Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rashidi's Real 2K Insider 1.0

The file is uploading to 2K Share as I type this (upload times seem to be much slower this year).

As covered in the previous post, I updated the rosters/rotations of all teams, updated the Knicks ratings/contracts, and touched up a few other players as I went along. I don't have too many edits yet because I spent a lot of time comparing and contrasting this years ratings with last years looking for similarities.

I will probably post another update tomorrow as I continue to update. I am booked for the weekend and thus implore my readers to post as many suggestions or questionable ratings as they can.

Also, big kudos to the 2K Insider for deleting James White as he did Gabe Pruitt in 2K9. White was the 16th contract on the Rockets, and rather than release him to the free agent pool, 2K decided to delete him entirely. White was later traded to the Nuggets, who actually have roster space, so we now have to actually create a player who was in last year's game for basically no good reason. Big ups to 2K Sports for wasting our time and not learning from last year's mistake (Deleting Pruitt w/ guaranteed contract in favor Darius Miles' unguaranteed contract that was predictably waived).

File uploaded. Gimme them achievement points.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the real rosters. appreciate it..

funnysoft said...

Don't get discouraged if the numbers aren't high yet, the international players havent got their copy yet.

funnysoft said...

Oh please ENSURE you make two saves so you don't go deleting your rosters like last time.

Thanks once again.

davz666 said...

pls put up a ps3 rosters too :(

Katie said...

Rashidi...How does this roster effect the simulated stats in association?

Rashidi said...

Probably the same as the defaults do, since I only edited the ratings of one team.

I'll run an association sim soon.

Engelbert said...

Great stuff once again good to see you back in the roster game

As a Bulls fan I noticed the team rankings had us below teams that didn't even make the playoffs. & While i realize losing Ben Gordon is a massive loss, we have Luol Deng back and Salmons to fill the void. While I don't expect anything major, can you tell me is Deng (who so far in preseason, which i understand is a small sample, looks like he's back in form) & Salmon's rated too low or do you think they're just right?

I look forward to your adjustments and future roster releases.

BTW do you change the specialty dunks, or any of the heights and weights on players? Tyrus Thomas needs some adjustments there.

Thanks again

Rashidi said...

I didn't edit any Bulls ratings yet, though I did catch Tyrus' new height/weight and fixed that.