Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roster when I wake up...

I worked into the early morning and will post my roster when I wake up. I fixed the team rosters/rotations, changed a few positions for various players, and edited the ratings of all the NY Knicks, which was a bit more time consuming than I would have liked. I think I have a better idea than most regarding 2K's rating scale changes... it's worth noting that not all ratings are 25-99 either. Inside Shot is 60-99 while Close Shot is 50-99.

81 – Nate Robinson (SG/PG)
78 – David Lee (PF/C)
74 - Al Harrington (PF/SF)
73 – Wilson Chandler (SF/SG)
73 - Larry Hughes (SG/SF)
70 – Chris Duhon (PG)
66 – Eddy Curry (C)
66 – Toney Douglas (PG/SG)
65 – Jared Jeffries (PF/C)
64 – Darko Milicic (C)
62 – Jordan Hill (C/PF)
60 – Danilo Gallinari (SF)
52 - Cuttino Mobley (SG) (RETIRED)
62 – Gabe Pruitt (PG/SG)
51 – Sun Yue (SG/SF)

Robinson +3 (due mainly to position switch)
Lee +1
Harrington -1
Chandler 0
Hughes 0
Duhon -2
Curry +1
Douglas +1
Jeffries +2
Milicic +5
Gallinari +4
Hill 0
Mobley (CAP)
Pruitt -1
Yue +1 (due mainly to position switch... he actually dropped 4 pts)

Robinson: SG/PG from PG/SG
Milicic: C from C/PF
Hill: C/PF from PF/C
Pruitt: PG/SG from PG
Yue: SG/SF from PG/SG

I'll go into greater detail about what ratings I changed later, right now I need some sleep.

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Anton said...

I like your work, but if Wilson Chandler and Larry Hughes are rated the same, your ratings are off.