Wednesday, October 14, 2009

75 reasons why the 2K Insider is a joke

Solomon Jones: 75 3pt

36 reasons why this is the worst 2k rating I have ever seen.

Shawn Marion: 36 3pt

Seriously, this is the best roster maker they could come up with? Even an 8 year old could figure out what's wrong with those ratings.

I'm seriously beginning to question whether or not Isiah Thomas has a part time job that we don't know about.

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ShayE said...

I don't have the game yet but this is outrageous Solomon Jones was 1-2 in 3pts last year and that garners a 75 3pt. also Rashidi I have a PS3 and I will be getting the game soon are you still goin to post a ratings breakdown for the players every team.