Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rashidi's Real 2K Insider [10-10-09]

File has been uploaded to 2K Share for 360.

File name: Rashidi's Real 2K Insider [10-10-09]
Gamertag: Real 2K Insider

File is based off 2K's latest roster which includes James White, A.J. Price, Jon Brockman, and Jeff Pendergraph (but is still missing Brian Cook, Dante Cunningham, & Rodrigue Beaubois).

I updated the positions for most of the players, including the free agent pool.


Gonna do it by position this time

85 Rajon Rondo (-2)
70 Chris Duhon (-2)
67 Stephon Marbury (-3)
64 Toney Douglas (-1)
63 Eddie House (+4)
60 Smush Parker (-4)

80 Ray Allen (0)
80 Nate Robinson (+2)
73 Larry Hughes
66 Marquis Daniels (+1)
65 Tony Allen (0)
60 Quentin Richardson (-2)
57 J.R. Giddens (0)
52 Cuttino Mobley (CAP)
51 Sun Yue (+1)

83 Paul Pierce (-1)
73 Wilson Chandler (0)
67 Maurice Evans (+1)
61 Danilo Gallinari (+5) - A player to watch this preseason.
60 Bill Walker (+1)

90 Kevin Garnett (0)
78 Josh Smith (+1)
78 David Lee (+1)
74 Al Harrington (-1)
69 Anthony Randolph (+1)
65 Glen Davis (0)
64 Jared Jeffries (+1)
63 Jeff Pendergraph (-6) - 2K made him better than Fernandez and Przybilla. Nuff said.
47 Brian Scalabrine (+3) - I'll prob boost him again in the next update.

81 Emeka Okafor (+2)
75 Rasheed Wallace (0)
74 Andrew Bogut (+3)
73 Kendrick Perkins (+1)
70 Ben Wallace (-3) - At default ratings he will be DPOY.
66 Eddy Curry (+1)
65 Shelden Williams (+4)
64 Darko Milicic (+5)
62 Jordan Hill (0)
56 Michael Sweetney (0)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great update but is there anyway PS3 owners can get your updates too?

Anonymous said...

Will all updates have up to date contracts? Does the Oct 10 one have updated contracts?

Gago said...

Rashidi, I'm really fond of your work. Looks like you're the only, who does the most detailed updates. What I like to know is, what kind of sliders do you use?

Rashidi said...

I update the contract of every player I edit. Most of them are fine, maybe about 15% of the contracts need editing.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi, I wasn't sure who else to ask, but I encountered a weird problem when playing 'my player' mode. After getting my ball handling up to 90 and my off hand dribbling up to 80, I still cannot manage to pull off dribble moves with my left hand. Do you think I need to improve ball security, or do I need to get my off hand dribbling up to 90 as well?

Rashidi said...

I have no idea to be honest, though I do know My Player is one of the glitchiest features 2K has come up with yet.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way to have an excel file for your work so that I can edit rosters for ps3?