's terrible defense, and another part due to unrealistic ratings for the 31 year old Carter.

Howard went 8-10 but wasn't exactly unstoppable. He did have three putback dunks and seemed to grab every rebound no matter what I did. I suppose that part is realistic... and I was able to force some turnovers with my double teams. He also made some bad passes which my CPU teammates turned into steals (and fastbreaks). Jared Jeffries had a monster block on Howard in OT which inspires some hope, but for the most part any post shot where I didn't get a chance to send extra help was basically an automatic two points (of course the Knicks don't exactly have great post defenders so how he does against Boston would be a better test).

The guy wasn't a particularly great defender either as I continually found inside players for dunks even though Orlando has Dwight Howard.

The stamina also plays a factor. He left his starters in for the most part and was tired by the end of the 4th (especially in OT). I made strategic subs and used my whole bench most of the game and was rewarded...

I didn't get a chance to run many plays, though when I did I was able to get a Jared Jeffries mid-range jumper from the wing.

Parts of it seem improved from 2K9, but there is still a certain degree of the same ol' BS that plagues the games. There is still too much dunking for my tastes, but not TOO MUCH compared to previous titles. All Vince's dunks were with a clear path, my issue was that he got that clear path too easily. I had 3 dunks with Larry Hughes (0 last season), 2 with Wilson Chandler, one with Al Harrington, a putback with David Lee, two with Jordan Hill (one putback), one with Jared Jeffries... that's a lot, though as I said his defense wasn't up to snuff.

Speaking of dunks, alley oop mechanics are fixed (thankfully). Last season there was barely any point to throwing lobs as it was usually a turnover or a bobbled catch.

futawe1 said...

Hmmm.. The only reason I get 2k nowadays is to use your roster. Well what you're saying sounds legit.


You should copy and paste your review as a separate article.

funnysoft said...

Are you going to create Rashidi in My Player Mode?

Rashidi said...

I still need to finish draft combine. I got bored after game 4.