Thursday, October 29, 2009

List of the injured players

Yellow (can play through it)
SG Raja Bell: 64 (-7) Sprained Wrist, 4-6 months
SF Joe Alexander: 57 (-6) Strained Hamstring, 8-10 weeks
C Aaron Gray: 53 (-10) Shin Splints, 6-8 weeks
SF Bill Walker: 52 (-7) Sore Knee, 8-10 weeks
PF Darrell Arthur: 60 (-5) Bruised Sternum 4-6 months
SG C.J. Miles: 49 (-8) Broken Finger, 8-10 weeks
C Adonal Foyle: 50 (-7) Sore Knee, 2-4 months
SF Josh Howard: 73 (-4) Sore Wrist, 2-4 weeks
SF Tim Thomas: 52 (-7) Sore Knee, 8-10 weeks
PG Travis Diener: 57 (-4) Sprained Toe, 8-10 weeks
SF Mike Dunleavy: 56 (-9) Sore Knee, 8-10 months
PF Tyler Hansbrough: 58 (-10) Shin Splints, 2-4 months
SG Tracy McGrady: 67 (-10) Sore Knee, 10-12 months
PF Jeff Pendergraph: 59 (-4) Bruised Hip, 2-4 months
PF Antawn Jamison: 65 (-11) Seperated Shoulder, 4-6 weeks

Shouldn't anyone expected to miss months be unplayable? Like Bell and Arthur? Not that any of these guys are playing through their injuries.

Red (Unplayable)
C Jerome James: 39 (-4) Strained Achilles, 12-14 months
PF Leon Powe: 46 (-20) Torn ACL, 10-12 months
SF Kyle Korver: 48 (-13) Bone Spurs, 6-8 weeks
SG Francisco Garcia: 57 (-11) Broken Wrist, 4-6 months
C Yao Ming: 53 (-30), Broken Toe, 12-14 months
C Robin Lopez: 42 (-18), Broken Toe, 6-8 weeks
PF Kevin Love: 61 (-12), Broken Hand, 6-8 weeks
PG Patrick Mills: 46 (-23) Broken Toe, 6-8 months
SF Nicolas Batum: 54 (-10) Torn Labrum, 4-6 months
PF Brandan Wright: 55 (-10) Seperated Shoulder, 4-6 months

Why the hell is Kyle Korver in the Red while Raja Bell is in the Yellow?

Players who SHOULD be injured
PF Glen Davis (Broken Thumb, 2 months)
PF Blake Griffin (Fractured Knee, 6-8 weeks)
SF Matt Harpring (This guy is going to retire due to his injuries!)
C Eddy Curry (Torn whatever, who cares how long)
PG Stephon Marbury (Brain Damage, 10-12 months)
PG Steve Francis (Still recovering, probably retiring)
SF Wally Szczerbiak (Having surgery, probably retiring)

Side note: Bobby Jackson, Tyronn Lue, and Brent Barry join Bruce Bowen on the retired list. If only he'd get around to D-League coach Mark Madsen.


Shelb said...

This is with Bowen... I think he'll be signed late in the year as an extra push for a contender.

Rashidi said...

Nah I think bowen filed his retirement papers, which would mean he'd have to wait a year like j-will.

Shelb said...

That's fairly surprising. I guess he's really done. Didn't expect that.