Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wait a sec, tonight's opening night?

LOL I had no idea... I thought it was tomorrow because that's when my brother told me the Knicks season opener is. I'm pissed I missed Celtics vs Cavs.

Looks like my roster is gonna come a day earlier than I thought. Look for it tonight.

EDIT: File is ready to go, but typically, the 2K servers are down. On opening night. Somebody REALLY needs to write all this stuff down and keep a record of it somewhere.


Anonymous said...

did u hear that some of the patch is in the latest 2k roster update? I noticed that the crowds for the d-league games have been corrected so no more packed house for the minors. Im not really sure what else might have changed.

Rashidi said...

Actually I noticed online that the game plays somewhat more realisitcally online. Shooting percentages were still way too high but it felt like there was a little bit more interior D. Maybe it was just the low quality of the teams I was using (Warriors, Raptors, Hornets)