Monday, October 26, 2009

Derek Fisher: Rated like it's 1999.

Thank you 2K Insider for continuing to ruin player ratings by listening to homers rather than actual analysis/data.

On-Ball Defense
91 Kobe
90 Artest
87 Fisher (+7 boost)
70 Vujacic
69 Brown
63 Walton
60 Farmar
58 Odom
46 Gasol
45 Powell
40 Morrison
36 Bynum
36 Mbenga

Derek Fisher is 35 years old, no longer a better defender than Sasha Vujacic or even Shannon Brown. He is now rated 4 points behind Rajon Rondo, 4 points ahead of Trevor Ariza, and 14!!! points ahead of Chris Paul.

DRTG (pts allowed per 100 possessions) of all Lakers with 1000+ mins
Odom 102
Ariza 102
Bynum 104
Vujacic 104
Gasol 105
Kobe 106
Farmar 106
Walton 107
Fisher 108

Fisher was dead last on the team. Let's check out the playoff numbers..

Odom 101 (+1)
Gasol 102 (+3)
Ariza 103 (-1)
Bynum 103 (+1)
Kobe 104 (+2)
Walton 104 (+3)
Vujacic 104
Farmar 106
Brown 107
Fisher 108

It's surely notable that the rest of the starting 5 stepped it up, while Fisher remained the worst on the team.

So why the boost to his defense? It's ludicrous. Were the Lakers REALLY not good enough defensively? What PG hasn't lit Fisher up? TROY HUDSON torched Fisher en route to a 30 million dollar contract, and that was six years ago! They think he's better now that he' slowing due to age?

The best part is we get no explanation at all or even a notification of the change from the 2K "Insider".

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Shelb said...

That is insane. One of the biggest mistakes I think the Insider has EVER made. This isn't Shawn Marion getting a low 3 pt rating because, well, no one saw any of his games last year (I'm a Raptors fan and I think I watched two half games when he was mailing in the last months of his contract). To rate Fisher an 87 on on-ball defense, in 2009-10, after he played on a championship team that everyone watched last year... inexcusable.

Did anyone even complain Fisher's D was too weak? I can't even see the biggest Lakeshow jock rider thinking that.

With that said, Jose Calderone's on-ball defensive is offensively low. He's by far the best man on man defensive PG in the NBA today.

And where's Bargnani's 90 dunk rating, man? Real 2KInsider? Pfft.