Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2K's Professionalism (or lack thereof)

Read about it at

Response by the 2K community.

My personal take is 2K shouldn't be saying a damn thing when they've shipped an unfinished product two years in a row, and have quite a few features that many are displeased with (such as LIVING ROSTERS). The naysayers will say I'm just piling on and I have an agenda to push. But you know what?

Actions speak louder than words.

Ronnie Singh and the rest of 2K Sports should cut the crap, put their money where their mouth is, and let the product do the talking.

If 2K could put out a quality roster, I wouldn't feel the urge to keep a blog that seemingly detracts from their efforts, and I'd probably cease roster editing because there wouldn't be a need. But the reality is this is a company that kept Tony Battie rated 50 close & mid for 7 years, and a company that hasn't changed Gilbert Arenas' durability despite two years of well documented injuries. They don't "get" the little things and that's why the community is starting to turn on them.


Anonymous said...


Still even though you and Pastapadre are polar opposites.

(Honestly Rashidi, if you're so sick of the rosters and everything why not get Live this year?)

My mates and I go to you for the know how's in basketball. Thanks for pointing this out.

Shelb said...

Because NBA Live is still not on the level of 2K. Live is stll fuill of shiny people and bad gameplay... So shut up and be happy.

Be happy with the 2K gameplay. Be happy with Rashisi's change...