Thursday, October 29, 2009


Finally, something legitmately cool.

I downloaded their roster and they added a feature I've been dying for, for years.


Go to the Bobcats and check out Raja Bell

Raja Bell (highlighted in Yellow)
64 overall (-7)

Click his player card: Sprained wrist 4-6 months

One problem though: It seems like we can't use this feature for ourselves. Which actually sucks quite a bit, because we're

A. Now at the mercy of an entity that has proven itself incompetent on more than one occasion
B. Unable to add this to our own rosters
C. Unable to remove this if I want to say, GET THE YAO MING ACHIEVEMENT YOU IDIOTS.
D. The injuries apply to the Draft Class or all-star teams and any other teams the players appear on. So you can't even get the Yao achievement picking the all-star team or anything because he is a 53 overall now. Heck, you can't even put him in the game because he's highlighted in Red.
E. You cannot release or trade a player on the disabled list. That includes in our managed rosters. High five for putting association resrictions on NOT ASSOCIATION MODE! Some of us actually like to play without injured players!

2K Sports: 2 steps back for every step forward.

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RasheedyWallace said...

Actually you can get the Yao Ming Achievement. Just reset the rosters and play from there.