Monday, October 26, 2009

Jerryd Bayless: Man, Myth, mostly Myth

Hey kids, you too can get your favorite player boosted really high! Just beg the 2K Insider, beg beg beg, and he will give you what you ask for. Bombard his blog with stuff about your favorite players! Tell him Shaun Livingston has a load of potential and is a great player. Get 50 of your friends to do it. Wait for the next roster update. This is pretty much the methodology 2K is using right now.

Today's article is about Jerryd Bayless, whom I noticed jumped 2 overall points (despite being overrated to begin with).

Bayless posted TERRIBLE shooting numbers in his rookie season.
69-189 (.365) from the field
9-41 (.219) from mid-range
7-27 (.259) from three

During preseason Bayless has shot .400 from the field and missed all seven of his 3pt attempts. It's just preseason, but where is the improvement?

Additionally, his A/T ratio is terrible and it looks like he may never "get it" as a point guard.

So that the Insider gave Bayless a 2 point boost was curious to me, considering I gave him a 1 pt deduction (marking a 3 pt difference between us).

Here's a list of Bayless' changes by the 2K Insider
Overall +2
Close +2
Medium +21
FT -3

Unbelievable. Bayless shot 9-41 from mid-range yet he gets boosted from 51 to 72. Much maligned Rajon Rondo shot 51-117 (.435) yet was bounced to a 66 mid.


Shelb said...

I don't even check the 2KInsider roster updates anymore. Waste of time and energy.

Rashidi, you might want to check Operation Sports' forum... there's a fantastic accessories subject and a pretty good player contract fix subject so when you're done your updated rosters you can please the shoe/sweatband junkies who go nuts if a wrist rubber band is white instead of black and OCD heads like me who obsess over the most correct contracts for Association mode...


Rashidi said...

I adjust contracts but I doubt I will ever care about accessories.

Shelb said...

But don't you want to make sure Kobe has finger straps this year!?! What about Ben Wallace's arm band colour!?!

Yeah, the accessories can be a bit much (editing every players shoe colour? That's insanity), but the post on the forum with the contracts is pretty good since that actually could effect gameplay, although wouldn't be surprised if Kobe had 2K make his shoes give players a boost*.

*Unless Shaq wears them.

Rashidi said...

Truth be told I already had all the contract edits before that topic even came out.

I haven't tested yet but I need to see whether or not LeBron and co exercise their player options, as I might have to take the final years off their deals.

Shelb said...

So far I've found in association it's kind of random with LeBron.

I simmed a season with the Knicks to see if I could rebound around LeBron and he stayed with the Cavs. I simmed another with the Cavs, they won the title, and he opted out. Did this a few other times, each time checking his morale at the end of the same (it was good to great each time) and it was always random.

I'm keeping the big four (or did Melo resign for an extra year?) with player options because I just like the realism, even if there is no chance in hell any of them stay for the full contract lengths.

I had noticed you had a bunch of the contracts changed but wasn't sure if you were aware of all of the updates and figured it's easier to change if it's all in one spot.

Thanks for the work, keep it up man.